Oceans Ate Alaska - Clocks Lyrics

Youthful yet so blind,
We held the greatest treasure time.
Gave our hearts and sold our souls,
Convinced each other we'd last forever.

We had all the time in the world
Yet we aged so soon,
Watching the cold steal the love from our eyes...

Oh How It's Time!
Oh How It's Time!

I'm killing time while time slowly kill us
We'll always wish we didn't waste away,
Away the days.

Were wasting away!
When our hearts were young
An our bodies were pure!
And there was fewer days gone by than to be had...
Fragile and weak we shelter from the cold.
Our Reflections have turned grey and cold.
Sea green veins under paper thin skin.
We existed but never lived...

We took time for granted and payed the price!

Oh! Bury me now
Oh! Just bury me now...

I'm killing time while time slowly kill us
We'll always wish we didn't waste away,
Away the days.

Were wasting away!
When our hearts were young!
An our bodies were pure!
And there was fewer days gone by
Than to be had!
We took them for granted!
So we payed the price!

I'm killing time while time slowly kill us
We'll always wish we didn't waste away,
Away the days.

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Oceans Ate Alaska Clocks Comments
  1. AVkicks Ur S

    mitch is aliveeeeeeeeee!

  2. Valentina Doria

    2020 ♡♡ recuerdos.

  3. retro gaming time with joe

    Oh my. My metal selection a few years back was questionable!. Good clean vocals but the screams are little iffy lol. Anyone know happened to the band staystrong or stay strong what ever it was?. Same as this but his screams were like a dieing pig getting stuck by a knife. It was funny as he'll and induced a headache fast lol

  4. Geraldine Tourk

    Cool song

  5. Leochie Paculba

    James Harrison has in his band LIVEALIE album Death Blooms

  6. Bristian !¡

    Dude this song needs to be remastered badly. Those guitar tones sounds like they were recorded on garageband. So dry and flat lol.

  7. Kyle G

    I would rather not look at them lmao... Way to emo looking

  8. Chase R๐๐lz

    Better than AA & BMTH combine

  9. Andrei Andrey

    I don't know about you guys, but I thought this is a metal cover of Coldplay's Clocks

  10. Maquintosh Games

    2019 😎👊 galerinha

  11. Abraão Helvideo


  12. Danny Fanta

    I remember first hearing this back in 2012, one of my favorite bands fr, the vocalist is really good he should’ve been in a deathcore band

  13. Runpu Liu

    i feel sorry for their throats

    Dave Mustaine

    Don't be, cuz if done right, it doesn't hurt your throat at all.

  14. Guadalupe Gonzalez

    estoy enamorada de esta banda !

  15. The N4cer

    I'm getting asking alexandria vibes. Not bad, but crabcore isn't my jam. Thanks for the music BTW

    Danny Fanta

    The N4cer they remind me more of being me the horizon

  16. Kelly Llama Queen Mouse

    The band are playing 'Pile Up Festival'
    22-23 June 2018 - Fibbers, YORK.
    Get £5 off all tickets with promo code RIFFMAS for a limited time only!
    Sunday announced soon


  17. Charles Edge

    Emo crab black core

    Ally Gaffney

    Crab core lives on 2019

  18. tobi and deidara

    I love this band so fucking much man and I love heavy metal

  19. That One Dude

    Is that James?

  20. TheGuy Eugene

    90k views? What ?!

  21. Nathan ThFear

    This Song Is So Fucking Good!!!!!👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  22. Where The Fuck Is My Mac 'N Cheese

    Its seriously awkward seeing how these guys started out and comparing them to how they are now, almost feels like 2 completely different bands....

  23. Seize IMmUnITy

    If you guys like this, check out a band called Adept. They are really really good.

    Aaron Villa

    Seize IMmUnITy but adept isn't that good, there first album was good though

  24. Разум Роя

    ........ bedlam

  25. Do Not Worry Now

    what genre is this? emo core?

    Josh Grimm


    Piero Culiao Rancio




    Tales Cycle

    progressive metalcore

  26. Fat Kidz

    This song is stupid

    Max Birillo

    yeah cause you listen to the fucking minecraft soundtrack

    Alexx Xxx

    LazyWaterMelon Gaming puto

    Booh Lalala

    Jacob Ibarra cresce! (Grow up!)

  27. dakiz1

    is this the same line up?, i recognise james and Chris but non of the other 3

    Adam Carter



    Adam Carter could you name who's who from left to right for me?

  28. vitor hoffman

    musica lixona

  29. Sophie Lisa

    Love it!!!

  30. Tom Caso

    Great band also radical riffs


    James has a good singing voice eh I think they should release a just singing single nothing against his screaming I love screamo I just think his voice is good eh


    His voice here is full of autotune tho


    Well I mean like one of their acoustic songs


    +Alex Bashedet (Major Rewind) He has nice singing voice but I've noticed that in some of his acoustics songs he has diffilculties with higher notes but maybe it's a defect of mainly screaming.

  32. Jully Sinden

    kd os br?

    Cris Andrade


    Fernando turner

    +Jully Sinden serio q tem br aqui *-*

    Abraão Helvideo


  33. Toboggan MD

    generic emo boys trying to be brutal :( what an coincidence a lot of girls like these kind of generic emo boys...

    Jerry Tracenta

    So shut up your mouth fools!

    Booh Lalala

    Ukoe They're cute

    Jessica Lefever

    Oh fuck off lol

    Just another Bird

    Toboggan MD stop being mad you have problems getting laid

    Sittran Sohnjon

    I wouldn't say they're trying to be brutal lol, they're definitely doing a good job at being heavy tho 👌, those breakdowns are pretty sick and those screams are A1, also metalcore isn't supposed to be brutal it's supposed to be heavy, 2 completely different things, if you want brutal check out dehumanizing itatrain worship :) so please stop shitting on other bands just because they're "emo" or "not brutal enough" thanks

  34. Nick

    I actually really like this band. I do wish there was more screaming though.

    Angel of Wolves

    Please tell me that was sarcasm


    It's metalcore get used to it, plus most of this song is screaming anyways

    Cris Grinn

    +Nick Try deathcore bands, they stricly scream and growl

    Blak Deldo

    Oceans Ate Alaska - High Horse
    Oceans Ate Alaska - Blood Brothers
    Oceans Ate Alaska - Entity
    Oceans Ate Alaska - Over The Edge
    Oceans Ate Alaska - Part Of Something

    Are you satisfied?


    +Carsen Hookings Tranccore*

  35. bryanddd

    This kind of music makes me feel so old because all of these fucking metalcore bands sound exactly the fucking same. Can anyone please name a band in this genre that doesn't play the 'scream sing scream' pattern? It's fucking boring!

    Ddelop Kwapn

    +bryanddd Not in the same genre but check out Rings of Saturn.

    Riley O'Quinn

    Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Unearth, Now And On Earth, and Periphery for some examples. parkway used to be more progressive like what you seem to be interested in, The Ghost inside was a little progressive, while Unearth, Periphery, and Now And On Earth still are pretty progressive. Hope this helps

    Blak Deldo

    Oceans Ate Alaska - Part Of Something

    You won't say the same if you listen their new stuff bro...


    +bryanddd If you want true metalcore then check out Parkway Drive.

    Jester Head

    Listen to "The royal" the best recent metalcore band. I recommend you to check the song "Arga or skyler" they have some progressive vibe too ;)

  36. Ryler Piazza

    Aw, that is so cute! Listen to those girly growls! 

    But seriously, that is not screaming.

    Ryler Piazza

    @Mj Maddocks "MEEEEOW!"

    Kody Javenes

    bitch shut up bet u can't even growl if u don't like it then move on with your worthless life

    trey murphy

    +Kody Javenes preach it

    trey murphy

    those highs are very difficult to do and one of the hardest screams to master

    Paradox Echo Covers

    trey murphy I managed to do it in a matter of 2-3 months it's not that hard if you have the right technique

  37. ReptialianOverLord

    Holy shit, I  feel like I may have  just found the Justin Bieber of Metalcore?! All jokes aside this band fucking rocks!

  38. Tristan Barnes

    You guys have some of the best breakdowns I've ever heard, keep it up!

  39. Taylor LTFU

    His voice is perfect omfg 😍😍😍

    Noemie Liviard

    Yes ... they are the One ! First ! Premier ! Uno ! I love them ...
    20/02 at Den Atelier ... Yes baby ... I go ... I live in french ... it's easy to go ...

  40. Sanic

    2:40 orgasm

    Taylor LTFU

    I'm sayingggg XD

  41. Luke Derreberry

    Great singing voice!

  42. Nicole Taylor

    I have been looking for a band like this for the longest time, so glad I finally found them.

  43. Alec Porter

    These guys are way better than those shitty bands people like like pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens

    Alec Porter

    @Joe Lisenby yeah I listen to asking Alexandria sometimes

    Matheus Ribeiro

    Have you tried Miss May I Already? In my opinion they are the best post-hardcore band nowadays.
    There's Blessthefall, wich is a great band aswell.

    trey murphy

    I like moths to flames and August burns red a lot too

    Haji Belly

    Tarock Ubama what happened with vierce the veil and sleeping with sirens?

    Kaan Asaf

    I think same shit