Ocean Wisdom - VERY CLEVER (SKIT) Lyrics

Yo, yo, Troy, what's goin' on man
Mate, you absolutely smashed it
You see that last track
Come on man
Fuckin' hell, look, round of applause, yeah
Appreciate that, man
Aw mate, all that fuckin' emotional bollocks you were makin' up
People love all that shit, mate
What do you mean?
They're gonna buy into it, the fans are gonna love that
Troy, bruv, that was real to me, that song
Yeah, alright, mate
Look between me and you, yeah
Hang on, hang on
You're thinkin' it very clever, mate, very clever
I'm not tryna be clever, you know
Listen, I'm wipin' my arse with a 20 pound note
Troy, Troy
I'm literally sittin' here on the toilet, havin' a shit, wipin' my arse with a fuckin' 20 pound note, mate
What? Disguttin', man
Alright, I'll see you in a bit, boy
Fuckin' hell
Why's he tellin' me that?

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Ocean Wisdom VERY CLEVER (SKIT) Comments
  1. shaz Gee

    ha good old Grindah

  2. tye boyce

    Troy is a bellend.