Ocean Wisdom - SHOREDITCH HOUSE (SKIT) Lyrics

Yo what's goin' on, it's Wizzy, listen I can't get to phone right now but leave a message, I'll call you back
Oh yeah, down you go, that's it
Oh, hello? It's voicemail
Ocean, it's Troy mate
Oh, just wanted to say, listen, the, uh, project's comin' together really nicely, yeah
Just heard the latest few tracks, smashin' it, boy
Love what you done with Ghetts
Um, we need to get a few more big names on this, right?
And on that note, I got you another big face round town: Dizzee Rascal
Thank me when you see me, mate
But listen, make sure you get down the studio within the hour, yeah, cause he'll be there soon, uh, don't want you to be late, alright?
So, right, gonna have to shoot off, got this lovely little saucepot right next to me
Uh, 'bout to take her to Shoreditch House
Probably have a few Picanantes on the roof, d'ya know what I mean?
But, uh, yeah, few years from now, you'll probably be in this position, so keep working hard, boy, and uh, I'll see you soon
Ta-ra mate

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Ocean Wisdom SHOREDITCH HOUSE (SKIT) Comments
  1. kanalenrapar


  2. Djkeyman

    Its mc grindaaaaaah

    TopBoy LY

    M C Grindahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Footballzkillz 21

    Mad u get nowhere near enough views

  4. tye boyce

    This skits remind me of Eminem’s old skits. I hope ocean duppys this dude at the end.


    Lol my thoughts exactly