Ocean Wisdom - Menacing Lyrics

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, mm
Mm, R.I.P, look

One of the greatest, Ali
One of greatest, I'll be
One of the greatest, Marge
I just hope the mantle's ample
Rain falls in the eve same way throughout the day
But in the darkness of the night rain and stars tangle
Rolling up with me I'm like, nobody's as deep
And now you're zoning when we speak and now your plans are cancelled
I sat in Nelson's cell and then I walked up on the beach
And then I turn up in the scene and watch my mandem trample
No one as hard as me and like a herd of wildebeest
And now you listen when we speak and now these hearts I handle
And all I did was read, all I did was heed
Heed the warning of the man that lost their angle

Master of my own agenda
CEO of soul and damager of all pretenders
Man a million amongst many mediocre
Like a leech they living, clinging on, hoping to be remembered
Hm, all I see is the same patterns
Niggas arrogantly chatting but ain't nuttin' happening
You push your back against the wall so mandem ain't stabbing
But you're so lonely, and all your mates vanish
Rah you don't know me, with your bare baggage
You want a free ride that's turbulence up in the cabin
That's nervousness when landings swaying back and forth
I pray to God forgive the arrogance of man, ca' tryin to fly is magic

I lost control
Suttin' like a vaulter, letting go of wobbling poles
I lost my home
Time to make a new one
Let the settings grow
They see I broke the mould
Carving lanes
Where the fuck I go?
And how the fuck am I supposed to know?
Cause every time I push myself I nearly slip and fall

Lickle, lesser, level headedness
Could be the final push of this precipice
I'm on
I find myself embedded in
Rock, and the drop below is so menacing

Lickle, lesser, level headedness
Could be the final push of this precipice
I'm on
I find myself embedded in
Rock, and the drop below is so menacing

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Ocean Wisdom Menacing Comments
  1. Richard Marlborough

    This should be 90 minutes long. The other dimensional feeling this song gives are unbelievable.

  2. Kevin Horney


  3. Spaztik Horse

    Fucking class song sorta makes me sad but still love it

  4. Tim Joestar

    Such flawless rap the time has stopped. Wryyyyy.

  5. Opposite of Mismatch

    -ocean wisdom- DIO

  6. keanu moylan

    One of the greatest hip hop tracks of all time. LISTEN TO WHAT HE’S SAYING

  7. Veleroon

    8 Idiots don't like real rap

  8. Rafael Avillez

    Is that a mother fucking jojo reference

  9. Justin Y.

    This makes me want to stop time.

    Zak Baker

    Is that coz ur a bare spastic

    Tim Joestar

    But Doctor, I am -Pagliacci- Justin Y.

    Sharon Murphy

    @Zak Baker wow....????

  10. the egg with the legg


    That Guy

    Oh i see you are a man of cultute as well


  11. TheKidFromQueens

    This beat gives me feels. My google home showed me this song when i tried to play kanyes menacing. Dope!!


    This beat and the flow is just completely magic.....

    Richard Marlborough

    I couldn't think of anything to say but Magic is probably the only word that does this any credit.

  13. Leighton Spence

    Hope you still got DAT fox engraved wineglass from the Adelaide uni bar show

  14. Leighton Spence

    How the fuck could you not like this cat's style?