Ocean Wisdom - INTRO (SKIT) Lyrics

Ocean, hello boy

[Ocean Wisdom:]
Who's that?

What you mean who's that, it's fuckin' Troy mate what you doin', don't tell me you're asleep mate

[Ocean Wisdom:]
Troy brother, it's like 4AM man what you doin' man?

Exactly man you've had a fuckin' lie-in mate, Tyson used to get up at 2AM every night, used to go bed at 12, 2 hours is all you fuckin' need to become a world champion mate, ye?

[Ocean Wisdom:]
Hang on bro

Don't fucking bro me, all that bollocks mate ye, you told me you wanted to do Drake numbers, if you wanna work with me you better work your ass off boy. I work with the greatest I work with fuckin' Drake, Justin Bieber, Skepta ye if you wanna be like them get the fuck out of bed now, wash your face and get down to studio now

[Ocean Wisdom:]
This guy man, 4AM you know, he's takin' the piss

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Ocean Wisdom INTRO (SKIT) Comments
  1. RetroGameLab

    Thats MC grinder haha.

  2. Philipp Linke

    Read my comment below your sometimes freestyle,

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Tasos Tasos

    Alfie is that you?

  4. JAKKU E B K

    Lol any one clock thats MC grindah in the intro 😅 legend

    Dan Bate

    I wasn't sure if it was MC Grindah or Danny Dyer :')

    Matt Clarke

    Haha I knew it!

  5. Alex Henderson

    Who’s the cockney? Should know but I don’t. Talks all the way through the tape, who is he?

    Maxime Lamadeleine

    I think its his old manager or smt and then oce created his own label and said fuck you


    it's MC grindah from people just do nothing

  6. GN Online Gaming

    This was one of the best intros I've heard on a mixtape. I listened to it like 9 times at least.

  7. tye boyce

    shout out to all people listening on launch day.