Ocean Wisdom - I Ain't Eaten Lyrics

I ain't eaten
I ain't eaten in weeks
I ain't eaten in months
I ain't eating the beat, I ain't eating the beat
Man creep from the scene
Like rah are you mean?
I'm a dog in the scene
Wagwan for my leash
Wagwan for them neeks
If I bark at a G
If I bark at a g, see em calm it and leave
Like Nah
Said Nah
You don't talk when you speak
See the harder you are
And the larger you are
The harder you breath
Cause you're gassin' yourself
And you hyping yourself
Like a man couldn't see
See the insight of inside
Trying to hide from the boss and the chief
TP for your bar
TP for your flow
TP for your track
This one extremely large
See I capture the coast and I capture the map
Bap bap boom and all that
But the way I switch genres got them all gassed
Matt black coupe I want that
And the way I see numbers, it could've been facts
That yat's bloody is all that
And the way I see bumpers, I could've just crashed
At that [?] long raft
And the weight of that thunder clap got man apps
At that fruity long snap
Ca' you been a good chat have a pat on the back
Ca' I see you do your thing
See you on on time, that's gas from the draft, that's catching my flack
But if eediat mad
Ca' the man love gas, till I show him my stats
You don't wanna see my stats
Lickle nigga come chat when you bar for a bag
But you only made one track
And the track just charted, the fan go mad
Ain't nobody done it like that
Get 200k in day, I'm a don
Ain't nobody done it like me
Next man can't show like me
These man rubbing their nose like me
Ca' they can't workout how to flow like me
These time I try explain myself
Next man wanna try take me for a chief
But not when I'm there, when I'm going, I'm gone
I swear man couldn't see me on my face and speak like talk
But I'm still there though
If I'm still at gally's, man are some scarecrows
Hang on, I dare man wear them outfit and then blame dead, now why then slay a whole
Nah Nah forget the gun talk, you're shit
I can't run out of bars, or chips
I got chips to play and when I'm switching spraying
Quick ricochet will hit your bits

I ain't eaten
I ain't eaten enough
Take away arm 'pon the veggies before they get chopped
Swear down full of greens of a cunt
Like abracadabra they gone, then they turn into dust
They run in a lot, run in a mouth
I switch to fucking them up, chucking them down
Stairs, when I buck up a din, buck it for now
Wow, Wizzy is not fucking around

Bound to live in an anomaly
Calligraphy with a pen
Formidable prophecy calculating all the lengths
That I'm dropping, it's honestly it's getting harder by the day
Cause I'm topping and popping
What's a rapper gonna say
Nah I've properly been bossing
Bare like nothing
Probably now big in the game
My fucking property got freezed or rinsed
Of the fucking lottery
If I didn't lose
And I didn't [?]
What am I doing when I touch booth
Man wanna chat about worry about U's
And you feel I'm worried that I come for the news
Like ey, close the gate
I ain't worried about you
I'm worried about neeks believing that truth
Stop lying to the fans you neeky man dude
Not have any right to speak a man tune
Then you wanna talk about best in the scene
You ain't best in the scene, nor the best in the room
How you gonna talk about peace and love
You're a snake in the grass tryna copy man's moves
And spite these grown man
Now they wanna phone man
How you gonna ask a young man
How to get with the program
Ca' it's not just [?] it's book stress
You ain't hot in your seat, that's nonsense
When I drop a likkle something
The manna be fully loving it
See the man [?] to the content
They ain't ready now, no way
I drop special bars, that's José
When I drop a likkle something
The manna be fully loving it
See the man tryna play it for the old day
I ain't eaten
I ain't eaten
I ain't eaten enough, I ain't eaten
I ain't eaten enough, I ain't eaten
That's dinner don

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Ocean Wisdom I Ain't Eaten Comments
  1. Curtis Wells

    Have a sandwich bruh

  2. Spaztik Horse

    This song makes me wanna drop kick my nan down the stairs

  3. user name

    Love this drum and bass
    The video for this would be mad

  4. Cynnacle Official

    Best song he's done so far imo

  5. Sasha Jarvis

    Oi eff offfff I wasn't expecting that drop wiz you got it going on mate keep killing

  6. Reece Harrison

    3.5K you fucking mad I've listened to this on Spotify more times than this mab kmt

  7. Tygosok

    This is littt