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Check, Look

'Course I do my thing on a regular basis
Bringing in regular wages
Mandem clock that I'm killing it recently
Now I'm up in them magazine pages
It's funny tho, before I got money tho
Me I got kicked outta mummys home
Shut it

Quick tryna double dose
Still a man troubled though
Still if he trouble tho got him
Just get him
Let me get in the zone

When I'm writing I'm sweating
Should I talk some gas or some truth
Is it fire in the booth or a wet little sentence?
Am I blessed to continue
Or should I stop tryna sing too?
You don't know what I been through
I bet you've been through some shit too
Brother what are you into

Are you into this road life or music thing
Dayjob thing or a uni thing
Student loan did your parents pay
Or your re-furbing when your moving in?
Expendable cash have you got that or nah?
Dependable fam have you got that or nah?
Too many questions too many wrongs
Moving expendable, too many scars

But are you the captain own your own ship
Or a next man pulling them strings for you?
The next man gonna bing for you?
Did your girlfriend sing to you?
Have you ever had one into you?
Do you know about the Haitians and louverture
Do you read literature, are you illiterate?

Are you into conspiracy theory's
Egyptians and pyramids, lizards, reptilians?
Do you follow the devil?
You're into that triangle hand symbolism in videos?
Is it triapple cheerios, fuck it doe
Mans gotta hear me they'll see me doe
Breaking inside cause it's harder than cycling downhill with a rude dude my brother, you were goon with the few that's a crew my brother, hyped up might just move 5 brothers

But too many slippery snakes in the grass
Want a slice of my cake
That's a pain in the arse
Now I'm at shows, outraising the dawgs and
I'm wondering how have I made it this far?

Most of the time these people inclined
To ignore how they get to the place that they are
Ah! Forget that blood
Fix some, pack up
Moves to her space
Have a blaze with their moms

Most man I know need H to be calm
Paranoid thoughts bring pain in their bars
Breaking inside cause its hard for a star
When you're trapped in a belt that is larger than large

So, one time for the young minds
Wagwan if we combine
Your concepts plus mine
You kill it with the punch line
I'll do a little double time

Man said if you gotta be clever
I said obviously it's helping if you're properly read up
But at the end of the day, a brotha can listen to Jigga
And try and mimic his delivery and all of the written's
And that will probably happen to you if you do it better
I gotta keep up with the pace of all the covering enemies
Till I'm catching the packets, obviously I'll be left with the recipe
If I'm popping a banner, I'm a boss in my territory like that


Still, they wanna watch what the Wiz do
Man went from cotching to pingu
To blotting, to hindus
Then back to the igloos, I'm cold
Out here man are just big news
Drop shit, need, big news
Get big views
Out here tryna make sense
May kiss whose intellect

Progress, not this news
This life is bullshit that we're into
That's why I say know your position
Too many xenophobes making decisions
Too many xenophobes changing the system

And beating your demons is harder than smoking a spliff
When depressed to suppress your emotions
I need to address all these feelings evoking
Instead of just breathing the cro ting

Yeah I do my thing on a regular basis
Mans going through changes
Mandem clocked that I'm different recently
Now they're wondering if I'm insane
It's funny tho

Before I got money tho
Me I got kicked outta mummys home
Shut it
Quick tryna double dose
Still a man troubled though
Still if he trouble tho

Don't trust no one, I don't trust no one
I'm on a road bare cold and I just Sowha
CID on a low pro what
In a blacked out whip with a gro pro on
I was finna road with a no show while
But the block rolled up with the don't go up
This asshole punched punk and I rolled one
The smell from the old blood make your throat numb
Feds hopped out that's when the [?] run
Cah man moved weight like Hulk Hogor
Still I got away yeah man I showed em
Cause you can't match the [?] for the whole run
Stopped of Tom's cah man are older
And went home for a shower cah I had an odour
When checkout for a bag of [?]
Then I gave some to my dad and my old there
Gave some to my pals and my olders
Cah nothing gets Mat lean like an L does
Now I'm at the pier
If man are belt us I be there by the hell ah you know the skelter
Spray a little fire but you couldn't melt us
Swear last week you were saying that you felt us
I was walking but it weren't sell [?]
Now man wanna sell my song will tell ya

Alright, High Focus - Exclusive Bars
Check out my Album, Chaos 93'
It's dropping real soon man

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