Ocean Wisdom - Goosfraba Fm Lyrics

From the get go, I'm a don, no I don't pep talk
See I got album sales lookin' retro
And I got dandies who is not petro
Man I went boom, then I went Tesco's
Stock up the fridge, chicken and pesto
Parmentier, still I'm no tater
Man is still balling out in al fresco
I ain't got kids, are you dumb?
Man's still pulling out when I-oi!
Man's still rolling round with my boys
And I ain't got time for all of you cunts
Check 1, check 2, check 3
Man's rolling round with them steez on greaze
Man say a prayer for MCs in need
Like "Dear God, please relieve these neeks."
Amen, relieved of your duty
For not speaking it truthfully
You know my man there couldn't see me and shush me
Them boy there some premium pussy
Reckless, how they pree me and shoo me
When I tear down every stage that they put me on
Ca I got a likkle vibe and I'm groovy
Man could have never tried to spite me or boo me
Try me I dare you
Swear man couldn't hype in the rear view
See a man trying to slipstream Wisdom
Bro, I will dismantle the vehicle
And my brothers say the runner should be here soon
If he running late the brother get an earful
See the way that I arrive all aggy
Dealt with him and I left all cheerful
Jeez, what?
Oi factually
Now I got vacuum packed, dank damn, I'm actually
Do you wanna start copycat from me?
I got dank now, whole batch for me
Yeah, it is, that's the key
When the inside rips all elasticy
To leave mandem ackin all spastically
I'm not PC, I hate PC's
That's police constables, fuck em' actually
The boydem love attacking me
Come up then with your big epiphany
Man can't see no practicality
In my room my swift soliloquy
Pay my rent blud, that's reality
Fuck off with your predetermined notions of ways that I'm earning I
Can't, see one single person that agrees that your way is working I've
Got a friend, who got a friend, who got a friend
That brings the work, and I
Promised them, got the ting, at the door and I'll split and serve this
All this nickel surfing got mans weed looking like likkle gherkins
I'll backhand diddle their fickle wording
They writing bars on the station
Aggravate some different person, I am not the one
I'll hit and hurt him
About man can't done some silly wordsmith
Man I'll leave man feelin a wasteman
TLC and tea tree for the DDT imma give these donnies
Man pissed off ca' he spit shit, probably
That's a big part of it that's a big myth on me
I be sick and I be sicker than most
Why a man couldn't pick up a pen and bring it to O's
So your man tries pick of the pap, pick on the most
Though I pickle that pussy with rap, ping him and go
He be popping up, pick of the pricks, pick of the joes
Come on battle then, give him an 8, give him a flow
In the Ocean, pick of the waves, pick of the boats
Me I deal with, pepper the track, pepper the show
Get the bread that, get a baguette, get him a loaf
Ca' the man look dead, and they separate, then they old
Tell a mandem stepping against the Komodo
Man a dragon, dragging a George, dragging the dro
Man are idiot, trying to attack, trying to revolt
Are you mean that brother with tracks, trying to control
What the gang do, never do that, never divulge
Who the boss be, Wizzy be that nigga you know
Are you mad? Flopping is not my style
This outfit will just got man down
In Kentish Town, with Method Man, I'm like
"Hey, you, get off my cloud!"
I am at the top, what now?
Shock em', let the crockpot out
Watch em', watch your nob flop out
Like problem? I'm just expressing myself like Gollum
How's that?
I'll make bolognese with that bat
If man try taking me for some neek
If man try taking me for some prat
Goosfraba for these man that wan try
Aggravating my gang, they wan try
Ascertaining my plan, I've seen em in ciphers looking all prang
It's all by the by
Likkle man with a ride to ride
And when his hype ain't big enough to climb the heights
I'm on a nice day envisioning him, writing fine
The songs workframe militantly that I provide the loin
Come then hit him with your blahdy, blahdy blah
Blam peak bars going play to Mars
The craftsman, I got a brand new heart for man to just
Beat up any MC in charge
You know why? If I just give it up, mix it up
Certain man wanna try pick it up, lift it up
Look at it, analyse how man riff it up, just give it up
Go away, go on and giddy up
Oh, if I just hit em' up, stick em' up, drink em' up
Bad em' up, slap em' up, trip em' up
Look at it, analyse that a man's missing love
Babbling man can't chat the Wiz you know?
So fall back, cus your new EP ain't all that
And your old CD was all shit, that's some coaster up in my flat

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Ocean Wisdom Goosfraba Fm Comments
  1. klxnam

    too cold🥶❄️

  2. James Binyon

    One of the best tracks in the album 💥💥💥

  3. Ben Bailey

    How does this not have more views UK music needs wizzy cus most of the rest nowadays are poor man

  4. Hamza Jay

    Goat 🐐

  5. Wunn Sen

    Gooosfrabaaaaa. Ahaha Anger Management ref

  6. suchitrash xd

    Wizzy snapped

  7. Leighton Spence

    To the top, and keep your head oash !

  8. Tha Fukn Truth

    I see why this is the bonus - cause it’s truly a bonus - thank you Wizzy and High Focus Family - Fiyah 💩🔥🔥🔥

    suchitrash xd

    Tha Fukn Truth it was a bonus track cos it was produced by rude kid and the album was produced entirely by kidanevil