Ocean, Frank - Sideways Lyrics


I was in all 'em, I was in it
10K talkin mid-Stros
Prime prime time on my life with ya
Puttin' prime numbers up though
On em 777 flights with ya
Take a shower with it gotta cleanse it
Keep the safety off in it
And we finna have a minute
Outta wedlock I forgive it
And forget it
Cause only God can forget it
On this hotel livin'
Might as well pay the mortgage
What else billing
Sucked a dick long had a swan neck
Put some real swans in the pond then
Fell asleep in the foreign
After the free show at the Garden
Let the LED row deal on em
Be the stage watchin from the audience
Let me sell the bigger sock next week
On me on my badness

When I'm up they gon' hate
When I'm sideways, yeah, I set me straight
When I'm up they gon' hate
When I'm down they gon' celebrate
Sittin' sideways, sideways, nah, it's not too late
(Oohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

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