Ocean, Frank - Rushes Lyrics

Gonna be somebody, oh I follow
Oh and it's so cloudy
Running showers and the mist so fly
Enough time to know, nothing at all
Oh I see the lines, there's two lines
You'll live a life anew
Tell me what you need from me? Gas money?
And I did what I needed to, to be guided
You cut your teeth on sheets in Paris
Hope the water's deep enough
(Rushes to the head)
We've been here before
The first time is not the best time
I ain't felt this way in years
First I was rushing full weight
This time I'm waiting for the rush
(Help me up,..)
Infatuation's your rush
(Help me up, help me, help me up, help me up yeah...
Do you...)
Keep pushing on 'em, never let 'em stop
[?] what happens to be, what happens to me, upon his feet
Twin peaking, highs and lows, we shaded off in [?]
Bygones we wasted here, riding in my two wheels
I love the way you make me feel
(What happens to me)
Me, you and, you and me
(Yeah, just you and me)
([?] are up on my feet)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I be on [?]
I'll wake up in a week
Wake me up in a week
It don't matter
It don't matter [?] pipe it down
It was a crowd, quieting down
I won't sit still, I won't sit still
Friday, gone too late
It's going against your head
I'm getting used to it
Yeah you're going to get used to it
I love the way you make me feel

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Ocean, Frank Rushes Comments
  1. Jesse Ogunlela

    why does this make me want to cry

  2. Peyton Cantu

    Just some of the things he says makes me think about what type of life you have to live to produce those lyrics

  3. J Zilla

    This song works in the worse way

  4. what ?

    This song feel like summer and winter at the same time

  5. Fleur


  6. Pedro Salles

    Unfortunately I can't listen to this anywhere public cause *I will cry*. So maybe is good that this isn't on spotify

  7. Ethan Little

    How people sleep on this guy is the biggest mystery imo.

  8. Milton Lindholm

    this makes me wanna have kids just so I can play them this

  9. macedonia

    how many of y'all came back to endless after watching WAVES ???

  10. Noah Villanueva

    Waves brought me back here

  11. society

    even though you left me, you mean so much to me

  12. Jacob Adams

    how tf you dislike this

  13. Connor Long

    my god this is beautiful.

  14. LJ 10

    Too bad I can't describe how much this song means to me.


    Facts bredren.

  15. Christian Castro

    Who else pretends to be singing and be hitting them high notes knowing you can't do it foreal.

  16. Dylan S

    this song means everything to me. it's helped me process some shit that i've had trouble coming to terms with. i love this song and i love this man so much.
    thanks for everything frank

  17. Christian Castro

    I love Frank's music, every song I feel like I'm going on an intresting trip. Plus I really love this song💓. Truly grateful for his music!!!!!

  18. carlos chicas

    Got this song tatted on my arm. It’s my favorite track from frank. So deep so much meaning

  19. rex ross

    This song can literally bring me to tears at times

  20. Cole S

    That guitar tho

  21. Jeremy Munyeza

    "There's 2 lines"

  22. Tyler Marguth

    I love the way you make me feel

  23. ffunny ffrends

    i love crying to frank

    my fav past-time

  24. Troy McIe

    there’s two LINES

  25. plumplum

    Top 5 Frank song.

  26. Mesgana Waiss

    That is Jazmine Sullivan singing the background vocals

  27. Shawn L

    I miss you Emily. I'm sorry you had to go


    This song makes me cry like an emotional bitch that feels like a teenager having his first crush.


    Currently, im shaking. I like him a lot. And i don't know what he feels


    Fuck im so high.


    Hope nobody reads this.

    Jose Lino

    @AKA THESAUR I read it bro 🤣


    @Jose Lino shit...

  29. fleventyfive

    Hey man I love you!

  30. Brian Anini

    Secret Genius

  31. Favewave

    This song makes me cry I love it so much

  32. Mia Gizell

    his best song.

  33. Lillian Lugo

    1:55 with headphones

  34. Justic McNeil

    Do yall hear jasmine though 😩

  35. Lala YoYo315

    It’s so weird to me how his music can make you smile and cry at the same time...

  36. chillback00

    People look at me crazy when I say Frank Ocean is one of the greatest to ever do it, the man is a genius.

    Jewel Lee

    chillback00 literal facts

  37. Chase Baker

    Broke up with ex girlfriend and she meant the world to me and I always wanted to put her first in the relationship , long story short we broke up and 6 months later I found this new girl ... me and her fucking connect on a whole new level on everything and it’s crazy cool, but this time it’s everything I want in a woman and she lives an hour and half away and I have to see her face through a screen everyday and it’s getting harder and harder to hold on when she doesn’t put as much effort , giving she is going through a rough time, this song hits hard man.....

  38. TRVS SOS

    Don't mind me just coming here to cry lol

  39. Gabe DePaul

    This must be some kind of joke


    This song is just so beautiful

  41. whyynickk

    Spring: Endless
    Summer: Endless
    Autumn: Endless
    Winter: Endless

  42. John Blond

    Listening to this song while in a relationship is a bliss. Now that we have split up, it hurts.

  43. arloski

    I love you and miss you

  44. dave fishbro

    Why is the album Endless not on apple music or spotify????

    River Scott

    dave fishbro it’s on apple music as a music video

    dave fishbro

    @River Scott ye i just saw, thats annoying lol would be jamming this song 24/7 if it was as a normal song

  45. akindipe

    Music video for this song: https://youtu.be/lKQcBXESemo

  46. Celeste

    I took mdma with my bf of 7 months ln. We’ve really let our demons out eachother, been rude, horrible and obsessive because of fear. But ln everything came together. All the pain was so beautiful and made sense. When we could finally lay down I knew I had to play this and Siegfried. It was so fucking pure guys. I really hope you can feel what I did last night because you will then be the one to understand frank ocean(lol). Fuck. He’s so amazing.

  47. jadi soto

    its only been two months but it feels like forever slipping through the cracks of my mind

  48. WhosecOOl2

    i wish that the people i loved loved each other.

  49. Lubna Mahdaly

    I love the way you make me feel

  50. Muyang Yan

    i have just truly lived

  51. MrBrightside390

    This song is aesthetically perfect

  52. Victor Montiel

    "First I rushing for a wait. This time im waiting for a rush"

  53. Monique Upchurch

    Omfg wow

  54. mooiste benen

    this song reminds me of my first time in Europe; as someone who couldn't afford to travel, going to Europe for the first time was major. This song takes me back to walking down cobblestoned streets, tote bag in hand, sun in my face, the smell of coffee, cigarettes and perfume in the air, smooth shiny railings, the Autobahn, clean trains; the list is endless.

  55. shannon day

    ouch that hurted


    this is beauty at its finest

  57. Nredup 82

    I would love to hear Thugger on it , @

  58. Consider Indica

    Happy one year to endless❤️

  59. Lachlan McGregor

    3 years ago today

  60. walkure

    Katelyn Lorena Ruiz

  61. Mr.Carrlos Gaming

    The music from this album and the video/photography done for it go perfectly with each other, this album is so underrated and maybe its best it stays that way, so more people can slowly discover it, but either way this is one of, if not my favorite album.

  62. Hannah Jones

    that two second sample of the lyrics from just like the water by lauryn hill 🤩

  63. Oscar Flores

    One of my favorite song from him. This track has a lot of meaning for me, especially the "first i was rushing for a wait, this time i'm waiting for a rush" part, i'm a boy who has been trying really hard in all my social relations, friends and gf, but sometimes i just need someone to let me know how much they love me, to continue trying, and to be honest, i haven't heard that in a lot of time, so, i'm just like waiting to someone to rush for me. Hope someone can read and understand this, because this is not my lenguage. Thank you, Frank.

  64. RyanBasas

    Greatest song Frank Ocean ever made.

  65. Anshuman Jha

    Fuck, I'm not crying it's you

  66. SilversteinRescue

    If Rushes is so good why isn’t there a Rushes 2?? 🤔

  67. jafar bey

    why is this so good

  68. carlos chicas

    This song always gives me hope that someday I’ll cross paths again with my lost love and this time we both will realize that enough time has pass by, for us to understand that we both love each other

  69. Radwane R.


  70. Dani Marvin

    this song so perfectly hurts me in the best way pain could ever harm my heart. as if it was written for me, i experience the euphoria i never knew i yearned for.

  71. Dani Marvin

    this song gives me the rush i’ve been waiting for..

  72. Finn Norris

    I can safely say this is my favourite song of all time. Fuck

  73. Kiani Alyse

    my all day lullaby <3

  74. Logan Dwr

    Hello fellow breadrens!

    today i decided to grab a sub on my way home from a long and hard day at school

    bread: italian herbs and cheese (obvs)
    meat: chicken classic
    cheese: cheddar
    toasted or fresh: toasted
    salads: lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, pickles and carrots
    sauce: chipotle SW, Smoky Bqq
    s and p: salt please

    6 raspberry cheesecake cookies

    1 large cup

    please and thankyou

    sub on!!!!!

  75. Logan Dwr

    rush me this is my boys playlist, keep living my homies ,listens to those tunes or tracks depends where you are from and also keep grinidng out those new tracks

  76. Dun Diddly Derek

    Spring = Nostalgia Ultra
    Summer = Channel Orange
    Autumn = Blonde
    Winter = Endless

    Milton Lindholm

    Nah actually for me it's

    Nostalgia Ultra: Spring
    Blonde: Summer
    Endless: Autumn
    Channel Orange: winter (don't know why but it just has this cabin-y snowy vibe to me)

    Zaboni ii

    All of them are summer albums. Frank loves summers


    endless the type of album u play in the summer and attach memories to then listen to it again in the winter and reminisce

    Zaboni ii

    Exactly that happened for me this summer


    Blonde is such a summer night album

  77. Caleb Clarke

    « They’re gone and we’re still here, grinding like two wheels, I love the way you make me feel.. »

  78. Niamh Donohoe

    This song somehow manages to both deepen & fill the pit in my stomach at the same time. So grateful for this incredible piece of art.


    Frank is probably like, top 5 reasons to be thankful we're alive in this time, no cap

    Jewel Lee

    To be fucking honest

  80. Jack Honore

    How could u dislike this video

  81. Tiernan Avery

    Do you wish it was me?

  82. Dun Diddly Derek

    2:37 is when the tears start rolling down all yall faces




    i love the way you make me feel

  84. Shu Shean

    I listen to this when I pray

    True Funk Soul

    I pray to this when I listen

  85. bhoujee megan

    i need more of him, this song is everything

  86. singalaka namba

    the guy at the beginning sounded like khalid to me

  87. DjMahogany

    I miss my mama

    Francisco Hernandez

    DjMahogany damn homie I’m not trying to cry 😭

    Quinton Burks

    @Francisco Hernandez fr

  88. WestsidePorter Tv

    This type of music is from the beyond

  89. sukawat kongwong

    Just come here to cry

  90. Sara Zandy

    makes my heart ache but in a good way

  91. urban1994

    Why can't I stop listening to this song?

  92. Andrea Ross

    This might be my favorite song of all time. I listen to it at least 3 times a week. And I don’t even really like Frank Oceans other stuff?

    Jose Lino

    You're full of shit

  93. Chane’ll


  94. BEN GEE

    this is my favorite frank song

  95. kummituspoukama?

    this song is extremely liquid (as are all the songs on endless) and i love it so much

  96. angel cake

    This ❤️

  97. Fábio Walan


    Gonna be somebody, oh I follow
    Oh and it's so cloudy
    Running showers and the mist so fly
    Enough time to know, know nothing at all
    Oh I see the lines, there's two lines
    You'll live a life anew
    Tell me what you need from me? Gas money?
    And I did what I needed to, to be kind
    You cut your teeth on sheets in Paris
    Hope the water's deep enough
    (Rushes to the head)
    We've been here before (It's just like the water)
    The first time is not the past time
    I ain't felt this way in years
    First, I was rushing for a wait
    This time I'm waiting for a rush
    (Oh, help me up off my feet)
    Infatuation's your rush
    (Help me, help me, help me off my feet, yeah
    Do you....)
    Keep pushing on 'em, never let 'em stop
    All that happens to be, what happens to me, upon his feet
    Twin peaking, highs and lows, we shaded off, they know
    Bygones but we're still here, ride around in my two wheels
    I love the way you make me feel
    (What happens to me)
    Bet you wish you was me
    (You, just you and me)
    (I need some help on my feet)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I be up to my feet
    I'll wake up in a week
    Wake me up in a week
    It don't matter
    It don't matter, pipe it down
    Two is a crowd, quieting down

    blunt balloons

    His lyrics look so simple but sound so complex.

    LaQuanda Long

    @blunt balloons his stories are so complex...


    blunt balloons tone gives a word its meaning. Frank has obviously mastered that

    Abigail Arizmendi

    @SeaSn, what you mean?

    Jose Lino

    @Abigail Arizmendi The way he sings his lyrics is that approach