Ocean, Frank - In Here Somewhere Lyrics

Turn them out [?] find a place for a quite one
Suburbia got a yard
All this at stake for when I'm on the run

I know you're in there somewhere
Can't wait some, something you
Somewhere out there
Some Somewhere
Trying to love the
Trying to run the
You don't have to be all by yourself
In the morning light
This'll all all be over with
I know you're in there somewhere
Can't outrun something you need
It's been so long

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Ocean, Frank In Here Somewhere Comments
  1. Unicorn cake

    It reminds me of something I had lost.

  2. a glitterboi

    can anyone else hear "You'll be mine"

  3. Young Keontae 69

    This song makes me feel a weird feeling , don’t know how to explain what this feeling is tho , it’s just beautiful bruh❤️

  4. Nae T.

    I always come back to this song for some reason

  5. Arif Jabbar

    3am high asf and this shit hit me diffrently

  6. Chris M

    Looking at your channel you have great taste in Music

  7. travis la flame

    One of my favourite Frank Ocean tracks and you can barely hear him

  8. Night Wolf

    I'm sorry

  9. Dray-Vic Ric-Cas

    I’m so sad everytime it ends


    Trust me, i can barely hit that replay button with all the tears in my eyes.

  10. austen brantley

    Bryson tiller would fit this to well

  11. Tom Smith

    this is not "in here somewhere".

    Carlos Calamaco

    What is it

  12. Alejandra Veliz

    this song hurts

  13. 김상혁

    There's something scratching my ears..

  14. Dre4de

    Only thing I've been playing for a good hour.

  15. mateen bahai

    who is doing the singing for this song?

    Tyko Marquer

    mateen bahai Jazmine Sullivan I think, she’s the only one credited


    sounds like a sample tbh

  16. Luis Martinez

    I really dig how some songs on this album just bleed into each other

    I didn’t know hublots had ended when in here somewhere began

    And it was such a vibe, I was so surprised, it’s really good.


    Luis Martinez that’s the point, this album was originally just one long video, not even separate tracks. So you’re correct that they bleed into each other

  17. dab

    Creepy but cool

    Matheus Henrique


  18. I make music Find it

    Put this at 0.75 speed and walk alone in the rain

    I make music Find it

    Zachary Brown no frank just makes us realize no one loves us but ourselves

    Joey Wes

    @I make music Find it lol. I'm doing it rn

    Dray-Vic Ric-Cas

    Thanks for the tip :)

    Rachel Scoggins


    Generic Name

    Well, that was the best walk I've had in awhile

  19. TC Gaming - Costi

    what song does it sample?

    Tasia Lnae


  20. yago r.

    porra vai se fuder frank ocean eu te amo

    Matheus Henrique

    Todos nos amamos

  21. Marco Antônio Franco de Matos

    Isso é vaporwave?

    Marco Antônio Franco de Matos

    @yago r. me lembrou

    Matheus Henrique

    Escuta o album blond dele e channel orange

  22. ImNotGrace

    this song hits different

  23. Lavish

    If you guys love this song, hear it slowed down for a whole different vibe


  24. I O

    In here it hurts

  25. Crisp

    Doctor: You have 1 min and 48 sec to live I am very sorry sir Me: *opens up, In here somewhere*


    magic handz I am sorry I haven’t seen this before boah

  26. Knuckle Dragger

    am i the only one getting salem vibes from this shit?

  27. GBody Rob

    Smooth sounds of frank...smoke to this

  28. GBody Rob

    Head nodding 😔☺☺☺this shit jazzy 💃💃💃💃

  29. Danilo Lopes

    my fav track...

  30. Marlow

    [Verse: Frank Ocean & Jazmine Sullivan]
    I know you're in here somewhere
    You came with someone
    There's something you need someone out there
    But try to love the one you're with tonight
    Try to love the one you're with
    Tonight late at night sometimes it helps
    If you don't have to be all by yourself
    In a moment life could end
    And this could all be over with
    I know you're in here somewhere
    You came out alone
    Something you need
    It's been so long
    Gotta find the one
    Who'll hold you tight

    [Outro: Lil Flip]
    Feel what I'm sayin'? (Yeah)
    Like 10, 10, 12, 11, 10, 6, aight?

    Blonded Man

    Marlow that’s tight

    Isaac Chua

    “In Here Somewhere” was playing in “Hublots”. The song playing in this video is a different song :/


    This shit ain't match up b


    Aint this hublots


    It's weird. I Can't hear Lil Flip talking :(

  31. Xarissa Ridgner

    oU man someone accidentally pressed the dislike button

    Ben Samberg

    Xarissa Ridgner it's an Australian liking the video

  32. Blonded Man

    This is sooooo good

  33. Ole van den Berg

    Is there a chance you could put all the songs somewhere, so we can download it?


    @Jay West here: https://dbr.ee/yW88

    sorry for late reply, I didn't get the notification

    Tiernan Avery


    GBody Rob

    Dam bro dont tell the world we are to cheap to buy it lmao


    I got the flac files.


    Wish Pirate Bay still worked

  34. D MfC

    Why isnt this on spotify😭

    Kyla James

    @c rose WHat's the name?

    Boneless Pizza

    Kyla James just search endless and it might be in the 12th number or something down the episode list

    Taikavaahto [FIN]

    Or just download the song and add it in your list :)

    hi cj

    Corn Bread

  35. Johnson Lam

    that fucking beat

  36. raven !

    this one mannnn ✨