Ocean, Frank - Deathwish (ASR) Lyrics

This is a death wish, the days of hopeless
Leave myself at the wraths of you
At the mercy, of you
And I be needing my sleep
Need to catch you
At the mercy of you

At the, at the, at the
At the, yeah, at the
At the, at the the

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Ocean, Frank Deathwish (ASR) Comments
  1. Omar EG

    Not gonna lie but Impietas always remind me of a Joji's Chloe Burbank song but remastered

  2. Chri Jame!

    Omg death wish

  3. BruhhItsAurora

    my fave from endless makes me cri bro

  4. Nredup 82

  5. Luís Fernando García-Ramírez

    that first line on Deathwish hits

  6. Light2Earth

    Bruh get this pipin

  7. Cereal_Quilla

    Nothing pisses me off more than this song ending

  8. OSanchezO

    I am actually surprised at the ammount of people who 6 month ago just heard of this album, this was put even before Blonde atleast 1 month before Blonde and I was crying when I heard it the first time on his live

    Dmetrius March

    OSanchezO it was released a day before blonde , so idk what u on right now


    @Dmetrius March nope it was playing in the background of the live in Blonded.co a whole week before blonde was released

    Dmetrius March

    OSanchezO u said a month not week doe😐, also u may have heard the instrementals from the stream but it was released a day before blonde

  9. Kegomoditswe Sekhwela

    Used to think it's a song until I came to realize it's poetry in a pool of music

  10. mirandyke

    This one gives me asmr

  11. 77Dragon Slayer95

    That beat switch though, I'm speechless It easily rivals the Nights' beat switch...


    77Dragon Slayer95 nah

    Reece Loupe

    They were both done by the same guy, Vegyn. You should check him out.

  12. Tre

    I've listened to endless a million time idk why but this just now hitting and hard

  13. Blvck Roses

    0:40 - 1:56 #VIBESS ❗🔥🌊

  14. Slu Ngubane

    By far, one of the best bits on Endless no cap

  15. Ooga Booga

    at the mercy of youuu

  16. YinYangReaper28 L-T


  17. Sebastian Alexander

    absolutely in the top 5 most beautiful things i've ever heard

  18. Karl Marx

    Big Arthur Russell vibes w the vocals on this one


    Karl Marx Thank you, Karl Marx

  19. Lexi C0n


  20. 301_Lo

    Breakdown is so smoove! #gottarollaJ

  21. Leo Swan


  22. Jason Waterfalls

    Deathwish is top 10 Frank

  23. S D

    Oh my. <3

  24. GBody Rob


  25. Travis Douglas

    Sooo calming...

  26. Marlow

    [Part I: Impietas]

    Are you against me or are you with me?
    Are you with me?
    Are you with me?

    [Part II: Deathwish]

    Is it a deathwish to doze off helpless?
    Leave myself at the mercy of you
    At the mercy, of you
    And I be needing my sleep in peace
    Need to trust you
    At the mercy of you

    At the, at the, at the
    At the, yeah, at the
    At the, at the the

    Khaduchi Chrifi Llop

    Spuro blaster 5

    Spuro blaster

    Inazuma Best 4

    Spuro blaster

    Jerry Wade 9


    @Spuro blaster 10

  27. Joshuaaa

    Deathwish be hittin different

  28. Jonathan Johnson

    This has a strong James Blake vibe...I like it.

    Jerry Wade

    James blake aint got shit on this


    @Jerry Wade James Blake basically invented this style all to himself. Go listen to some of his very early stuff.

    Don The Monarch

    @Shouzeegestof His style is very much influenced by Burial so I wouldn't say that he invented it.


    @Don The Monarch Yes I agree. What I meant was you can easily tell it's James Blake when you listen to his stuff from back then.


    right... right off of his self-titled album. To care? or I mind?

  29. keenen august

    every second of this track is pure perfection.

  30. Brandon E

    wish Impietas was longer

  31. Sandra Julia

    Are you with me?

  32. Anders Swanson

    okay this one actually sounds better on the CD than before

  33. Light Iverson

    That beat switch is amazing

  34. raven !

    oh yeah this song too, fuck I miss 8th grade I would listen to this on the way home on the bus & shit