Ocean Colour Scene - Harry Kidnap Lyrics

Harry don't fly - not like he used to
All the games he used to play
Are broken on the playground floor and useless
Harry don't smile - not like he used to
All the laughs have gone away
They haunt the playboy bar where we used to go

But harry kidnap's cool
But harry kidnap's cool
He wrote all the rules

We'll get by like we used to
When he used to run the show
He will smile and look youthful
Such a shame he had to go
Say a prayer for the boxers
For the builders to a man
Sing a song for the dreamers
For the fathers and sons

He played his hand - just like he used to
Just the same the king you played
Is beaten by the ace of spades - he's ruthless

Harry won't cry - when you are crying
All the tales like peeling bells
Will tell of nights when racehorses are flying home

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