Obey The Brave - Unstoppable Lyrics

Let the games begin

Another night in town
Time for another round
Fuck the world, got my friends and my girl

The snow's all gone
It' nice out here
It's party time and all my boys are here

Flying high like a bird
Slow burnin, not a care in the world
Wake up!
Hanging out all night
It never gets old
Shit's getting wild as the night unfolds

Ready, set, go!

Here's to all the good times
Growing up, heads up high
Wherever we may roam
We never stand alone
We've come a long way
We don't care what you say

Cause we are unstoppable
The years have come and gone
Hard to believe it's been this long

Cause we are unstoppable
Tied by our common goals
Look at us now, unstoppable!

Strong, we always stand strong
You can't break us
We know where we belong

We always stand strong
Let the games begin
Cause all we do is win

Whatever life may bring
We'll take it on
Let the games begin
Cause all we do is win

We'll carry on
All grown up
Despite the change, never gave up
We're still here and you're still gone
Forever, we'll carry on

We're in this til the end
United til the end
Forever by my side
Sit back, enjoy the ride

Let the games begin

The joints are rolled
The drinks are poured
Fine women screamin "oh my lord!"

The snow's all gone
It' nice out here
It's party time and all my boys are here

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Obey The Brave Unstoppable Comments
  1. Brint Mann

    They should be bigger. Just straight open cords but the vocalists unique and those lyrics
    .drums are well done

  2. Bryan Heartless

    Hecho para ganadores

  3. aracnk65

    Shouldn't you be about 10 years in the past with that joke?

  4. Leito Drums

    you're an unstopabble badass...

  5. Patricio 123.

    Ohhh gran banda saludos desde chile :)

  6. austin hiatt

    I just found these guys yesterday, and im already made up my mind on buying this album

  7. Daan

    I could use one too..

  8. Looktowardsthesky

    U guys are fuckin badass

  9. dat209emokilla

    i fucking hate when my lady does that! shes all into that asking alexandria bullshit.

  10. TheCGCFAD

    good hahah

  11. One Mad Canadian Bastard

    I got a new chain , shorter this time , she cant come out of the kitchen anymore.
    Wont get disturbed again xD

  12. Joel

    sooo fucking thug

  13. One Mad Canadian Bastard

    I could not listen to the song in peace because my girlfriend kept on asking me to put my hearphones on to listen to this kind of music.....
    I solved the problem by raising the volume so high i cant hear her complain anymore.

  14. Josceline Val

    i love this song omg

  15. Steven Quintanar

    So fucking hard