Obey The Brave - Short Fuse Lyrics

It goes on and on.
Man, the beat goes on.
Short fuse. Short fuse.
Decimate everything in sight
I don't give a fuck if I'm wrong or right
Gonna make you sweat til you bleed
I wash my hands with the blood of my enemies
I'm seeing red, got a few loose screws
Trapped inside my head, short fuse.
Back off cause I will bite
Ain't going without a fight
No way out, gloves on, it's a title bout
Lace up, throw your fists up and shout.
Fear the scythe. Back off cause I will bite.
Ain't going out without a fight.
It goes on and on man, the beat goes on.
Short fuse. Short fuse.
Still here, still staying strong
I don't give a fuck if I'm right or wrong: no.
I said it before, I'll say it again
All I need is my girl and my friends.
I'm seeing red, got a few loose screws.
Trapped inside my head, short fuse.
Short fuse.

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Obey The Brave Short Fuse Comments
  1. Jonathan Rigtrup

    Bad video good song

  2. Phantom Menace

    this is a sick song. dig their sound

  3. Виталий Копиевский

    че то хуевые из них ганстеры

  4. Jacky

    "Dolorama" c'est harcore en tabarnak xD

  5. Kyle L.

    So much Canadian, tellement dope câlisse

    Stig Tripp

    the fuckin Timmies cup at 1:14 eh?

  6. SiCk PaLaCe

    ahhh à fait du bien en asti a matin == Thanks XD

  7. John Graham

    Needs less rap. Other than that it'd be off its head

  8. Gebus Da Trap God

    The video tho. 👌

  9. Chris Zimmerman

    I do have to say this is pretty awful and generic.

  10. DemonHunterX5

    Holy shit I miss Despised Icon......

  11. félix légaré

    MTL NORTH SDK #stompdownkilla

  12. Shapeless_Abomination

    Too fuckin sick dudes

  13. CookieBabeHD

    OG the brave

  14. CanadianGopher

    meh it was alright, friend told me to check them out but I am not into the toughguy hardcore like this or madball, I like the faster more melodic stuff like early comeback kid and with honor

  15. Alvaro Gonzalez

    I consider obey the brave music as gangster metal!

  16. Suade shoes

    Wow, great lyrics genius. "Gonna make you sweat till you bleed"? HAHAH Isn't that a C&N Music Factory Rip Off? And the song title is a 25ta life rip off. These guys blow. Bands still play toughguy hardcore? I love how they try to walk all gangsta.


    hahaha, I was thinking the same shit. This band is pure garbage.

  17. Steevens B_Throwdown

    i wash my hands with the blood of my enemies ;) you will not have me bro its clearly crimson syndicate  ;)

  18. Natalia

    I know you all are gonna say no omg that doesn't even exist blah blah but to me this sounds like rapcore

  19. CH7

    Wiggaz. The video doesn't work. He's talking about being bad without doing anything bad. He's just going to pick up some beer.

    Gunnar Briggs

    hahaha, no man. Getting beer is as hard as it gets in Canada.

    Dustin Racine

    @Gunnar Briggs Hahahahaha...well said.  

  20. Castle


  21. Арсентий Краснов

    so hardcore

  22. jfrotch

    la beau quartier Hochelaga Maisoneuve, fuck yeah!!

  23. scottd901

    Is that a synchronized beer shoulder throw I see at 1:00?  

  24. Phil A.

    MTL 514!

  25. Alvin Appiah

    Thought this was gonna be a No Warning cover. Boy was I wrong

  26. BingleMcJingle

    Where all da white women at???

  27. jordan duggan

    love people bashing music based on what appearances certain genres are supposed to look and sound like. call it whatever the fuck you want man, if the song makes you bang your head then fuckin enjoy it man. 

  28. Vince Lev

    I wash my hands with the blood of my enemies . The crimson syndicate ~2007 FUCK YEAH

  29. CanadianHarrison


  30. LouTheLoo

    I don't get why you would want to make a video that looks like every other douchebag fake rapper but making metal... I am a devout metalhead and I dissaprove of this bullshit ( not that that means a shit )

  31. Marianne Henz

    can't believe people are actually taking this video seriously hahahahahahaha

  32. Grant Keglor

    Absolutely garbage

  33. CJGrüv

    Thatt Leafs jersey though.

  34. Ben Collins

    Very basic, but I really enjoy this.

  35. Marc Dumas

    Dat Tim Horton's though... 

  36. Horty

    the intro made me think of Rise of The Northstar. I'm not too keen on the more hardcore direction the band are taking but they will still be my favourite

  37. shocker900

    That Golden Retriever is adorable.

  38. spylok85

    Short fuse, eh? These are Canada's most wanted.


    BRO METAL!!!!

  40. Modern Music Life

    Not to say this song isn't good, but 'Raise Your Voice' is a lot better. Regardless, stoked for the album!

  41. titblin

    Pls gimme a lirycs

  42. Olivier Tremblay

    Dollorama Represent TABARNACK !

  43. Steevens B_Throwdown

    sa va mosher! XD jespere vous revoir a rimouski jpeterai la geule a kkn ds le slam pendant ste toune la XD


    wow quelle belle attitude

  44. destruyelainternet

    hispter hardcore... new school shit

  45. Александр Бойко

    Let this be the anthem of Canada!

  46. Boobsrule

    A golden retriever.....how hardcore....


    @Boobsrule not hardcore yet very nice ^^


    I dont think it was meant to look hardcore haha.
    Cute dog

    One Mad Canadian Bastard

    Dude it's hardcore when they jump on you ad wont stop trying to lick your fucking face

    Sky Wolf Stalks You

    Old Yeller guys

    Very Secret

    Hahahaha right...if that dog isn't hardcore then is what is!!! Man he might as well used a fucking chihuahua

  47. celdinurmavis

    O O mon cher, Montreal, 514, Hochelaga, Pie-IX , Depanneur Roger, Canadiens represent! \m/

  48. glenn lawless

    His scream is so fuckin tough

  49. ExterminatorRex

    the first guitar riff got me, i love it :D

  50. mathias strømmen

    "tough guy hardcore"

  51. TeamMontrealMetal

    Effictivement, elle est courte... la toune je veux dire ;)

  52. Sepia MtAnoia

    Bet this is gonna be the "Lifestyle" of OTB's upcoming opus. Nonetheless, it's a cool song.

  53. Макс Шведов

    Трезвость, ненависть, хардкор. Класс!

    Александр Бойко

    Какая трезвость? Они пивчик ебашат


    водка шл=хи дедМетал

  54. Harrison Waycot

    liked the sound of it, but the video didnt work for me. remined me too much of a rap video


    Pretentious crap


    thank you. that needed to be said. fake ass shit too

  56. Gabriel Geib

    Alex and the boys never disappoint. Fucking love OTB \m/

  57. Blueskythinking

    There's only so many times you can do the drop A 000 0000 000000 thing.. Wish this band would have some evolution within their music

    Vincent Gravel

    It's the intro lmao. 


    @parkwaydrive97 x2

    banaza banaza

    Not gunna lie that china tho )0:44 

    Justa Man

    @banaza banaza It's just a fucking china.

    banaza banaza

    It is but its a nice sounding china :) 

  58. hcaos

    typowy letni wakacyjny kawalek, chlopaki bujaja sie po miescie i drynia piwko

  59. Unlimited Core


  60. clerks90

    Anyone else catch the Lace Up and throwing up the L... shout out to MGK

  61. Growlerx413

    GREAT until the ending with the shitty habs jersey -___-

  62. Chad Ozanich

    ODB! It goes on and on like the big gulp slide! lalala

  63. JDPWD

    All the 3 songs release so far are fucking awesome , but please , tell me that there's going to be at least one fast song, and whe i say fast , i mean a really fucking fast song with a fucking fast hardcore drumming... so



    @Devil Abl The Savage Infant Annihilator don't use electric drums 

    Devil Abl The Savage

    oh jesus please neck 


    Please English?

    Devil Abl The Savage

    would you as a human put a rope around you're neck an jump off a chair. i know dan watson (the vocalist) and i have followed them from the start they did use electric drums in 60% of there music 


    @Devil Abl The Savage Hardcore team, really? You're so cute!  hahahahahaha

  64. Thibault Tresca

    DAAAMN ! I swear Alex erian is the best fucking frontman !! 

  65. Jeff Ayotte

    Obey The Dollorama \m/

  66. ScrubsCL

    Just awesome.

  67. Chris

    Golden retrievers are hardcore too.You tell em

  68. Slam Master

    I understood that I had never seen Alex without hat! WtF&!11??

  69. xApeRx

    I love the Hardcore = Pitbull cliché with that Golden Retreiver. Belle job les boys !

  70. Matěj Vyhnálek

    This fuse is really short :-D

  71. Matthew Birch

    Guitars are way too quiet

    Doe Zee

    Matthew Birch played on a proper sound system , not at all 😂

  72. Matthew Birch

    Guitars are way too quiet

  73. Dan S

    This shit is so fucking phony. 

    Dan S

    @Gabriel Geib damn straight

    Xavier Lopez

    @Dan Swanson Hipsters??? What, lol!? Not even close.

    Joe Crapanzano

    @Dan Swanson so?

    Justa Man

    @elecks441 Fuck the scene.

    Vincent Gravel

    @Justa Man lol.

  74. Doctor Aven

    0:44 en México y en el mundo, la cerveza es Corona

  75. Alec Her

    I thought he said the N word

  76. Nora M.

    Damn, I love it!!!

  77. Michal Hašto

    Short Fuse is really short.

  78. tint134

    Montréal fuck yeah

  79. SailorGeoffrey

    De l'amour de Lyon 

  80. S A D since 2001

    Love it but its damn short :c

  81. James Savery

    Sick. Big up OtB & Erian.