Obey The Brave - Get Real Lyrics

Don't lose your head

I'm sick of being pissed off
Stop testing me and my fucking patience
Can't we get along?
Can't always be wrong
Let's solve this now,
No matter how long

Set things straight
You know what they say
Same shit, different day
I'm sick of all this drama
Let's set things straight

Same shit, different day
I'm sick of all this drama
Let's set things straight

Where do we go from here?
Make these issues disappear for good
We're going nowhere fast
I'm starting to doubt we're meant to last

Don't lose your head

Can't we get along?
Can't always be wrong
Let's solve this now,
No matter how long

Set things straight
You know what they say
Same shit, different day
I'm sick of all this drama
Let's set things straight

Where do we go from here?
Make these issues disappear for good
We're going nowhere fast
I'm starting to doubt we're meant to last

Get real! Where do we go from here?
Get real! Where do we go from here?
Get real! Where do we go from here?
Let's end things now or face our fears

This shit's about to get real

Here we go again
I will never kneel
This shit's about to get real

Are we in or out?
We've survived throughout this ordeal
This shit's about to get real

Here we go again

Despite our differences
We've held tight, stayed strong
It's been this way for too long
We've got to move on

Don't lose your head

Can't we get along?
Can't always be wrong
Let's solve this now,
No matter how long

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Obey The Brave Get Real Comments
  1. Adam Lahique

    They seem perfectly normal their not screeching at all there's no need to calm down

  2. jokke rose

    sos guard with arsenik here

  3. Ruslan Tarasenko

    Бомбаааааааааааааааа тема!!!!!!!

  4. Intoxic8d aka Lil Chuckie

    Scott is my favorite Hardcore front man !!!
    From Buried Alive 2 Terror !

  5. серёжаЗМЕЙ анистеров


  6. Kenneth Johnson Jr

    Tf are they sayin lol

  7. Paulo Pontes


  8. ffhgu 07

    What happens if I lose my hat...

  9. radibear

    2018 and still a banger

  10. Riley reacts! Haha

    Don’t lose your hat like if your with me

  11. icejwer icytop

    my best grade 6 music never gets old.

  12. Mr Feast

    Fuck this song is so good

  13. jeny roblero

    He is gonna lose his voice

  14. vito steven

    J'teaime les musique, merci boucoup

  15. Mr.Bootleg

    The first search result you get when you type in, "Music for when shit gets real."

  16. Ariana Hunt


  17. Ariana Hunt

    The guitar strings are so freaking loose

  18. Ariana Hunt

    I screamed this in the exact same voice and... ummm... my voice be like *bye*

  19. ratbog14 0000


  20. Zach Brown

    damn just found out about these guys from a fucking vine how in the fuck

  21. welcome to the Pride

    Vine brought me here

  22. Cristina Cortes

    2:17 THIS IS ABOUT TO GET REAL!!!!👿👿👿💀💀💀👊

  23. Charles Cook

    these guys are why better than terror

    Mr Feast

    Charles Cook Way , and no listen to Keepers of faith album it's a hardcore masterpiece listen to the whole album

  24. Christopher Oldham

    These remind me of Bury Tomorrow.

  25. LA Mindset

    Dire que c quebecois ste dope la 😝🤘

  26. Taylor Jackson


  27. Kay Dott

    OOOOOh snap this was posted on my 10th bday

  28. Brayam Galeano

    2017 MotherF*ckers

  29. Anthony Cirella

    double fawkin bass

  30. Miracle- fangay

    2:17 eargasm

  31. Ellen Blue

    damn my head hurt df.😂 i came here from a vine .

    Blazeken364 Aws

    Ellen Blue same

  32. Forever Gaming

    Da fuck is dis shit

    Not gay if it's David Duchovnay

    Obama is a CIA drone meant to contaminate our drinking water the NWO controls all volcanoes one olive Sexual tension over and out haha get it because "over" signifies that I am awaiting your response and out means that I am not awaiting your response and the conversation is over but whatever you wouldn't get the joke because you're just another socialist mind control sheeple. #votejillstein

  33. Sleeping With Sirens

    oh hell yeah these guys are pretty awesome I just found something to love again 😊

  34. bring ruckus

    this sucks, it's sad because I love despised icon, so naturally, I wanted to love this. but, it blows. not to mention terror fucking sucks. one of the reasons I started listening to country music. smh the "hardcore" scene is a joke. if it was really all about the music, they wouldn't need to label it with every little sub genre they can make up. "aliencore" wtf is that shit. I have given up on "hardcore" fuck all of you, I'm going to listen to some hank jr and cash.

    Ben Garrity

    go shit in your hand

    Ben Garrity

    John Denver's full of shit, man

    Filomena Iria

    did you really started to hear country music? ahahahahah because ahahaha hardcore has ahahahaha sub genres ahahahah ahahahahah

  35. DarKyrios

    0:04 "DON'T LOSE YOUR HAT"

    Jaimy balzak

    DarKyrios 😂😂

    Valentin THIEBAUT

    LOL :D Haha. Nicely found!

  36. artofwinning 13

    I body slammed someone to this

  37. Buns Stiffington

    He looks like Murray from impractical jokers 😂

    Serenity Harris

    omg you're right

    Ariana Hunt

    Evan Lamping oh. my god. I thought I was the only one who seen that XD

  38. Vovchik Lebedev


  39. Brendan

    514 represent!

  40. Ian Red

    Is that the dude from terror?

  41. Thatoneboredturtle


  42. braxton wilson

    That break at 2:13

  43. Latonya Johnson

    This is my new favorite song

  44. Galacticat

    I am really new to this group, but I like the guy with short black hair's tattoos. I wish I saw more of them....

  45. Alvaro Vix



    Yeah Fuck Satan

    Marksman 5147

    Hail Satan for the butthurt Christians

  46. Psyfer Ain't a rapper

    I want to do a cover of this

    Sydnei Cruz

    Psyferno do it

  47. Bruce Wayne

    scott vogel :)

  48. Jessica Beeson

    awesome song 😈😈😈😝😝😝

  49. Razor V

    200 freakin ppl don't know wut real freakin music is!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kyle de Wet

    Any songs that has the same type of drop at 2:13?

    Bruiser KMK

    +KyleGamingDK listen to obey the braves - into the storm
    it has a really tough breakdown too
    otherwise id recommend some deathcore bands like thy art is murder or molotov solution

    Kyle de Wet

    +Bruiser KMK Thanks man :)

    l Prophecy l

    +Bruiser KMK I would say Woe, is me- vengeance they have dose sudden stops sometimes you might like them but they've broken up well I think so

    Bruiser KMK

    youre welcome :)

    extreme oof

    +KyleGamingDK Enterprise Earth is pretty fucking awesome

  51. aimee robson

    when i first herd this
    i was like
    OMFG 😈😈😼😼

  52. Jex, the alien who stole your girl

    dont lose your hat

  53. Jex, the alien who stole your girl


  54. Jex, the alien who stole your girl


  55. Kristian

    I still don't understand that Scott Vogel is doing here...

  56. alfred buhl

    omg so good!

  57. Andre Franks

    super low pitch slammy kick haha

  58. Andre Franks

    don't lose your head from those kick drums in the beginning

  59. Viktor Ereg

    these cunts are sikk as

  60. Waffle Shredder


    Syn het

    +Waffle Shredder This *shit* 's about to get real!

    Klaas Bousma

    Waffle Shredder djent djent djent

  61. Lag Swag

    FUCK YES!!!

  62. BelgianButcher

    I screamed 'This is about to get real' so loud, that The Lord Sauron heard me.

  63. develt2012

    Vocals are terrible . :(

  64. Mattias Hansson

    Finally some metal without boyband song ruining the mood.

    Mattias Hansson

    @Viktor Ereg Clearly metalcore


    +Viktor Ereg It´s Metalcore dude.!

    Viktor Ereg

    I guess, this dudes the frontman of some hxc band tho yeah?


    Viktor Ereg the front man is Alex from Despised Icon. The founding fathers of Deathcore

    Marksman 5147

    Mattias Hansson This is Hardcore lmfao, metallic elements obv cuz what HxC band doesnt now? Still HxC tho

  65. TrojkaWolf

    I remember this song faster.. How come?

  66. Live Nation Clubs and Theaters

    Great video, please stop by and check out the HOB YouTube channel. Rock on! 

    joshua challender

    +House of Blues fuck off.....

  67. Xanorh


  68. Bakri Satria

    yeaahh awesome !!!

  69. JustTheBassist

    Seriously didn't notice until someone pointed it out but they do use constant bass drops :L


    In OTB's defense, it's a transition method. Granted, not a very solid one, but it is what is. Also, I did the "math" and counted exactly 10 bass drops in the song. So, seeing as how the song is almost exactly 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, that equals one bass drop every twenty seconds or so. That's reoccurring, but it's not "constant". Also, if you don't like the bass drops, check out their new record! There's almost none.


    @HxCDanceWithMe MRH Oh belive me it's not that I don't like them just I didn't even notice :')

  70. xd3yFx

    Damn, those strings are loose!

    Connor Bruland

    it is cause they are tuned down


    well, that's what I meant ;)

  71. Jesse Belanger

    montreal aaaawhat

  72. Fenrir97

    gonna see these guys on 12th of july so stoked 

  73. Максим Фаловский

    ахуенно! пасаны маслайте дальше!

  74. Prickley Snead


  75. Regis Gritti

    don't lose your haaat !

  76. victor martinez

    Scott though <3

  77. bluegocrazy

    Was that the guy from Despise Icon???


    @Cass Allen Thanks bro

    Cass Allen

    Actually, i just double checked, no one else from DI is in OTB. It's just the vocalist!


    @Cass Allen Lmfao okay! 


    the dude without the beard is scott vogel from terror

    Mathew Rawding

    @Topper Harley Jedi Mind Fam!!

  78. Ebunaii


    Devin Moran

    The Discovery \m/

  79. shadowgamer1313

    I love the fact that these guys came from Ottawa like me, gives me a lil hope that I'll get a band together n get somewhere. Also a friend of mine used to work with one of the guitarist (idk which one) n said they are all chill and funny guys...I'd love to meet them one day :)

  80. Aderlando Palhares


  81. Zoney X

    yes good

  82. GuitarStun

    whats the brand of the jacket the singer wears???


    Wesc is the brand of the jacket


    thank you!

  83. Alex Housden

    good too see the despised icon vocalist started another/ joined sick band

  84. Ahmed B. A.

    I don't understand why Terror singer that earned respect with his positive attitude with people and not showing off plays a song with such swag smug shit band for stupid teenage girls ... Fuck off this is has nothing to do with hardcore or whatever you want this is as commercial as emmure or rihanna .. useless music for brainless faggots

    lama en feu

    @Ahmed B. A. yeah u look mad. in a scale from 1 to 9000 how mad are you?

    DeathCore Quebec

    just click dislike button and get the fuck out away. anyway for singers bad comments is a good one too !


    and which is ironic is that he calls out The Ghost Inside for not being "Hardcore" yet he does guest vocals on a very mediocre and monotonous Metalcore band like this.


    @David Hébert no, let him speaks your opinion and get the fuck away. as you are entitled to say you like it, he's also entitled to say he thinks otherwise.


    He definitely got paid to do this

  85. David Huang

    come to Taiwan again please >O<

  86. Sanguine Sea

    Good one. True to the bone. This is the 'new school' that the 'old school' would be proud of.

  87. Chris Ryder

    dont understand how scott vogel slates bands like the ghost inside saying there bullshit but loves these, and he is the one moaning about hardcore being a family


    thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you

  88. BallsackPresident

    this shits on despised icon

    Mathew Rawding

    are you fucking insane??

  89. Mike Dunne

    Hardcore is about lifestyle, not the fucking image. Hardcore came from punk not metal. Don't act like you know hardcore if you don't know where it came from. If you think it's about the image then go fuck yourself. I listen to hardcore, pop punk, and punk music and they have respect for each others music, so if you got a problem with that then you shouldn't call yourself hardcore, your just a poser. Fuck your image.


    @MichiganMikeKid Fuck their messages. Doesn't mean theyre hardcore. This band sounds like 2002 Bury your Dead. Not one thing different. Fuck this band and fuck your "part of the herd" thinking

    Mike Dunne

    @TheGreatWhiteShark78 You're a loser white shark. I've have no business talking to you anymore.


    @MichiganMikeKid​ ugh, today's youth. Dumber than a bag of bricks when it comes to music. You are muted. This convo is muted. I won't see another thing you post. Hardcore's dead. Your comments suck. 199hate. Hardcore is dead.

    Mike Dunne

    @TheGreatWhiteShark78 What youth? I'm 24, how old did you think I was 16. Nobody cares what you think White Shark.

  90. InFiNiTeL0bbiEZ

    Great band :)

  91. ryanexsus

    Than you like hardcore :). DI was 70 percent metal 30 percent hardcore.

  92. cmm98

    hardcore will never die dont forget the ones who struggled n started the scene much respect

  93. cmm98

    sweet i was gonna say these dudes are like a terror #2