Oberst, Conor - Salutations Lyrics

To whom it may concern
The litter box has overflowed
The frozen dinner burned
Oh we're running low on wine, my man
Could you please swing by the store
My TV's just reality
And I can't watch no more

There's a shining diamond somewhere
Where a kid is striking out
His dad is in the dugout
He's foaming at the mouth
A stomach's turning sour inside
Of a disappointed scout
Yeah he thought he'd found the real deal
But now he's got his doubts

So it's over before it began
But I could nurse you in the triage
I could stick you with some pins
But it's hopeless
These rules make no sense
First they say we can't be lovers
And now they say we can't be friends

This medicine don't work
Had that same thought ten thousand times
It's only getting worse
Swore off temptation
But what if it's what I really wanna do
But how could I apologize
For telling you the truth
There's a burnt out light bulb above my head
It's storing my ideas
There's a yearbook on the book shelf
That can't explain the years
Well I never should have signed it
But you know summer's coming soon
When I almost drowned you gave me mouth to mouth
Beside your neighbor's pool

It was over before it began
You could've left me in the water
But you made me live again
And I'm sorry
I can't pay you back
I wanna hold you 'til the world dissolves
But we just can't get attached

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Oberst, Conor Salutations Comments
  1. Horizon 59

    Great song and album!

  2. Madi Loe

    I love you and love your music

  3. Justin Fearior

    Is it too late to fix things? We’ve been a collision course with oblivion forever. If you do nothing then you cant be blamed. I prefer to have some hope though, its not all bad. I love humans.

  4. Woodlock Flick

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard this before. It’s amazing how someone can become so famous and never let it get to their head. Probably the richest person in life, though, I am never sure 🤷🏼‍♂️ how can one stay so modest and talented??Bless your soul, my friend. May your love never

  5. road 2 joy

    this mix is amazing

  6. Hannah Hardy

    I LOVE you

  7. eisha h

    11,191 subscribers. Nice! Why not 33,333? Too obvious? I am sorry you have to keep playing this part. Some of us can read between the lines. Just fake your death like the rest of them and be rid of it.

  8. Bijou Pali

    Wowza! Much love to you.

  9. Carol McKinnon-White

    My son turned me on to you/Bright Eyes some years back now, and I love it. He gave me some cd’s on which he would write things like “with love to my mom, a whole lotta Bright Eyes” or “here ya go mom ... enjoy!” Just things like that ~ he was killed five years ago now and I listen to those cd’s ~ most every time I cry but I love them & I feel like my son is right there with me listening. Thank you Conor

    Alyssa Cruz

    Sorry for your loss Carol :( You're son has great taste in music and I bet a whole lot more. ❤️

    Peter McEvoy

    Hey Carol, take care. CD's to treasure. Beautiful connection. Thinking of you, your son and all yours right now. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. aiyn zyqurith

    The most drugged and bused song on YT

  11. Savanna Oliva Peralta

    I was a huge bright eyes fan. And now that I've discovered your music again, I'm so happy. I missed your voice!

  12. Elle

    I will always love you Conor, been listening to bright eyes since forever, on to desaparecidos, mystic valley band, monsters of folk, and of course you on your own. You will forever be my absolute favorite artist of all time. My kids will know all of your songs before they can talk. Thank you for always being the relatable, smart voice i could always listen to and count on to be able to express our shared emotions into words. bc i sure can't. Thanks for helping me explain myself better.

  13. Dan Thompson

    "Lie is not a mother.",dan'

  14. Dan Thompson

    "Indian dan stole the swastika from the nazi and returned it to the native american.",dan'

  15. Dan Thompson

    "The death of the television.",dan'

  16. TastyKibble11

    Tried some bad meditation
    Sitting up in the dark
    They say to picture an island
    Cause that's one place to start
    I guess I could count my blessings
    I don't sleep in the park
    With all my earthly possessions
    In one old shopping cart

    No, I'm up in the penthouse
    On a big feather bed
    Is it too late to fixate
    On that instead

    My wife takes a vacation
    One she can't afford
    I go fishing the alleys
    For someone to escort
    No, I don't mind the money
    It beats betting on sports
    And though it might get expensive
    It's cheaper than divorce

    And I love her torn stockings
    And her lipstick of red
    Is it too late to fixate
    On her instead

    You know you're my favorite
    She says when we're through
    Some parts are off limits
    But I'd give them to you

    Where the hell was Dock Ellis
    When I gave up that hit
    Where was Timothy Leary
    When reality bit
    Who's the new Dalai Lama
    That shy little kid
    With no room in his body
    Where a stranger could live

    I can't blame him for dreaming
    He'll sleep when he's dead
    Is it too late to fixate
    On that instead
    Is it too late to fixate
    On that instead

  17. Crypto Oracle

    Conor's music is why im still alive.


    same, bro. be blessed

    Darrin Davis

    Fucking preach it. Love you all.

    Mogg et Moi

    Me too.


    I came here specifically to say the same. His work saved my life on more than one occasion. The perfect combination of validation and hope.

  18. Surrealms

    Good good stuff, but damn does it remind me of Jeff Tweedy/Wilco...

  19. Randy Herrera

    i heard him sing this in a record store in Hollywood this year. Best concert and it was FREE. 😋✌

  20. Lance Kessler

    See you in Wilkes Barre m8.

  21. luda glava


  22. Kris Guzman

    how i wish i could jam with this guy, jus straight freestylin, feelin every second, creating somethin beautiful for the soul, from the soul.

  23. Kaylani Corneau

    Man, he's coming to my city. Pray I gat to see him. I think he's sold out in heaven :"( what I mean is I don't have $ yet. Hopefully by next week. Also I love a youtuber from the UK who goes to many concerts . He's going help me find my bff, which is all I'm alive for. It was conor oberst. Now I've no idea.. tips for a gift maxed gift from the University crafts or I will understand that were the best orgasm to make sure you have to be true so I don't think it was a terrible things that the gear phantom of my farm is

  24. anita barrera

    10x better in concert ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. Michael Engel

    Got told today, that u gonna be in Dresden for a concert - can't wait.

  26. Carlos Alberto Delgado Salcido

    Can't wait for May 14th in San Diego!

  27. Brian

    Been around since Fevers. Thanks Conor.

  28. Lydiaa Davies

    Is anyone going to see him live at shepards bush this August?

  29. musikfanat

    I want you all to hate me. This guy is horrible...

    Michael Engel

    No room for hate here, sorry bro. Good thing your thoughts are free :)

    Zach G

    Your opinion is your own brother, don't let a potential response get ya down.

    Boris Kaplun

    This is not about hate, but his music. Nothing personal, just lousy musician.

    Brendan Cunningham

    Your opinion is your opinion. This isn't my favorite work by him, but I've been following him for a long time, so I continue to support him. You should try checking out his earlier work and all of the other projects he has been apart of before coming to that conclusion.

    Mogg et Moi

    Nice try but we just can't believe you.

  30. Owouomm Glahm

    ordering this vinyl soon! i love your music, I have a whole collection of your albums.

  31. smoke supplies

    I immediately got such a Nostalgic feeling from this record.

  32. Jasmine Gao

    I'm not kidding, I had a vivid dream of swimming with conor in a pool JUST LIKE THIS about 10 years ago. And I recorded this. And now this album is released. Feels like a spiritual soulmate, how can we ever unite now? Deep feels.

  33. The Tao

    Sorry about the loss of your brother Conor. Best of luck

    smoke supplies

    The Tao That Can Be Told


  34. Ryan Ortega

    I love this Man!

  35. Cici

    see you Saturday in STL!!!

    The Onion Prince

    Such an amazing show! First time being to The Pageant, loved it. Felice Brothers were great as well of course.


    +The Onion Prince it was fantastic!

  36. Emmet Lyons

    🍀The Pogues🎶

  37. Sayeth the Whore

    Great job!!!

    So great I get to unwind on the weekend with some new Conor!!!

  38. Ilse Wasiuta

    oh man i really love the accordion in this!!! love you conor!!

  39. Laurie Miles

    loving it

  40. Cthulhu Destroyer of Worlds

    Thank you for releasing your music for us all, we love you.

  41. Carlos Alberto Delgado Salcido

    Such an awesome way of kicking off the weekend...

  42. Myrissa Flowers

    Thank you Honey Bee, I'll be listening all day!

  43. reford19

    Es ist nicht, helles Augenaufpossen. Ich habe esschon immer vorgezogen, allein zu Arbeiten. Jetzt gilt es, das zu arden...

    Erros? Possivelmente?
    Dovrei preoccuparmi?

    Niciodată perfecta...

    Evan Ford

    reford19 is that Greek? Totally lost me bobo, sorry fucking wasted before noon. Reminds me of how Cyril and his bro ventured peacefully north and like white dudes after a November holiday and shit. Brown acid hitting hard now. Wallachia...?

    a. evelyn

    It's German (It is not, bright eye-catching. I have preferred to always work alone. Now it is time to...) .... then Portuguese (Errors? Possibly?)... then Italian (Should I be worried?)... then Romanian (Never perfect....). I could recognize and translate most of the first three... knew the final one was a language that belonged to a country that used to be part of the Soviet Union but couldn't identify beyond that. Also your comment made me laugh very much. Wallachia became Romania!

  44. TATAstrikesagain

    It's really cool you share all your songs on youtube.