Oberst, Conor - No One Changes Lyrics

Mind is blown but her body's still in shock
Can't see nothing as she's staring at the kitchen clock
Feels so bland in the eye of the storm it's a bedroom day
We should switch we should pass ourselves around
Meet me at the corner tear your dream home down
It's a goddamn shit-show out here now
Something to tell you bout that someone told me bout
I know I'm weak and this weekend you'll find out
Yes I sleep at that fucking whore's house now
But it's cinematic, cinematic fades to black
Everyday is a rodeo, man

No one's gonna change
Nobody ever does
No one's gonna change
Nobody's changing for you
No one's gonna change
Nobody ever does
And I'm never gonna do what you want me to

Sitting here speaking Greek to a college blog
Every sentence is the same it's just talk, talk, talk
I'm one, I admit it, of a million
Who has it out for these soapbox idiots
The click clack of your high heels you're away
Downstairs on a tic-tac stripper's break
Every dancer trying to sync to the beat
Every motherfucker in this place tells me the same shit
This whole world's got to buy you a drink, man
Got to take you to the edge and watch you throw it up
Every morning I could give a damn what you did last night
Just tell me how far to kick this can

No one's gonna change
Nobody ever does
No one's gonna change
No one is changing for you
No one's gonna change
Nobody ever does
And I'm never gonna do what you want me to

I don't wanna to feel so jaded
Getting on a plane to work things out
When I'm alone you're all I think about
But I'm never alone very long

They say you got to love yourself first that's a trip
I've been hating myself since I was little kid
I know it's sad that the game's rained out and all the bleachers emptied out
And the turnstiles spin
All the good ones in the world they keep dropping dead
Everybody's got a bullet flying at their head
I've seen it coming man, I've seen it coming
I've seen it coming

No one's gonna change
Hey and that's the truth
No one's gonna change
Oh baby not for you
No one's gonna change
Hey and that's the truth
And I'm never gonna do what you want me to

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Oberst, Conor No One Changes Comments
  1. rentseakhcire

    Every day ist a Rodeo man.....

  2. riley

    it's a bedroom day

  3. Cindy Busby

    Feels like an old friend telling me comforting words. Thanks Conor

  4. abstract Johnson

    I feel like when Connor wrote this he was battling his own addictions and felt like sin city where the guy says "a smokers a smoker when the chips are down".its a negative concept that no one changes.but that's the reality alot of times

  5. C L

    Conor is just like me/you. Except he puts it eloquently. I want him more than I want to be conscious. And then im glad there's an ocean between us. Cos if I met you and you met me....you'd probably want to set sail together. Against All odds. We are like clouds. We can't help but make shadows. I love rain now. I love it more than Conor loves his own sadness. More than love without honour.


    I hear Daniel Johnston "Worried shoes" So much through song

  7. Gabby M

    Reminds me a bit of slow motion - third eye blind

  8. Wolfe Lawton

    dude this guy i tell you

  9. Noa Mal

    he is such an inspiration.

  10. Epiphany of the Day

    Connor Oberst is a genius

  11. Chad Ingram

    i wear contacts now I cant have this happen... not now.

  12. Jacq

    Who needs therapy when you can listen to Conor's songs. Seriously, his music helps me so much.

  13. Артём Дяченко

    Yeah. Happybsong yeah

  14. Neil

    I love everything this guy does.This is his newest stuff to date, and quite possibly the best song he's ever written.

  15. David Whitten

    I hope one day he records an album of just crying.

    Age Hernandez

    This made me laugh too hard.

  16. Miles Desiato

    Conor signed my 11 year old daughters guitar in the alley behind the glasshouse in Pomona. I was grateful that he was cool. I dont want to meet him, hes got a lot of weight to bear with everyone idolizing him.

  17. Keely Holland


  18. Alexander Rigda

    Conor O back on his bullshit

  19. buff3dN3rf

    Everybody has a bullet flying at their head.

  20. Skyler B

    So happy he is still making music!

  21. Justin Fearior

    I changed, I started to hear you. Guess I was deaf when I first heard it. This doesn't fill me with joy. But i hope you can use your gift to undermine those that seek to render melancholy as impotent.

  22. The Bodies of Everest

    Yes!! Back to this sound! The bright eyes sound ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Patrick Oegerle

    Saw Conor play this live in March 2017. Was absolutely stunned.

  24. Florian J

    it's a bedroom day

  25. J-Roc Jersey

    This song just smacked me in the chest hard

  26. LahK HtalP

    Conor Oberst how do I even begin to express how much I love your music and the way you project your powerful messages through your lyrics. Sighs eternally. ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Артём Дяченко

    hey man, cheer up!

  28. Lukas S

    that cover painting is a thing of beauty

  29. buzzed lightbeer

    Like a twisted randy newman

  30. Trina turner

    oh honey :( xox

  31. Ben Larrew

    Conor is like a best friend that I’ve never met and is always there for me.

    ZippoBoy ShaneShank

    There are casual Conor fans, and then there are people who feel like THIS. Conor has helped me more than most people I actually know!

    Age Hernandez

    I met him once and he's just as cool as you imagine.

    Jesse Brotherton

    Yes exactly

    Jesse Brotherton

    @ZippoBoy ShaneShank I'm 32 and I been listening to Conor since 7th grade and seen him at grand ole Opry

  32. Russell Sartor


  33. Jon Saunders

    Haven't heard him this angry in a while

  34. Falling Starcore

    Wow, Just fucking wow.

  35. Thomas Hendon

    Beautiful per usual

  36. Christopher Chuauhang

    Glad this man is still making music. I needed his lyrics.

  37. Jax Are back

    Excellent...I sincerely hope Conor realizes how much his music means to millions of people......restored my faith in the art of storytelling thru his lyrics and has pulled me out of dark places when I was inexplicably low and could not seem to bounce back....!!!

  38. LetThatFeverPlay 89

    I feel so blessed to have heard this song live. If possible, it's even more beautiful than this.

  39. Kasey Keown

    I love him so much. Thank you Conor.

  40. Lua

    Wonderful, I like the lyrics:)

  41. Billy Miller

    I saw him perform this at the Varsity in Baton Rouge about a year ago.. I was totally blown away by it.. dude is a great songwriter

    Barron Michael Young

    Billy Miller I was there fantastic show.

  42. J B

    " This whole world's gotta buy you a drink, man..."

  43. John Sileo

    Conor sure hasn't forgotten how to pound out some angst upon those black and white keys !! ( Got the chills towards the end there )

  44. JohnnySuckss

    the live version is better
    he's holding back in this recording

  45. reford19

    This song made me start cussing again.

  46. 大城泉

    I'm so proud of him that i'm crying, he's helped me through everything when i was younger. This is a perfect sonnet, matured. He's grown so much and he fucking survived so i should be able to too.


    YES! It reminds me so much of Perfect Sonnet, just a little older and wiser.

    Sara Burns

    That’s a beautiful thought. Couldn’t have said it better myself ❤️

  47. sadreacts ønly

    I've been dying for a studio version <3

  48. Levi Clutter

    Heard this at the orange peel in NC

  49. poisonpenss

    he’s such a beautiful song writer

  50. Zack Nelms

    Yes! Finally!

  51. tjay

    Well, i guess its time to have another bright eyes phase

    evo lution

    I'm in a really bad one rn and it sucks thT I cant listen to music at work so I just keep humming at the bottom of everything to myself
    All day hahaha

    Lady Emikooo

    Man I do love this band and this guy, even if it is a phase I never want to leave it

    Isaac Richmond

    Winter is the best season for a Bright Eyes phase.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Hell yeah! Check out Elliott Smith also

  52. Jack Pizziferro

    I saw this live performance online and been waiting for studio recording so good

  53. ksweetg

    Wow, literally posted on the same day my girlfriend broke up with me. All my favorite music makes me cry.


    me too... ive been a fan of conor oberst since the early 2000s. and he got me thru many hard times. and my girlfriend of 9 years saw him with me last october at a show, and it was the first time i heard this song, with her... and then now its 1 year later almost on the day... and she left me, then i heard this recording when she went out one night with her new lover.. realized i heard this song holding her at the show the moment the chorus kicked in. i bet u can guess what happened next

    buzzed lightbeer

    Go get you some strange bro


    How you doing?


    How are you doing? Keep strong man

  54. C D

    Conors music has helped me through my lifetime. Amazing

  55. Frank Kennedy

    Saw him does this song last year.. really good song .. Love it!

    Fink Sinatra

    Frank Kennedy There’s this really badass guy that was at that show and somehow knew this would be your Top Song Of 2018.

  56. MrCatoonhi

    I love u

  57. dismukology

    I'm an old guy. This is golden stuff, from the heart of a great artist. Take care, Conor...

  58. Cindy Smith

    I liked the live demo version better. Raw emotion. Love this song nonetheless.

  59. iGod

    Every time I hear his solo music I miss Mike Mogis


    Mike Mogis is a talented producer but don't see how this would be better as anything other than voice, piano, and room sound.

    ZippoBoy ShaneShank

    Mogis produced the he'll out of those Bright Eyes albums, giving each one a special feeling. His pedal steel guitar is very missed, as is Nate Walcott 's beautiful keyboards and haunting trumpet... Those are the main differences I think.

  60. Dee Pee

    This song is ridiculous. wow! I'm blown away.

  61. sad chɨll

    i feel this..

  62. Bob Blackadder

    All optimistic about Dems getting the house on the outside, but inside I'm thinking the corporate oligarchs that put Trump in the WH still control the entire crooked system.
    No one's gonna change, no one's changing for you.

  63. ØDDBLØØD :

    He’s still got it!

  64. Oliver Litner

    this KILLED ME oh my GOD

  65. Brittany Alcantara

    Holy fuck I’ve been waiting forever for this song to get an official release!!

  66. Norbert de Varenne

    wow, haven't heard him this angry before. great song tho

    Nick Perry

    Fever and Mirrors?

    Justin Armstead

    Man check out early bright eyes

    Norbert de Varenne

    you're right guys, it's been a long time



  67. Malissa Crista

    I'm crying because I'm so happy right now. I've been waiting for so long for this, and finally, it's here!


    Lies don t make you stonger.

    Malissa Crista

    @buff3dN3rf Wtf are you even on about?


    @Malissa Crista Nothing. I ment no offense.

  68. thehollowfountain

    Amazing conor. Can’t believe you’re so underground. Song gave me chills

  69. Andi Knittel

    Thanks for sharing. Masterpiece :-)

  70. Pedro Henrique

    Perfect Sonet?

    kyle moniz

    Pedro Henrique that's what I was thinking too

    Pedro Henrique

    @kyle moniz it's pretty similar


    I hear it for sure.

  71. Noah Cecil

    This sounds like early Bright Eyes

    Kth Smln

    Sounds a little bit like Perfect sonnet.


    Like really early, reminds me of the unreleased Songs when he was a Teenager at some points


    Sounds good, real fucking good.

    Skyler B

    Bright Eyes is Connor

  72. Bloody Grin

    Why in the hell did I get a recommendation for this dumbass self absorbed whiny fucking bullshit? God damn YouTube. Shut the fuck up!


    "They say you got to love yourself first, that's a trip,
    I've been hating myself since I was a little kid"  man, this hits hard everyime.

    Leo Gilbert

    Hits me REALLY hard. This is my new favorite song.

    Eric Shockley

    Yeah I kinda hate myself


    Mass suicide? You are both man pussies.

    Kayla P

    Yeah... :'(

  74. Paperfly

    this is nothing like I've ever heard. i like it.

    gross guy

    Have you ever checked out some older live performances from Randy Newman? Obviously it’s not EXACTLY the same in every regard and not quite as depressing as this in its narrative but I think it’d be worth checking out bc it at least feels real similar to me

  75. Kayla Stratton

    You honestly made me who I am today. Very proud of that. 💙. Another beautiful song.

  76. Kiko Kinetic

    Absolutely love this!!!!💯✌✌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Kiko Kinetic
    YAYYY!! 🤘

  77. joel trosclair


  78. sigil

    Been waiting for the official release of this great song for a long while now. Thank you for posting

  79. kile Jungst

    Their is also a live version of a song called LAX that was put out about 9 months ago with this song


    There's a studio version of it on Amazon, recorded with Phoebe Bridgers.

  80. Sergej Lovrekovic

    oh conor

  81. Championette

    I couldn’t possibly love this man anymore than I do now... until tomorrow. Goddamn Conor, you never disappoint!! 💜