Oberst, Conor - Lake Havasu (In Florida) Lyrics

The mission has failed
And I am a hopeless mess
Spare me the details
Of how it all worked out
The damages eludes
Me with my own two hands

We did this ourselves
We built this ourselves
But where am I supposed to go running
When all of my friends out there are scared?
Can you feel on your own?
How does it feel on your own?

But I'm not gonna bang against your throat
You know we're all at sea
I've seen it myself
I just want home

You told me to speak in tongues for you
"Puwelo anyabont, Havasu"
So how did I do?

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Oberst, Conor Lake Havasu (In Florida) Comments
  1. Stardressedsky

    Still love Conor <3

  2. atmclickskateboards

    you gotta love it
    ahh memeories