Oberst, Conor - Cape Canaveral Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh brother totem pole
I saw your legends lined up
And I never felt more natural
Apart, I just came apart

Please, please, please sister Socrates
You always answer with a question
Show some kindness to a petty thief
Forgive, you did forgive

And watch the migrants' smoke in the old orange grove
And the red rocket blaze over Cape Canaveral
You've been a father to me, your 1960s speak
Give me comatose joy like re-run TV
While the mountainside was shining
Wild colors of my destiny

I watched your face age backwards
Changing shape in my memory
You taught me victory's sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

Hey, hey, hey mother interstate
Can you deliver me from evil
Make me honest, make me wedding cake
Atone, I will atone

Wait, wait, wait mighty outer space
All that flying saucer terror
Made me lazy, drinking lemonade
A waste, it just went to waste

Like the freon cold out the hotel door
Or the white rocket fade over Cape Canaveral
You've been a daughter to me, your buried shoebox grief
I felt your poltergeist love like Savannah heat
While the waterfall was pouring
Crazy symbols of my destiny

I watched your face die backwards
Little baby in my memory
You told me victory's sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

And you don't judge me
That's not your style
But I won't see you for a little while
And there's no worries, oh Lord, who's got time
All these changes gonna fill your mind

Like the citrus glow off the old orange grove
Or the red rocket blaze over Cape Canaveral
It's been a nightmare for me, some 1980's greed
Gives me parachute dreams like old war movies
While the universe was drawing
Perfect circles for infinity

I watched the stars get smaller
Tiny diamonds in my memory
I know that victory is sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

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Oberst, Conor Cape Canaveral Comments
  1. D B T O O C L E A N

    Jojo part 6 reference?

  2. Cesar Vizcaino

    This artist is underrrsted

  3. Nicola Bliemeister

    so nice

  4. Francesca Remick

    I think he is one of the finest lyricists in the world

  5. Tommy Coyle

    i have no idea what this song is about. but somehow i get what its about too...takes a great songwriter to do that!

  6. Casey

    "Like the citrus glow off the old orange grove" beautiful

  7. Nesawesome Fortnite

    you dont jug me its just i but i wont see u for a little while

  8. theflores226

    I love you grandma

  9. Massimo Favaro

    I used to listen to this song every night a month ago, after waking up sweating and all tachychardic because of the surgery I had. I was feeling so so bad and I couldn't calm down the first time this happened. Until I discovered another Conor's piece of art .

    evan water

    Trust me how much i detox to these songs. wild times i won't type. stay well

    Massimo Favaro

    You too, I wish you all the best :)

  10. Cold November

    conor played this at the last show i went to. while it was playing, some dudes in a fight next to me almost broke my knee! ahh, memories.

  11. Nic Pete

    It's an absolute travesty that such talented songwriters can remain underground and can never get as much exposure as convicted child molesters with a giant '69' tattooed on his face, Or a high school dropout who says "Gucci Gang" 147 times in a row and gets a 10 million dollar record deal.... Anyways, Great song.


    He isn't a convicted child molester...STOOPID


    It just went, to waste
    Like the freon cold out the hotel door...

    I love how this man paints a picture. It reminds me of the days I lived in Cocoa Beach...

  13. flakRatty

    the whole song is sweet but when conor takes a step back to the big picture with "While the universe was drawn
    Perfect circles form infinity" it literally teared me up what a pull, thanks conor.

    father fiend

    flakRatty I've been listening to Conor and Bright eyes for ten years and I never made that connection. And I've listened to both songs several times. Crazy!! Thanks!!

  14. paolo sibilio

    great song

  15. Ethan Viera

    What are the sounds at 2:02 ?

  16. B. Henderson

    Why did Conor become so irrelevant? He was a gem. People barely pay attention now.

    Josh Ward

    B. Henderson They do tho

  17. Russell Leadbitter

    I love this song!
    as well as this one:
    Sarah Harmer I love you!

  18. C J

    Was looking at the sky above cape canaveral when this came on the radio. Bittersweet memories of 10 years past back in California were on my mind.

  19. adlee42

    This song hypnotizes me.

  20. Lookpla Palalee

    Your song always save my life , how to wrote fucking beautiful song haha :)

  21. Joseph Sheckells

    Flying saucer terror made me lazy drinking lemonade omg Conor Oberst makes me want to slap my face

  22. Joseph Sheckells

    While the mountain side was shining crazy pictures of my destiny

  23. paul spillane

    I love this song and the fantastic lyrics!

    "I watched the stars get smaller
    Tiny diamonds in my memory
    I know that victory is sweet
    Even deep in the cheap seats"

  24. curtis slepica


  25. pirjopauli


  26. Jon Vogel

    Yep found this after reading the breakup texts... love it

  27. Jon Vogel

    Yep found this after reading the breakup texts... love it

  28. Zage13

    who saw this after reading those funny breakup text?

    Megan Perkins

    Omg!!!!!! Me!!!!!!!!!! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤘



    Jack Birley

    Gold leader standing by

    Ciara Mannion

    From the mike fox video

  29. Jan Kilian

    wow I stumbled by accident about it searching for test vehicle 3 but I love it

  30. John S

    1980's greed, not grief

  31. Flinch Fu

    Victory is sweet even in the cheap seats...

    MrRight James

    best line in any song. stunning.

  32. David

    These lyrics are gold

  33. Xavier Lambert


  34. fluffheadish

    love this song. conor you complete me

    April Francis

    fluffheadish 😊

  35. PheeCates

    It's actually "give me comatose joy like re-run T.V."

  36. Anawn Amos

    Fuck google.

    Sean McDonald

    Right on!

  37. other39201

    I JUST CAME..........................APART.

  38. Zack Lee

    your an idiot. first off conor oberst is way better than modest mouse in all ways, musically, lyrically. second, he can play the guitar better than you. nuff said.


    Zack Lee ok... I love them both. In completely different ways. But they both have saved me. Also, it's wise to not call someone an idiot when incorrectly spelling the word "you're" in addressing them ;)

  39. Elliot Burch

    Right now I'm in college in WA, the first time I've spent any substantial amount of time away from my home state of Florida. When this came on Pandora and I first heard Cape Canaveral and orange groves the nostalgia was unavoidable.

  40. mikayla kubacko

    home. ♥ c:

  41. xP3RF3KT10N

    jesus fucking christ, what a beautifully written song.

  42. cheesynips

    i have some shoelaces tatoo on my stomach (i will be grateful for this day). Feels Goodman.

  43. Chris Nowicki

    Thats a really good tat idea! and an amazing song. ha one of my favorites for sure

  44. holyhoops16

    i have "Easy/Lucky/Free" tattooed down my side! :)

  45. Evan Apke

    Comatose joy like re-run TV

  46. Lucia Wataghin


  47. simplegrl11589

    beautifull lyrics

  48. Jimmy C

    I've seen this photo numerous times but I just finally noticed the girl in the background.

  49. Chris Nowicki

    i want to get "victory is sweet even deep in the cheap seats" as a tattoo. either that or "show some kindness to a petty thief." everyone should check out my cover of this song and tell me if its any good :)

    yessy lebarrio

    Either tattoo would be tight

  50. Thomas Cofer

    @thenewmethod Hahaha, agreed. Like I said, I really like Modest Mouse and I can admit it.

  51. Thomas Cofer

    @andrewptob I like Modest Mouse, but lyrics aren't even really their strong suit. There's plenty better lyricists out there right now, and since Dylan.

  52. jakereynolds123

    So, this was weird. I took a day trip to chill in cocoa beach got lost ended up in Cape Canaveral of course thought of this song. Then while exploring the town saw a hotel/inn called Four Winds. Thought it was kinda funny.

  53. YoseMiteEmery

    2:02 those sounds... they did not add those...

  54. brandon robbins

    You need to fix your lyrics. "Give me comatose joy like we're on tv."

    Nick Prioletti

    It's definitely re-run tv

  55. aisha perino

    @sleepyduo37 Hell no.

  56. Luke Lackore

    i was born in cape canaveral

  57. Steve Thomas

    @andrewptob I agree with Elliott Smith...Modest Mouse takes a backseat to Smith and Oberst though.

  58. AOB

    @CalliDem Apparently you don't listen to Moest Mouse or Elliott Smith. ; )

  59. Ivan Snickleweed

    Love it. Very lyrical.