OB O'Brien - Hazelton Trump Lyrics

It's everywhere, don't run from it...
Go towards it, It is your friend...

[Verse 1 - OB O'Brien:]
Uh, I know this girl, I call her Hazelton Trump
She dates them boys that wrap them things up in their trunk
She'd date that rapper that'd be hot for like that month
She'd date that baller, she be clappin' when he dunk
Uh, He'll just take her out to lunch
She make the checklist, get her whatever she want
And she yours...
Yeah, Oh Lord
Waiting on your ass naked, all fours
Wow, And when you're bored
She get a girl and let you fuck it and record

[Hook x2 - Nicki Minaj:]
Fuck it and record
Fuck it and record
Fuck it and record
Fuck it and record

[Verse 2 - OB O'Brien:]
All my women friends got benefits, they do
I'm on a pill that make me feel like I'm on Limitless, it do
I'm on that right after September shit
And she know I'm on that right before November hits, OVO
I pay my dues, it's paying dividends, it do
I mean I might make some money on some different shit
But back to the matter at hand
I'm in Montreal but it's looking like it's Cannes
Bitch you know that it's a movie, Yeah, I don't understand
Voulez-vous WHAT? She talkin' bout bandz
Do they do WHAT? Wow, well, God damn
Thought about for a minute and I pass it to my man
And I heard they let him

[Hook x2 - Nicki Minaj]

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OB O'Brien Hazelton Trump Comments
  1. james minney

    If ob did some more music that would be lit

  2. Derek Godin

    this shit is fire... if it was drake on the vocals its a top 10 hit. ob obrien needs to come back

  3. strong back nah play

    millz ft fro and ob obrien (cocky)

  4. George Saenz

    songs dope but I liked it better when I thought ob was black

    Dylan Zook

    George Saenz fuck you

    ray 0

    y u mad

    Dylan Zook

    He's saying just cause he's white it makes it less of a song

    Jay Woppo

    I thought he was black too lmao but his beard makes up for it

    A H


  5. LuxFlowz

    flames smooth ass delivery

  6. k p

    OB the realest👌👌👌👌

  7. royal me

    is he in Ovo sound?

  8. royal me

    is he in Ovo sound?

  9. Raffi Bro

    check out Raffi Bro - Scheming up

  10. Nathan D.

    sounds too much like tiller

    Steez Harvey

    Sounds NOTHING like Tiller. You need some new ears.

  11. Raven Seepie

    Lol I love this song too much tho!♡♡

    Everest McNair

    I know right this shit does go hard

  12. Feelin Froggy

    Lmfao ass

  13. Jasmine Hazelton

    lol really my lastname "Hazelton"


    Damn my last name is trump

    Nate Haselton

    Cool story.

  14. roblox22 11

    Is that nicki??

  15. Ashley R

    Wow, well god damn

  16. SippyCup2010

    Dirty! Any more dope tracks by this artist?

  17. Jackson N

    fckk it & recoooord

  18. A.R Shad

    what is the app of program you use to make this video @ItsATrap

  19. Sign in


  20. nick gartner

    when this dude drops an ep he gonna blow up.

  21. thegrayroc1

    yo ob that shit is weak as fuck you removed all your old shit wheres "hamilton" come on man be real and pay respect and homage to your town,your citys got your back but dont remove the city anthem b

  22. daniel scurvy

    Dude was I fuckng high when I first heard this song??? I could've sworn there was a diff beat


    @daniel scurvy You were high.

    Bethan Dadson

    no same here, I swear there was as well


    @daniel scurvy thats right

    Ian Mendelsohn

    +daniel scurvy there was a diff og beat

    Yasvine Mae

    Listen to it with speakers, it's waaay different

  23. Sergio Zamora Jr

    Fuck it & record ;)

  24. Cory Lopez

    Goes down hard

  25. Artist Andy

    Dope ass song

  26. Emily Conner

    sick af!

  27. OVO Cow


  28. LONJAY

    This shit go so hard

  29. Kyle Jones

    To basic. Needs more confidence

  30. Romaine Ramnal

    this is cool

  31. Kice Kayal

    fuck it and record

  32. boyENZOH

    This song is dope

  33. Ashley Morrissette

    that 'like a girl' ad was pretty inspiring :)

  34. E. mendez

    This shit go hard!

  35. SixOne6ix

    This shit's pretty cool.

  36. jwysz

    song goes hard

  37. jackiaveli

    This is so smooth

  38. Pran Madhusudhan


  39. Steven Freeman

    someone please make this instrumental shit goes in
    love this song 

  40. Tim Müller

    Nice & cool