O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) - My Life Lyrics

she takes it deep to her heart
right from the start
she talks softly over a glass of whine

now and again
she is more than a friend
but don't you just throw me a line

say now it would be great
if she'd dedicate
just a minute from her precious time

said i'll give it a while
but thats not my style
now how is that a crime

everyone says that i'm wild
pardon my french but i still know my child
and that wasn't it
i told her i needed some time from her daddy-o

i began walking
while she was still talkin
lookin for an exit sign

pardon my face
but i am leaving no trace
cause i really haven't got the time

well i began thinking
and my heart is just sinking
looking for a place to go

well isn't it bad
how she'll treats you so bad
and u never really let her know

well everyone says that shes cryin
but i can't forget all the tiem i spent tryin
and that wasn't it
i told her i needed some time from her daddy-o

and i know i know
what it feels like to be alone
i say now i know i know
what it feels like to be at home

i say i like i like
stoping to say hello
said its my life my life my life
why can't we take this slow, why can't we take this slow

why can't we take this slow

now i been thro the phases
and i walked thro the mazes
i'm sick and just a little tired

i'm sure it isn't fair
but i'm not aware
of the patience thats required

if i could have kissed her
everytime that i misses her
i wouldn't be out the door

but now and again
i sure need a friend
now isn't that what shes for

everyone says that i'm lyin
but i can't forget all the times she was cryin
and that wasn't it
i told her i need some time from her daddy-o

and i know i know
what it feels like to be alone
i say now i know i know
what it feels like to be at home

i say i like i like
stoping to say hello
said its my life my life my life
why can't we take this slow, why can't we take this slow

baby take this slow
its my life my life
why can't we take this slow

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O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) My Life Comments
  1. Robert Friedman

    This kind of sounds like Stone Sour - Bother. Am I the only one that hears that?

  2. Raegan Girthoffer

    totally not crying rn 😭😭😭

  3. Lukman Hussain

    Lost my father 3 weeks ago. This song cuts deep 💔👌🏻

  4. shannon ashcroft

    to both my mom and dad that died this year i love u and will miss u both 4 ever

  5. KATHY S.

    This is my morning ritual, these words ring beyond true...I Miss You All The Time Jeremiah..My grief is my own everyday :(

  6. Rose

    I asked mom to leave the room. The priest gave you last rights. I knew I couldn’t bring you home. It’s the only promise I ever broke to you. Pop you left with a piece of my heart leaving your shoes I can not fill. I miss you, all the time... 01-15-2019

  7. Dayna Hicks

    I came across this song on the way home from work today. This song hits home. I tragically lost my identical twin sister 3 months ago. I have lived my entire life with my sister, my other half and my best friend for 36 years. I do not know what I am going to do without her. She was everything to me. We tragically lost our Mother 9 years ago and we somehow got through the pain and sorrow because we had eachother to lean on. Now, I just feel lost that I do not have her here with me to talk me through this to feel what I am feeling, to cry with me. I miss her so much. I am so grateful to have heard this song.

  8. Coconutwater Tatyana

    Ok I don't understand the ending

  9. bai1eygr4y

    home depot

  10. Shari Busa Ortiz

    Tragically lost my brother (54) on August 24th 2018. This song came out right after like it was intended for me. Yes, Joseph, I "miss you all the time." God Bless O.A.R.

  11. Secondhand Wildflowers

    Happy birthday to my son and my love, i miss you all the time. 17 and 45 today you would have been.

  12. Thom Roth

    In loving memory of my friend Jarrett Zilko.

    03/17/1989 - 11/19/2018

  13. Great One

    I miss you Mother and Brother RIP

  14. Patrick

    Suits anyone? , The Best Music! ❤️🇧🇷

  15. Rarejule

    My oldest brother died last year (Dec. 22). It doesn't seem real at times. I heard this song for the first time today. It so describes some of my grief. Music has always been my healer. Thank you for this song.

  16. Viking Gaming

    Is this about the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship

    Really M.

    death of a loved one

  17. Rishabh Kashyap

    From suits TV show

  18. Terri Hernandez

    We had this song played at my niece's funeral one year ago. Jennifer was murdered by her friends ex boyfriend. Miss you jenpen 😭

  19. Christen Himself

    RIP Everett, you were the greatest father figure in my life.

  20. Rod Arnold

    I lost my little girl and my grandson almost a year ago . Their smiles would light up any room . This song is so true you will never be forgotten ❤️💔 I love and miss you both Chasity and Aiden dearly.

  21. Brad Stockton

    I kind of cry you are amazing singing is your talent right because if it is it I don’t know what it is cause that’s the best I’ve ever seen

  22. Victoria Broadfoot

    6 months today my son has been gone. My life will never be the same. #scottieforever21

  23. Andrea Chitonje

    When the song started playing on Suits I started crying...I thought the Litt's wouldn't make it...

    By the way this is how you end a series....G.O.T should have taken notes

  24. Reinhart Alvaro

    One of the most tragic and underrated songs of our generation, remember, this song never charted or got any certifications......

    This is a masterpiece and definitely one of Suits' best insert songs, damn this song is emotional as hell

    "Dedicated to the Suits Family"

  25. Raquel Freitas

    there’s something about this song..... ❤️

  26. Ashutosh Singh

    Suits bring me here
    Great journey with beautiful end ,, but i wanted at end it would be( spectre ross)

  27. Deepak Lifestyle

    harvey one last time

  28. BabyDontClick

    Thank you for this song. I am grieving and it is helping me. Thank you dearly

  29. Sharon Le

    Anyone comes here because of Suits?

  30. Gaming World

    I'm here cuz of suitss 💕💕😭

  31. 82AngelsFan

    383 dislikes on this video. Who the hell would dislike a video of a celebration of life?!?!? A lot of sick individuals in this world. Such a beautiful song!

  32. Linus Rotich

    I heard it first on #suits

  33. Yeasin Ahmed

    Suits finale

  34. Irene Kuo

    Who came here from Suits finale?
    Leave your opinions of the finale below plzz :)
    (SPOILER ALERT! Don't click read more)

    Though I thought the whole season was wrapping everything in a nice bow and many enemies/frenemies became amiable and FRIENDS, I still enjoyed the season. It was too happy, too perfect to be realistic but that's what shows are for haha. I especially loved the last two episodes when Mike, Harvey, and Louis (ofc we can't forget Louis) went at each other in court. And the ending interview HAHAHA all the feels... <3

  35. Sara P

    Who can thumbs down this song...seriously!!!???!!? This song is so beautiful. I love it! The lyrics are amazing.❤️

  36. necolli

    Darvey Wedding ❤️

  37. Isaac Bobonis

    Who heard this song on Suits?

  38. Kausar Alom

    Suits anyone? It's been an emotional ride. 2011-2019 ❤

    mohammed alzahrani

    Kausar Alom yup... still couldn’t get over it

    Amit Rai

    Yea i too came here ,searching for that suit song ..and now i am so much into it.

  39. Veixios

    Who came here after Suits?

  40. Alex Cometa


  41. Beat Fuszion

    Suits finale 😔💖

  42. Deepak Kumar

    Suits Finale :D All the feels! MISS YOU ALL THE TIME

  43. Nurad 23

    Suits finale sent me here!

  44. Gaurav Choudhary

    Suits brought me here..

  45. Deepayan Paul

    SUITS brought me here. Love this song.

  46. putty pudyawuri

    Suits taking me here...

  47. Roberto Luna Camacho

    Suits brought me here great song

  48. Verson Jeanville


  49. Eshan Mohan

    Anyone here after today's suits episode. What a beautiful song for the end of an era.

    Erin Ashley

    I watched it this morning. It made me bawl. Love that show

    Anindita Das

    Me 🙋🏾‍♀️

    Nazeer K.

    They always have an amazing soundtrack.

    Vaibhav Tulsian

    🙋 Suits❤️
    The whole episode was damn too emotional and beautiful and perfect in all sense. It couldn't have been better😍😭❤️

    Phuc N. NGUYEN

    This song in the Suits finale put tears to my face.

  50. Ishaan Malhotra

    Suits Finale brought me here!

  51. Ivy Nyawira

    Thank you Suits.

  52. Optimus Prime

    Suit’s Finale gang where you at?

  53. Iale Passah


  54. hessah

    We will miss you #Suits😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️😭😭❤️

  55. Kyle Clarke

    Suits brought me here

  56. trevor dunn

    Thank you for this❤️

  57. Sue Natewa

    I miss you all the time my little sister, God Rest Your Soul.

  58. Kaven

    Merriweather Post tomorrow night. Home show.

  59. Ben Dover

    Where do they get these FALSE voices from

  60. Brandon Borrego

    RIP jeniy borrego (12-23-1993 to 05-17-2017) miss you my dear wife me and junior will always love you

  61. Brad Henderson

    Miss you cody foster "

  62. jamies broskis 1

    I love this song so much but it does make me sad. It makes me think of my dad who died a year ago😞😔 my mom Introduced me to this song. She loves it❤️ she also went to your concert the other night. Her first bday without my dad is this coming Monday😔 and I’m gonna make her a strawberry cake just like me and my dad did 5 years ago. I hope she loves it🥺

  63. Katie Holland

    This song reminds me of Cameron Boyce (may your soul rest in peace ) 💔

  64. Ring J J

    Timeless for all we love...

  65. dcz1999

    Thank you for this song O.A.R., makes me always think of my Father, gone over 20 years now. I cry every time.

  66. Molly Haag

    Rest In Peace to my Angel
    Rashad Lesure 😇😇

  67. Lauren Anderson


  68. Lauren Anderson

    I read ur comments and cried .I am so sorry for all of your losses

  69. Lindy Bean

    My song to my husband Jake... 12 yrs in love 4 yrs and 2 days together! Till your death did we part... I love and miss you babe! More than you'll ever know😥. I wish I could have saved your life. I tried😢

  70. CateDoge

    Heard this in the gym rn. Nice find.

  71. Nikki Perrault

    This hit me my sister passed away this year july 26 at 5:55 in morning i cried listing to this

  72. Sam Elgore

    May I dedicate this song to my buddy Kraig who died in a motorcycle accident in April. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't cross my mind.. RIP bud.

  73. MoveWise Chiropractic

    Thank you for this song. Makes me remember my friend who died suddenly and unexpectedly. I miss him all the fucking time

  74. Hüseyin Talha BODUR

    I love you my Sun 05.08 😍

    semiha imos

    I love you my earth 💞

  75. Justin Duman

    Your song got on the radio when i was eating at McDonald's

  76. JaxStravig

    This song is amazing. But since I first saw yall at a high-school party it was all about the group. This is over-produced for my longest loved band.

  77. jenn barcume

    I can’t get enough of this song. Missing my uncle dearly. Two months with me went by way too fast. There will never be another like you. Rest easy 💙

  78. JacobB477

    I seriously love this album! It's awesome!

  79. John Kirk

    This song opened my eyes and made me realize how much we take life for granted. Every moment is a gift, never forget that. Hug the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you, because one day you won’t be able to anymore.

  80. Thomas Kane

    This song is to my dad

  81. Cee Magee

    I went looking for a long lost friend who was a drug addict his whole life. I wanted to find his grave so I could visit it. I knew he was dead. To my surprise I found him alive and sober for two years. We speak everyday now. I think of him when I hear this song. Reach out to those you love, so no regrets when they are forced to leave your life one day. Life is beautiful!!!

  82. Dhaniel Sexte

    an Edm remix'?

  83. ronnie lot

    Love this!

  84. Hellou 18

    Just saw you guys last night, was one of my favorite concerts of all time! Can't wait to see you again!!!

  85. Warren Brown

    O.A.R. I found your music back in May 2009. Your first album I listen to was All Sides. Today, your music still awesome! I always reminds me of my high school days growing up with good music. Love you guys! Thanks for making my childhood peaceful. ❤️😊

  86. Caitie Newman

    To my Papa who died from Bladder cancer after exposure from two tours in Vietnam. He was a healthy as a horse and only 63 when he passed. I was only 10 when he passed but I regret not spending more time with him when I was told he was dying. I avoided him at all costs. The night before he passed I had a dream he would die and it happened the next day 3 days before my birthday. Every year is hard to cope with. Me and my family miss him so much.
    R.I.P Robert Earl Newman

  87. john benavides

    my uncle was a big fan and it came out the day he died

  88. Carrie Meents

    My friend just shared this song with me, we both lost our sons to addition - this song speaks to me, absolutely love it <3

  89. XxOffical_Manny xX

    I lost my grandma over about a month ago she died of cancer I miss her all the time and I always thought that I could have done something but I couldn't and neither could you

  90. June Lloyd

    this song speaks me, my dear late husband, miss you all the time

  91. PP Nainggolan

    The intro sounds like Creed.

  92. therealgodfather

    I don’t get the video

  93. Jackie Reis

    This is something my dad would write to my step mom who passed

  94. Ramona Middleton

    Autumn and Jesse I miss you two everyday I hope to see you in Heaven!

  95. David Subat

    His voice takes life's pain and lets it go. When he goes low it's wisdom. Then he takes it up higher and it's a freakin' party after learning something; coming to a new and peaceful resolution through the realization of their songs. (in my humble opinion) I find these guitar slurs particularly sweet. Please come back to Summerfest in Milwaukee. I missed these guys not being in the lineup for 2019. Here's to 2020 and beyond...

  96. Michelle Beuter

    My 1st Mother's day without my youngest son 😭💔 I MISS YOU SON ALL THE TIME 😘

  97. WulffOfTheNorth

    Anyone know a guitar tutorial for this song?

  98. gamer boy

    My grandfathers funeral song