O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) - Love And Memories Lyrics

Lovely, you're always lovely
A vision
You were the one
Now I am stuck inside a memory
You forgot about our destiny
You buried me
Didn't you?
Didn't you?

Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drowning deep inside your sound

You're always floating
A vapor
That I couldn't see
Here I am stuck inside a yesterday
Everything has given way
You fell from me
Didn't you?
Didn't you?

Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drowning deep inside your sound
Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drown in love and memories

Maybe I am a crowded mind
I watch your eyes glaze over
Stared down at the floor
You were amazing to me
I was amazing to you
But here we go again

Didn't you
Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drowning deep inside your sound
Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drown in love and memories

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O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) Love And Memories Comments
  1. Matthew de Paula

    Feels just like 2005. Nostalgia.

  2. Jen L

    I love this song

  3. eniressen eniressen

    Coucou sakura, merciii pour ce top j’ai découvert quelques drama que j’ai pas manqué de noté hehe .
    Alors concernant ma liste de top je te répond un peu de but en blanc sans prendre trop le temps de refflechir mdr
    1 the princess man ( cette année il faut que je le revois)
    2 the untamed ( il le reste 3 épisodes sur 50 mais je sais déjà que c’est un coup de cœur international, l’ost me reviens en tête tous les soirs et l’empêche de dormir oui oui je sais là on dirai une folle mdr)
    3 tra barb see champoo
    4 devil beside you ( obviously mdr)
    5 Coffee prince ( je me le suis refait tellement de fois
    6 answer me 1997
    7 a love to kill
    8 that winter the wind blows
    9 my beautiful bride ( qu’est ce que je l’avais aimé déjà revu 2 fois)
    10 love me if you dare

    Voilà je les ai pas ranger dans l’ordre( et j’en ai encore d’autres mdr) mais les dramas que j’ai indiquer c’est soit des coups de cœur indiscutables soit des dramas comportant des défauts dont je suis consciente mais qui pour moi sont des coups de cœur par ce qu’ils m’ont marqué .

  4. Cristian Eduardo Mamani Liendro

    First comment! From 2020 xD
    Someone more?

  5. Civilian

    This song sounds like I Touch Myself.

  6. TheHolySwordofLight

    Always thought the drummer was the singer. I mean he looked like it was his voice I always heard lol

  7. achi brou

    2019 she's a man again ❤

  8. Anonymous Santa

    Every time I listen to this I am marveled at how amazing the lyrics are like..
    Love me faster that the devil, run me deep into the ground.... perfect

  9. Howitzer6

    Great band at the time until halloween 2009 he said Madison Wi sucks and they never would come back. He was right the band has not come back period lol

  10. Kyra Kły

    2019?? Some one. No. Oke bye


    I'm still here

    SiJo Vi

    Just watched a Family Guy episode where they mentioned O.A.R. and I immediately went to this song ❤

    Living Abstraction

    2020 YOOOOO!!!!!!

    Jen L

    Me to I love oar

  11. Hugh Jass

    Has a late 90's vibe to it

  12. Ana Dilene

    Ammm Matthew Healy?

  13. yonathan sembiring

    duke : if you tell anyone, i'll kick your ass

    hastings : yeah, no. I get your back man, its cool.

    my fav scene.

  14. Danielle Pongracz

    Been one of my favorite songs for many years...

  15. Daron Prusse

    I was just given 2 tickets for tonight's show. After watching this video and listening to this song I threw them in the shred box.

  16. Draggon2003

    The guitar player with the mohawk looks like "Puck" from Glee

  17. Ghala Al - jarallah

    2019 anyone?

  18. dhsbones03

    I’m not going to lie Walmart radio brought me here

  19. Katie Karpovage

    This reminds me of high school

  20. dvlORangl

    Does anyone know an 80s song with the same chords/melody as this chorus? Also the 80s song chorus ends with an "oo hoo hoo hoo"

  21. kayla dazey

    Who is here from their ps2 Singstar game, man I miss that game!!!

  22. V the Creator

    I love the end of this song and how it ends so abruptly. It could have stretched out the last "-ies" but it cuts off. Like how big changes can happen so fast, and so suddenly.

  23. zach_code depression

    His new song miss you all the time is incredible love all his music

  24. syi666

    who's the girl?

  25. Randehmarsh Games

    Only 1.9 million views doh?

  26. Wolf Clan Nation

    This... this song is really one of my favorite songs

  27. Elaine Tabligan

    Still watching she’s the man in 2018 💕

  28. Charity Faith Explores

    My ex would call me @ 3 am and leave me drunk messages singing this song.. He overdosed a year later, makes me think of him😪

  29. Haze

    She’s the man!

  30. Ms Campbell


  31. Brad Stevens

    How do pay these guys? Smokes?

  32. Brad Stevens

    Best song on the internet. Two thumbs up.. hands down.

  33. Harv Potts

    I’m not normally a fan of the 21st century’s music but this song is one of the rare exceptions. It’s a pretty legit tune

  34. cheeseball 47

    Anybody here because they just have a good taste in music?? 😂

    Mickey Winters

    Nope :D

  35. Lanie And Max

    This is from She’s the man

  36. bdh70

    Dude in the mohawk is kinda hot though

    cheeseball 47

    bdh70 they all kinda hot tho bahahaha

  37. Brad Sanders

    So Lee Harvey Oswald not only wasn't killed but went on to sing for OAR

  38. Edward Pino

    Who knew the Olympic Athletes from Russia had great songs like this?!?

  39. Doug Davis

    I'm here because of fastfood franchise music playlist

  40. marz

    Why is this stuck in my head and why do I keep listening

  41. Noon


  42. Sophie Bethell

    She's the man bought me here

    jeff dubuque

    hearing it in my local radio back in the day bought me here.

  43. Gabriela Fox

    OAR will sound be better live...studio versions SUCK! If you like this song, listen to it from their Madison Square Garden concert. It sounds so much better!!

  44. james martin

    148 people dunno what love and memories are


    she's the man :)

  46. James Totman

    Just saw them in concert with Train. They put on a great show and I hope they come back around soon.

  47. Ian Wells

    grew up listening to this band and man I'm glad I listened to stuff like this and not what most kids listened too

  48. Chad Gordon

    amanda bynes is her heyday

  49. ssesf Movies

    She's the man!

    Jen L

    What dose that mean she's the man

  50. di Laurentis

    Faster than the devil❤

  51. D Mint

    good song :)

  52. Theresa

    Love this song. It always takes me back to a memory of a former love that I can't quite put my finger on. Very strange feeling

    Brandon Beatty

    Me too. Lol

  53. Avery

    Only like the first 16 seconds tbh

  54. Lava Creeper Gamer

    What a great song!

  55. Amanda Mincheff

    When OAR was still rad.

  56. Dusti Meade

    How come when I watch this video I think they look like an all fireman garage band that just do this when the alarm isn't ringing?

  57. Best Gaming

    My favorite song is love and memories and check out m channel just started so I need support

  58. Bob Ross

    This is gay

  59. Elle Lamb

    Love the way Marc looks into the camera on the close-ups while he is singing this song, wow! :)

  60. space aphid

    God damn dude how many guitar players do you need??


    4. 5 preferred but 4 will do.


    asked lynyrd skynyrd

  61. lanier1000

    Total trash. Christ, this sucks.

    zendaya poop

    shut up

    Famous YouTuber

    +lanier1000 great song.

    Mark Strong

    +lanier1000 fucking hate kids today, you're all brain dead

    Famous YouTuber

    +Mark Strong what do you mean? your the one that sounds stupid right now.

  62. Lucids

    1:10 do u even vape

    Jon Phillips

    You beat the internet

  63. Della Simone

    When I was younger, I would play Singstar (Remember when that was a thing?) with my family and I would always do this one.

    Elaina Seawick

    Della Simone yup sing star is where I first heard this song

  64. KTC Logic

    forget what you heard this song from either from a movie or show

    just shut up and enjoy the music

    Hannah Gadbois

    I absolutely refuse to stop thinking about she's the man

    Michelle Stella

    +Hannah Gadbois i agree with KTC Logic but your comment is awesome 😂


    haha agreed

  65. Dominic Joy

    She's the Man training scene, anybody?

    Gabrielle Martin

    Yessss omfg


    yepp :) love this scene :)


    @Charlys Cardozo maybe more :D

  66. Alex H

    I'm only here because I heard their name on Family Guy!

  67. Call_Me_Rhee

    all the memories the good the bad and the ugly i want them back! that is the best part of this song in the live version

  68. Ava Spaulding

    this was my moms favorite song when I was younger and I'm 14 and still remember every word like this song defines my childhood 😍😍👌


    @Cody Cousineau it is in Colorado. it is the most amazing place ever ! the concert is today at 6;00 i just have to wait a few hours till the concert starts but i cant contain my excitement


    defines your childhood? You were 2 or 3 when it came out.

    Ava Spaulding

    And I listened to it through out my entire childhood I still do there for what I said is completely accurate


    That’s the exact same thing for me but I’m 13

    Jehanzeb Saleem

    I visit this comment everytime I listen this song.

  69. locksmith sone

    I really love she's the man till now and it brought me here

  70. Thomas Mitchell

    I don't like to be negative... but I kind of signed up with multiple accounts just to comment on how awful this song is while I was searching for good indie videos. I mean... this is bad... just... awful...

    Andrew Roberge

    Hey bud just leave then and show everyone how awful your taste in music is. This is my cousin you're talking about singing here. True story everyone.

  71. Danny Lang

    My aunt used to play this all the time when she babysat me. I loved it but didnt know anything like the lyrics or the title. I just knew the running into the ground and drowning in water part but i was just looking around and that was a recommendation thing and i clicked it and i was so confused for a second and then i realized.

    Kaylag Apodaca

    Quick iiiqiiiwiiwosooaooooossooioioaoaOaooaaoooàkkdoideoooodsoosiiiieeeww

  72. Jayanti Widya


  73. Grasshopper 1

    wonderful...keep up the great music love it.....

  74. Mikołaj Adamczyk

    I have seen O.A.R. first time yesterday during All-Star Game with that song. Actually it brings all good memories of my childhood. Brilliant Chorus ;)


    Same here!

    Charlys Cardozo

    yes me too!!! i love this song!!!

  75. Mario Kirchsteiger

    gosh i love this track so much

  76. Marc Roberge

    Sounds great! 

    ばか ーくん

    do you mean the song or a commet

  77. Choose Kindness

    So how does it end????  Did they breakup or makeup???


    They had sex. Duh.


    Stop lying. They met on Facebook.

  78. SlowlyTurtle

    Anyone here from she's the man?

    Disha ·

    M here coz' I got hooked on to this song while watching She's the man. :-)

    Tyler Darr

    SlowlyTurtle yes

    Jovana Atanasjevic

    SlowlyTurtle yesss

    Natalie Wilby-Milnes

    Yep 😂

    achi brou

    Yes she's a man 2019 again !!

  79. alx88chef

    I saw them live at the All Star Game pre-game party.  They were great!

  80. ffgew22

    Just saw these guys 7/12 - Sound great live.

  81. Yellowfang213

    I love this song!

    Rachel Bergren

    So do I! This band doesn't get enough love or airplay. 

  82. warriorgirl126

    This song takes me back!

  83. Karen Stickney

    I wonder if Marc is related to my ex-boyfriend, who shares his last name.

  84. Surrosh

    i miss oar i'm so glad they're back #2014andstillafan #loveoar   #loveandmemories  

  85. trey burke

    figured this would have more views


    i like his voice..

  87. TheProblem2012

    What's the point of the NES on top of the TV in 1:08 ?
    If they split up, I want that.

  88. Caleb O

    Did anyone just watch shes the man on tv

  89. Rae Dennison

    Love the accent but the only song of theirs I know is shattered...

  90. AltFreak25

    l love that movie!!!!! l've already watched it about 5+ times.

  91. ZeroSilence91

    Did you enjoy the movie?

  92. AltFreak25

    l just finished watching that. l love O.A.R.!!!!!!! l saw them live in fall of '09 and met one of them who was really nice.

  93. ConArdist

    Probably good shit.

  94. ConArdist

    The lyrics are completely vague. Anyone who thinks that they can interpret them is wrong.

    cheeseball 47

    ConArdist it actually makes a lot of sense?

  95. 9905kk

    You're an idiot smallpox.

  96. ConArdist

    What did I say doesn't exist? The lyrics just are just gibberish.