Oakes, Ryan - Still Drinking Lyrics

[Alexa Lusader:]
Ooh, yeah
I can't stop drinking about you
I'm losing my mind every night I stay up
And I'm thinking about you
I'm drowning in my head I'm trying to tread
But I'm sinking without you
When I look at what's coming I just wanna run
Cause I think he's without you
I can't stop drinking about you

[Ryan Oakes:]
Its hard believing that we're still over
So my writing spills over
All of this paper as I've been sitting in this guilt sober
My highs are still lower
All the pain is built over
All of the love that had me drunk but now I'm hungover
Head to that fridge
I pour it up and I binge
I'm hoping that it burns the bridge
That's been making me sick
My friends will tell me to quit
But when it touches my lips
I feel the way you made me feel for just a rush and a glimpse
I know that shit is really sad
People think I'm going mad
Tryna go and chase a part of me that already has passed
Every cup that I have been drinking
Really couldn't change the fact
That I don't ever think that you'll be coming back I throw it back, like

[Alexa Lusader:]
I can't
I can't stop drinking about you
I'm losing my mind every night I stay up
And I'm thinking about you
I'm drowning in my head I'm trying to tread
But I'm sinking without you
When I look at what's coming I just wanna run
Cause I think he's without you
I can't stop drinking about you

[Ryan Oakes:]
Now I feel a little tipsy
Yeah, I've been drunk off all the Whiskey
Feeling risky, shoot a text to you
I'm hoping that you miss me
But I quickly realize the second that you didn't hit me back
That there isn't a future moment that you'll be there with me
So I cop another round, another drink I'll probably drown
It sure been feeling like it lately
Ever since you're not around
I hope that whatever you looking for, you finally fucking found
Because I got to start my search again another couple down
Now I'm face down on my bed
Running circles through my head
Tryna figure out a fucking way that I can learn to tread
I hope you're happy that you left
Now I'm hanging by a thread
Pouring out all of the shit I wished I said I swear to God I can't stop

[Alexa Lusader:]
I can't stop drinking about you
I'm losing my mind every night I stay up
And I'm thinking about you
I'm drowning in my head I'm trying to tread
But I'm sinking without you
When I look at what's coming I just wanna run
Cause I think he's without you
I can't stop drinking about you

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Oakes, Ryan Still Drinking Comments
  1. きSukiVisuals


  2. Keith Mayfield

    Love this! I was great!

  3. Mayur zade

    thats deep bro 💗

  4. きSukiVisuals

    Underrated asf

  5. Kevin Munro

    Fuck you, you bit of Witt you fucking sellout!

    Enjoy getting your shit taken down asshole

  6. Brandon Comtois

    Anyone know where I can find this beat it's too fire

  7. aj andrews

    Guys untouchable. Really needs more popularity in my eyes

  8. adaml209

    Wow..... nough said

  9. Justin Schwab

    Who did drinking without you first was it Ryan or Witt

  10. CTAPE

    diggin this track bro dope flow!! btw Keep it up Bro!

  11. Yetti Man

    Seriously tho ryan why are you so under appreciated?

  12. adaml209

    18 dislikes....... seriously?

  13. Aidan ninelives

    I just saw a comments saying Witt lorwy did better with this song but you did way better

  14. maria jose penha dos santos penha

    PLSs more musics Like THIS

  15. emily crybaby

    I LOVE THIS SONG <3 7w7 thank you Ryan good work

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  17. Graeme Edmund

    Seems like it took a page out of witt lowry's "Like I do" but its still fire

  18. Archer Boy

    Is it just me or does the chorus sound like Witt Lowry-Like I do.

    AJ's Garage

    Pretty sure this is the dude that Witt is always talking about and saying that he is trying to sound like him. I've found two of his other songs that actually match up exactly with Witt...


    Ryan Oakes does it better


    this chorus is used in at least 5 songs, even chainsmokers used it.

  19. Kendra Wilson

    Hitting that like button when it's only half way 🔥🔥

  20. Supher

    Found you in the comments of a music video of OCD. Luckily I clicked on your channel, keep it up! This is niceeeeeeeeeeeee!

  21. YK JOKES

    I relate to this a lot right now. And I don't know how to think about how to handle what is going on with me. Like I'm going to start crying. And I can't stop thinking about her. And it hurts

  22. NgNl_ ZERO

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  23. Stuff and Things

    You must to do a song with “witt lowry”

    Stuff and Things

    Btw love all your song you still number one 😉

  24. Amy Ellen Official

    I love your music 😊

  25. Kyle H

    Deserve to 100x your subs, for real bruh

  26. TRQT

    Finally got a new phone Ryan set the last one on fire and God damn now this one is smoking again thanks ryan

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    Love it :)

  28. Mago

    Wow this is so good, just clicked through some of your music vids and your flow and lyrics are so good, gonna get some sleep and listen to your music in loooooooooooop

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  30. LonelyPlatinumGirl

    I really love the song, and I feel a little inspiration of 'Like I Do' by Witt. like man, chorus is like a big big inspiration. but still, this shit is fucking good, thanks for this.

  31. The Obviouslylynux

    Love this song so much!!! Back with the fire!!

  32. Anthony xpl

    I like it!!!

  33. Lyrical!

    Love it, amazing work man

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!

  34. Wehhel

    Your songs are so good, but why have shit rappers more views and subscribers than that you have.
    You are a example for everybody!

  35. Jay Kelly

    Wonder song bro

    Ryan Oakes

    thanks g

  36. Angel Silva

    Wow the sequel of drinking about you I love IT!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥now let’s wait till the next music video keep up the hard work RYAN 🔥🔥🔥

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    Legend legend man

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    Your one of few decent rappers keep it up, found your music a hour ago and love all your songs ive heard, you have a future here keep it up

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    Been hyped about the release of this for ages, absolutely love it man and oh that merch comp would be nice ;)

  40. poesia reprimida

    I'm in love 😍😍😍

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    You posted this 12:00 PM in my time. I'm STILL DRINKING at that time. Sorry if Im late.
    Keep it up Ryan!

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  43. Music Ønly

    7 months down the drain. Rip 12-15-16


    You know what you are killing me Mann !! You are damn best rapper seriously I swear I really wanna meet you , HELL YEAHHHH !!!

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!

  45. EL MisteRo KanisteRo

    this is music... amazing ^-^

    Ryan Oakes

    glad you dig it

  46. Steven

    Holy fuck I remember leaving comments when you had a few hundred subs saying you were gonna blow (I think it was on still burning) damn you’re actually blowing up now that’s lit man, keep it up🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


    What happened to that track? It was a banger and I can’t find it

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    Love, Alexa


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    Ryan Oakes

    me too!

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    I really hope we all explode on the exact same day so that the world will come to complete stop for a moment. Keep it up brotha!

    Ryan Oakes

    facts b

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    Fire Ryan 🔥 her voice compliments yours keep it up

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!!

    Love, Alexa

    thanks courtney :)

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    Ryan Oakes

    glad you dig it homie

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    This is fucking amazing man. everything a sequel should be and more

    Ryan Oakes

    preciate it!!

    Mzee Wanungwi

    Ryan Oakes xx

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    Again a great song by Ryan Oakes.. 😢i feel sad that you are not famous keep up the work because you will be big once💗

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    Such a RapGod! Love it!

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!!

  55. a french rider

    This is soooo good. I was impatient to listen to it and I'm not disappointed 😍 Good job🙌🏻

    Ryan Oakes

    im glad you like it :)

    Love, Alexa

    happy you dig!!

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    Ryan Oakes

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    Ryan Oakes

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    Ryan Oakes

    preciate it fam

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    This is amazing been listening to you forever. ❤👆

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you :D

    Lauren Johnson

    +Ryan Oakes No Problem ❤

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    Man this shit making my dick hard lol. damn man this shit is fucking raw!

    Ryan Oakes

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    Ryan Oakes

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    You are too amazing man.
    Keep it up.
    one love

    Ryan Oakes

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    Ryan Oakes

    thank you :)

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    Ryan Oakes

    soon!!! lets hope

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    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!

    Jackie Chan

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