Oakes, Ryan - Dead LA Lyrics

It's Ryan Oakes
Where's the blow at?

Post nasal drip
While you try to get a grip
Spend a thousand on a fifth
For a thousand on a pic
Life a bitch but you rich
Cop a Grammy, watch it drift
Homie even on vacation
You the type to go and trip

You a trust fund baby
With nobody you can trust
All your friends are all your enemies
And that's the deepest cut
I can see it in your face
I'm the type to call your bluff
You addicted to this shit
And you could never get enough

Why don't you call your best friends
And let's have a party (Grab the weed, grab the Jack)
Full of all the people so close
They know you only (We can front it all, [?])

I don't think that I wanna die in LA
I just pray that I make it home safe
And if that's the cost for the money and fame
Then that's a price that I'm not gonna pay

'Cause all I met all my idols, they're fucking lame
Everybody I looked up to is fucking fake
So I don't think that I wanna die in LA
And give these people a heart they'll just break

Look at all my friends
Look at all my friends
They're all superficial
Rich kids who follow trends
Look at all my friends
Look at all my friends
None of them will be there
For me in the end

I know your type
You just follow the hype
Post a pic and get likes
With your friends you don't like
At the party all night
With Bacardi and lines
But when shit's on your mind
Then there's hardly a line

Then you said look for help
Drop a bag, fuck your wealth
On a fad, you can brag
But you still hate yourself
Sipping on the top shelf
Until nothing is felt
Tell yourself that you're fine
We all know you ain't well
You need help

I don't think that I wanna die in LA
I just pray that I make it home safe
And if that's the cost for the money and fame
Then that's a price that I'm not gonna pay

'Cause all I met all my idols they're fucking lame
Everybody I looked up to is fucking fake
So I don't think that I wanna die in LA
And give these people a heart they'll just break

Look at all my friends
Look at all my friends
They'll give me more attention
If I cop a Benz
Look at all my friends
Look at all my friends
None of them will be there
For me in the end

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Oakes, Ryan Dead LA Comments
  1. Spekraz MystenerM

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Corruptedburnz

    This song is gonna stick with me just like Two Tone Rebel did

  3. Shane Bivens

    Plank in the background...lol



  5. Sebastian Kofler

    Underrated as fuck

  6. PU TIN

    On repeat bro...best producer for me

  7. Ruth Attard

    What an amazing song xxx


    You fucking rock man, keep doing you.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. AECaniff

    Amazing song but it bugs me that he doesn't match the intensity of the vocals in the video.

  10. oxby

    The Story of Plank-Life After "Ed,Ed and Eddie"

  11. Marquet Vic

    you are so underrated it's a chame. keep up the good work
    i hope i will see you some day

  12. Christian Stein

    Great Track keep it up :D

  13. VadeeMK

    ForRealRap- “Unblock me and lets talk”

  14. Ryan MLG King

    I listen to all of your songs everyday

  15. Ryan MLG King

    New Sub

  16. JazzyIsGarbage

    this song is some of the realest shit, made me realize a lot of my friends probably aren't my real friends

  17. Cayden Anderson

    Man Ryan your music is amazing this song hit me hard. It made me think about my life and the people I hang with thanks, man. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

  18. P-Production Music

    I like your Music.You are a great artist.Greetingz from Berlin,Germany

  19. fro G

    Big fan bro !
    #Ryan oakes

  20. cosmin -d

    Concerts in Europe when? (Peace from Romania)

  21. AnthonyAlampis videos

    love the song nice beat

  22. Conszcious

    Why can't I buy this on Google music? Is it cause it's on the album? Do you see any revenue from Google music?

  23. David McFarland

    Nooooo where’s mr beast

  24. OH-Musically / Ohio Musically

    Great new song Ryan! Loved it. #EricaEve of #OHMusically

  25. Foxxy

    I love you, your music is awesome and never stop! You deserve so much more attention really! <3

  26. Potatoes Yay

    Don't worry about the 5 dislikes. Those are my neighbors.

  27. Navetsh

    Remember me here before 100k

  28. Sherria McGregor

    we stan😍❤️ love you Ryan !!

  29. Hane Agario

    Ryan your doing coke now? Damn, I’m disappointed and ashamed. I always listened to your music and got so motivated because you were always on your own with everything, and we have that same self motivated mindset, and you were clean and now I don’t know what to think. My motivation collapsed in on himself against the one thing that motivated him and made him him ultimately, and caused your fame. I’m personally hurt

    Ryan Oakes

    Limited Agario you’re honestly dumb as hell if you think I do cocaine. This entire video is satire making fun of people who live in la.

    Hane Agario

    Ryan Oakes I’m joking with you, no shit you don’t do coke😂

    Alex Comins

    @Ryan Oakes bit harsh

    Ryan Oakes

    @Hane Agario wrong time lol mad people complained about this and i snapped my b

  30. Japper 187erz

    support you from Japan🇯🇵🔥🔥🔥

  31. Draft_ KZ

    Anyone else barely search him up beacuae "Goblins From Mars-Glowd up(ft.Ryan Oakes??

  32. Brad Sier

    0:13 My boy plank made it in the video,thanks for adding him in Ryan.

  33. Chris Kuso

    What shoes are you wearing? They're nice; I'm all about white shoes. Great song btw

  34. Mark Alexander Kell

    Still can't understand why you haven't hit charts with this masterpiece

  35. Steve Fury

    this is so awesome. you really make some of the best music

  36. Necwo

    Ayyyeeeee Ryan is back with another great stuff! Keep it up my dude!

  37. Aaron Southall

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥 dope song keep it up cant wait for album

  38. Diogo Santos

    ur a god bro keep it up ;D

  39. Casey Allen

    What happened to the ryan rapping check and energy

  40. Lord Beerus and Whis

    Been streaming this since it came out just one question when is the next album going to available for purchase

  41. J-Izzy


  42. Shawn Solozano

    Looking good man

  43. Heyo Witteveen

    Favorite underrated artist :D!

  44. GingeCast 2017

    now i wanna die in LA lfmao

    Love ya ryan your music is exellent <3

  45. Aidan Ninelives

    My ear buds broke so it took me a day to listen to this

  46. Nowshad Shpavel

    Keep it up boss @ryan the man awsome as always ..

  47. El Kraki

    King 💓💓👊👏💪💪💪On est ensemble

    Ryan Oakes


    El Kraki

    +Ryan Oakes My IDOL 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏

  48. lxDarkSoulxl

    Fucking amazing!

  49. Jake Setterlun

    Damn this heat

    Ryan Oakes

    thanks jake

  50. Odxi Esports

    They keep getting better can't wait for the future 1m subs one day hopefully this or next year

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!!!!

  51. SkylerXV

    one of the best!

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!

  52. Miami Yasin

    Bro. You are the one! <3

  53. Lord Beerus and Whis

    God i am always happy when you drop a song or even a music video to a song that is already out cuz it is all amazing keep up the good work and you will have me as a fan forever

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you so much!!!

    Lord Beerus and Whis

    Of course

  54. Netto Montanha

    More music like "missed calls" and "energy".

  55. Angel Silva

    LOVE this SONG!!!🔥 🔥

    Ryan Oakes

    Thank you angel!

  56. memento


    Ryan Oakes


  57. Steve Cafmeyer

    Spit your 🔥 brother

    Ryan Oakes

    gotchu steve

  58. A L A

    I like your music bro ❤️ !

    Ryan Oakes


  59. pallav goel

    And tommorow i am going to go for a party with buddies how ironical me listening it even knowing so may be i know the worst already so i aint no afraid

    Ryan Oakes

    naw go have fun!

  60. Lezpodstol

    hi Ryan though I do not understand what you read but listen to you constantly, good luck to you , sorry for my bad English. From Russia

    Ryan Oakes

    lmaooo ur awesome

  61. Officialy_Lex

    Is that Plank from "Ed, Edd and Eddy"?? Is it?!

    Ryan Oakes

    it absolutely is

  62. Schutting Stars

    Happy birthday to me

    Ryan Oakes


    Schutting Stars

    Ryan Oakes Thanks homie 💯

  63. Dutchi

    I LOVE this song!!! Alot! 💫🙌💫💓

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!

  64. Abdullah Naseer

    From the latest songs released these years, this is the best <3

    Lyrics :p

    Look at all my friends Look at all my friends
    they all superficial bitches
    you follow trends ,
    look at all my friends look at all my friends,
    none of them will be there anytime,
    I know your type
    You just follow the hype
    Post a pic and get likes
    From friends you don’t like
    At the bar you like
    With your bhuggati and lines
    But With shades on yo mind
    Then there’s a hole in yo line

    Then you sad
    Look for help
    Drop a bag
    Fuck you wealth
    On a fag
    You brag
    But you still hate yourself

  65. John_d 31

    This song describes why I like your music so much, nonconforming and relatable. Keep it up man!

    Ryan Oakes

    much love john!

  66. Kawaii Amy

    I stayed up until 5am to listen to this and have had this on repeat since. I love it.

    Ryan Oakes

    thats gang right there

  67. Double-V Beatz

    I Love it when u rap more Ryan ..
    Like in Energy 💪

  68. Wafflenova

    big dead

    Ryan Oakes

    much dead very ghost

  69. DLN Max

    Dope as usuall 🔥🔥

    Ryan Oakes

    much love

  70. Connor Taylor

    Been here since you collabed with goblin and every song has a fucking banger!!! Love you man please never sell out. Keep the real music alive. Because you're one of the people who still does it!✌

    Ryan Oakes

    hell yeah!

  71. The Addication

    Your songs are just awesome

    Ryan Oakes

    i see you commenting on hella videos, thank you my g.

  72. SeVen Swag

    Fire 🔥

    Ryan Oakes

    much love!!!

  73. PNi KiNG


    Ryan Oakes


  74. Chris Lopez

    "All your friends are your enemies, that's the deeper cut." That's real.

    Ryan Oakes

    had to do it to em

  75. ZPGMOD Zachary Gutirrez

    This is why there were fake drugs am I right


    Ryan Oakes for legal reasons

  76. I give ur mum my peen

    Don't forget me Ryan I've been here since under 4k when you were making songs that you have taken down now, you should bring back the live streams when you have time ♥

    Ryan Oakes

    MUCH LOVE!!!!

  77. Abir Hasan

    "All my idols are fucking lame, Everybody I look up to is fucking fake" "Look at all my friends, None of them will be there for me in the end" damn tuff words

  78. Eclipse music

    Fire as always

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!!

  79. ibeastin

    Dang Oakes 😭🔥🔥💯

    Ryan Oakes

    had to spazz on em

  80. Daniel Bignoux

    Awesome bro!

    Ryan Oakes

    thanks daniel!

  81. anna garcia

    RYAN 🔥🔥

  82. ACac 2233

    This shit is a banger

  83. hades

    Great song
    Good job ryan
    Keep up the great work

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!


    @Ryan Oakes love from greece!

  84. Livah Luvah


  85. Chase D.

    Also that spot with the city in the background is really pretty. Ik you've used it in other music videos but I like it

    Ryan Oakes

    yeah i love it! if you couldn't tell lol

  86. Jeremiah Jackson

    This was the preview from your first live stream good work 🔥🔥

    Ryan Oakes

    much love!

  87. Chase D.

    What do you think Ariana Grande is doing rn?

    Chase D.

    Omg that was so good dude 🙂

    I give ur mum my peen


    Chase D.

    @I give ur mum my peen thanks m9

    Ryan Oakes

    day dreaming of a collab with her fav artist ryan oakes

    Chase D.

    @Ryan Oakes she got a piece of that Oake?

  88. Ryan Oakes

    I NEED YALL TO GO PUT THIS ON REPEAT ON SPOTIFY FOR ME. Let’s break 35k first day again :)

    KM SnappingBread91

    You got it man!🔥🔥

    Carolyn Delacruz

    stay away from camilla.

    Zero 9:36

    Carolyn Delacruz mind your business, trisha

    Jordan Mitchell

    Carolyn Delacruz Stop trying to put him in a box, Barbra

    Alexandrea Lepine

    Hey you are ducking awesome I love all you music if you ever in the Asheville area in NC I would love to catch a show

  89. This Bitch Empty Y E E T

    watched this twice so far, gonna watch it all night now :)

    Ryan Oakes

    thank you!!

  90. Joseph Fuller

    Perfect time for a drop 🤟

    Ryan Oakes

    you already knowwwwww

  91. KingDubnyk 40

    Banger 🔥

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    Am I late?

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    good shit i love it

    Ryan Oakes

    much love adam!