Oak Ridge Boys, The - The Journey Lyrics

I stumbled down a long dark road
From sunlight I had strayed
The demons came and beckoned me
I was lost and so afraid
I felt that I was falling
I thought it was a dream
I called upon my Father
To come and rescue me
Oh Father rescue me

A door just seemed to open
The darkness turned to light
The Lord appeared before me
He wore a robe of white
He spoke my name softly
I felt such peace within
He gently wrapped me in His arms
And forgave me all my sins
He forgave me all my sins

Another door was opened
A vision came so clear
I was on a ship now sailing
My Lord was standing near
He pointed towards the distant shore
And whispered to my soul
"Your journey now is o'er my child
Rejoice and welcome home"
Rejoice and welcome home

I saw my precious mother
She was waiting by the river
She smiled and waved and called my name
There were angels all around her
No sickness, pain or sorrow
No strife, no fear of war
No devil's lies, no children cry
All is peace forevermore
There is peace forevermore

Oh brother, my dear brother
You life could end today
Except a man be born again
He cannot see the way
For Jesus there is waiting
To lead us past the grave
And take us home to be with Him
When the final journey's made
When the final journey's made
(Let's go home)

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