Oak Ridge Boys, The - Power Of Goodbye Lyrics

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the walls closing in on me
I never dreamed it would be like this.
When it’s all said and done
When you know that the only one
You have ever loved is gone
That’s how it really is.

I felt the power of love
I thought that that’s all there was
There was nothing as strong as the ties that bind
Woh but I know I was wrong
Baby since you’re gone
I know that nothing
Nothing can touch you
Like the power of goodbye.

You used to make me feel like a man
You had me believing I was more than I am
There was power in those times we spent together
Wish I had known then what I know now
Wish I had seen it coming somehow
I would have risked my heart for the stormy weather.



I felt the power of love
I thought that that’s all there was
There was nothing as strong as the ties that bind
Woh but I know I was wrong [fading]

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Oak Ridge Boys, The Power Of Goodbye Comments
  1. Bulma

    Zero 🤦‍♀️

  2. rob deeper

    pink version

  3. Jimmy Fortin

    Wow ❤️

  4. kurt bastelt

    come on guys. of course she has to change the song to fit her voice. the song was written BY and FOR madonnas voice. Sephanie put her twist on it and from 2:18 she really hit the song and made it "fresh"

  5. martin novak

    terrible, better voice then madonna but sounds horrible

    Dave Gordon

    So you think Madonna doesn't sing this song better? God this is one of her best vocal songs and I'm not saying that she doesn't have an amazing other ones but this song was Madonna's most Angelic by far. This girl sounds like she thinks she's p!nk!

  6. END TIMEs Video Library

    OK.. here's the deal.. I'm a singer, songwriter and producer. And she's trying to work one of my favorite songs. I like her look. I like her when she sings melodically, but the shouting disguised  as singing has to go. This is a song of regret and resolve and I don't believe that she got the meaning of it and that's why I'm not buying it also. I had this problem with a singer/ songwriter that I was producing a demo for. He was an excellent writer who played all the instruments on the track. I GOT what he was trying to do but he was singing his own songs too loud and without the thought that they deserved. I had him quietly talk the songs out and then instructed him to then sing the songs just as if he were talking to one person in the room. He was great. He picked it up immediately and we cut a great demo that according to him has gotten him plenty of work! Don't count this girl out. She just needs some artistic management and some good producers.. Cheers!

  7. Júnnior Silva

    Amazing! Very Nice ❤

  8. Anumon T S

    This is Horrible.

  9. TarantulaCandy

    no just no, wrong key no stage presence (what's with the no finger mode that's Nothing really matters silliness not Power of Goodbye) and she's sitting NO AX DA HO

  10. Andres Avila

    amazing performance

  11. Marlonmdna


  12. Liszt

    what kind of vandalism is this.... the changed musical key doesn't suit the nature of the song at ALL
    horrific cover

  13. Casper Gjeding

    Hun skulle ha vundet hele pisset

  14. Casper Gjeding

    Hun var dem bedste.

  15. greatpopradio John

    Fordi hun fik mindst SMS stemmer, hvilket er lidt synd for hende, for hun var den bedste entertainer af dem alle sammen, med en stemme som en rigtig POP Stjerne.

  16. Therese Winsløw

    hvorfor kom hun i farezonen