Oak Ridge Boys, The - Bobbie Sue Lyrics

I heard about her from a friend of mine
He said she lived across the county line
The sweetest grape that ever grew on the vine
And now that's where I'm spending all my time.

Her daddy Robert and her mama Ruth
They had a daughter they named Bobbie Sue
And now she's eighteen and she knows the truth
Nobody's gonna tell her what to do.

Bo-Bo, Bo-Bo, Bobbie Sue
Ca-can't you see my love is true?
I want to ma-ma, ma-ma, marry you
Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo- Bobbie Sue.

I'll take her riding on a Friday night
Straight down the highway in the clear moonlight
My Chevy’s humming and she holds me tight
We'll find a preacher and we'll do it right.

Her daddy told her that she'd have to wait
Her mama said, "don't make a big mistake"
But we'll keep driving till we're out of state
And when they find us it'll be too late.

Bo-Bo, Bo-Bo, Bobbie Sue
Ca-can't you see my love is true?
I want to ma-ma, ma-ma, marry you
Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo- Bobbie Sue.

Bo-Bo, Bo-Bo, Bobbie Sue
Ca-can't you see my love is true?
I want to ma-ma, ma-ma, marry you
Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo- Bobbie Sue.

Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob Bobbie Sue

Bo-Bo, Bo-Bo, Bobbie Sue

B…..o…….b…...b…..y Sue [fading]

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Oak Ridge Boys, The Bobbie Sue Comments
  1. william palenik jr

    Another hit song here from the Oak Ridge Boys

  2. Derick Feigum

    My voice can get low but not like Richards

  3. Dan Naab

    had fun in traffic with this one

  4. Asa Faust

    Boys sounding good as always.

  5. Cole Tanner

    Just saw them..it had been raining and I sat down in a puddle in the folding chairs..went inside and dried off with a hand blower so my butt wouldn't get cold. This was the last song. Their voices are just as great even Richards BaBaBaBa"s were just as deep as this.

  6. Bobbalooie

    I love this song. I am Bobbie Lou, but what the heck. My husband is Bobby Ray. When I met him, I sang "I wanna be Bobby's girl.." and we have been together 51 years.

  7. Sergio Rivera

    The Oak Ridge Boys
    "Bobbie Sue"
    #12, 1982.

  8. davey diessliin

    Oak ridge boys for life yeye

  9. Tina Moritz

    My mother wanna to name me Bobbie joe but my dad didn't really care for it so instead they name me Tina Marie my dad wanna to name me Christina but my mother just like the name Tina instead 😅

  10. Michael T. Scott

    "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-bbie Sue."

  11. Melissa Taube

    I saw the Oaks at the Ohio State Fair in 1980, back when fair admission would get you into the shows..

    John Paulson

    My folks saw them three times in five years at our county Fair where the admission policy was the same. I never got to see them due to my radio airshift at the time.

  12. Jonathan

    Bu bu bu bu buckaroo

  13. Jami Evans

    Good song

  14. Sherry Ramey

    OMG they were my first concert when i was arround 14/15 yrs old.And i fell in love with them and country songs

  15. Amanda Edwardson

    Saw the Boys 3 times at a local fair in Wisconsin and when Richard would sing his vocals would hit you in the chest.

  16. Chris Worrell

    Buh Buh Bobbie Sue.

  17. charliedontsurf70

    "I wanna go to T-T- Tastee freeze, Where all the ice cream's dripping
    down to my knees. I may get lucky with a Hershey squeeze-I wanna go to
    T-T-Tastee frezze"

  18. loren Brooks

    this is a really great song. my dad got me interested in older music like this.older music is all i listen to.

  19. spartan blueteam

    This and Elvira are the two songs I can remember that they sang.

  20. CowgirlAtHeart 1234

    My teacher literally played this in our class and I was the only one who knew it... 😂😂

    Dave Sendit

    CowgirlAtHeart 1234 fuck yeah. Keep it alive!


    Dat sax 🎷 doe


    Bbbbbbbb bomb incoming

  23. Eddie Machete

    How can anyone hear this song and not want to get up and dance!?!?!?

  24. Bobbie Fowler

    My name is bobbie sue and i got my name from this song

  25. Lutian Murphy

    70 and still love bub bub bub sue !!!!!

  26. Tommy Webb

    Love the Oak Ridge Boys

  27. Janell Child

    Whats that supposed to mean i have to live miserable

  28. Timothy Wagner

    I'm 34 years old and I love listening to them!!!

  29. peter beltran

    1980's go Abilene Texas love you

  30. J B

    So this is what it was like getting pussy in the 70s and 80s😁

  31. vincent schoenekase

    These guys are fun to listen to and I love all their songs

  32. Joseph Hyde

    Bah bah bah bah Bobbie Sue! I remember Johnny Carson saying Richard Sterban had a vibrato you could throw a cat thru lol

  33. James Wood

    When. Country. Was. Country. Not. 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  34. Michael Walls

    One of the best feel good tunes ever. Love it!!!





  37. lfc1516

    this S#!t is lit!!

  38. In Cawd We Trust

    I had this song on a 45 as a kid and it was my absolute favorite song! I think I still have it for some reason, but I wore it out in the mid-80’s.

  39. Mrs Duane Allman

    Staring Chewbacca as William Lee Golden.

  40. Mrs Duane Allman

    Attack of the teeth people featuring Cousin It.

  41. Brad Marburger

    My dead girlfriends name is Bobbie sue....😢

  42. Shane Lampe

    I wish I had a female to nick name her bobbie sue.

  43. Baron Taylor

    I have always heard it as barbeque for some reason

  44. Paul CO

    From the floor to the ceiling, the Oaks have it all like no other group before or since.

  45. Stephen Mahala

    Am I the only one who thinks this would have made a good 50s era song?

  46. jennifur sun

    still have my old 45. Love the drummer, bass and lead guitar, and of course that Bass voice

    Terry Trostel

    I have the 8 tracks my mom ordered when I was young

  47. Shane Lampe

    Buh buh buh buh. Barbecue is funny.

    Shane Lampe

    That is funny bah bah ba barbeque.

  48. Patti Robinson

    I love my Oak Ridge Boys, HEY!!

  49. craftygirlification

    Buh buh buh buh babalu
    (Desi Armaz)

  50. craftygirlification

    Part of the song sounds like Yakkity Yack

    jennifur sun

    a little now that you mention it

  51. Tracy Trapp

    Country gold

  52. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #12 on the pop charts in 1982!!!

  53. Joyce Lyles

    Bobby Sue oaks could really sing that song

  54. Kenneth Kiser

    Bah Bah...Bah Bah
    Bobbie Sue

  55. Caiden Bennett

    This is my grandmas name.

  56. ford man

    Where's the Bobby sue of these days at?

  57. Michael Lantz

    Who was the Lead Guitarist in The Oak Ridge Boys?

    Paula Croy

    Michael Lantz Joseph Sloan Bonsall Jr. is the lead guitarist of the Oak Ridge Boys .

  58. Lucas Childers

    This is real country

    Jon Likes BBW

    I agree nacho libre

  59. Loren Nicholls

    This is REAL country music!

  60. Adam DeJesus

    I like The Oak Ridge Boys, Bobbie Sue, like in 80's.

  61. Dacey Bowman

    My momma's name is Bobbie Suzanne, so "Bobbie Sue", and her parents didn't want her marrying my daddy, but they did it anyway. My daddy sings this song to my momma all the time, and whenever it comes on the radio where-ever they are, even going down the highway, he'll stop and sing it to her while they dance. It makes me happy.

    In 2019 they will have been married 50 years. Love lasts if you want it to.

    Deborah Davis

    I love it. My dog's name was Bobbie Sue. I found her in the parking lot of Ingles grocery store of which Bob Ingles is the CEO. I was going to name her Bob in his honor until I discovered she was a girl . Then it was Bobbie Sue in honor of ORB.

    Karla Cleverly

    How sweet!

    Chad Linnel

    That's great.

  62. MrPAPAGAYO46

    Este cuarteto de música country de los 80 nos sorprende con la maravillosa fusión de sus voces, en el que ninguna de ellas pasa desapercibida, y cabe destacar la increíble sonoridad del bajo profundo, que a pesar de su tono más grave y oscuro no deja para nada de oírse.

  63. Dakota Watson

    Funny thing is (Even though I'm 17) I have this record. play it on my record player when I'm in the mood for some Bob bob bob bob Bobby Sue

    jennifur sun

    i have my old 45

  64. Mike Harris

    love the song and the oak ridge boys but this ain't country.

  65. DJ Schmankerl

    Läuft bei mir...

  66. Matty J

    Boby sue

  67. Clover Green

    love this song

  68. The_Burchfield

    bu bu bu bu budwiser

  69. Paul Peachey

    cool song

  70. Laura-Anne Queen

    I named my daughter Bobbi-Sue, I got the name from this song!

    Shane Lampe

    Laura-Anne Queen. That is cute you named her that.

    Ellen Cocke

    I named my daughter after this song also😀

    Boonigma Anon

    so did my mum

  71. Leslie Wood

    I Love This Song :)

  72. Aaron3158047630

    Back when country was COUNTRY

    Harold Peltier

    Aaron3158047630. Amen Brother!!!!

    Jon Adams

    Bobbie sue oak ridge boys

    Cummins Real power

    True that. I know every word of their songs. I know I can't sing a lick, but I sure sing along with em. Lol!!! These old country songs are absolutely the best.

  73. mkl62

    A #1 hit for The Oak Ridge Boys on the Country & Western charts. It was the 600th #1 C&W song of the Rock Era. I have never seem them in person, but my mother saw them once at the Newberry (SC) Opera House.

  74. Jody Reeder

    Swing it Wayne. XD

  75. Michael O'Dell

    Love it. Oak Ridge Boys are the best around. I used to have a friend named Bobby Sue Smith until she committed suicide a few years ago. This song reminds me of her.

    Paula Croy

    Michael O'Dell I SURE am SORRY to hear that your friend Bobby Sue Smith had COMMITTED SUICIDE . God Bless You and Bobby Sue Smith's Family.

    Michael O'Dell

    @Paula Croy it broke my heart when I heard that she committed suicide. I cried for 3 days straight because I lost a girlfriend ( dated for awhile) and a best friend both. There will never be another dear friend like her around anymore. I still cherish the memories we had as friends forever. I'll see her again in heaven some day and she'll be there with her arms open wide to hug and comfort me. I started crying posting this because I miss her dearly.

    paula croy

    Michael O'Dell I apologize for posting anything at all makes me wish never seen it. I apologize if I'm wrong for posting this too.

  76. George Vreeland Hill

    My favorite country group. The Oak Ridge Boys.

  77. Michael Waukau

    Bobby I in love u ,

  78. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Jan 16, 1982 ..reached #12

  79. Parker Donald

    Best bass singer ever! Best group singers ever!

  80. OscarBravoUSA

    Richard Sterban's bass vocal is the bomb.

    Cody Clemons

    That's true. no one knows what real contry is any more I'm 12 but I no more than a lot of 30 year old people

    David Lee

    No the stabler brothers has a better bss

    David Lee

    The statler brothers has a better bass

    David Lee

    I like the statler brothers bass better

    Joseph Swierc

    True that!

  81. The Conservative Kid

    loving it oak ridge boys all out

  82. Richard Clary

    my aunts name is bobbie sue not cute

  83. Jeff Corsiglia

    Reminds me of riding in the old Chevy down a dirt road.

  84. kelly zufelt

    memories with my parents i love it

  85. Seth Nieters

    this is America speak English

    Molon Labe

    awesome challenger profile pic!

    Bobbie Morrison

    Wtf is wrong with you.
    Just cause your in America listening to this, doesn't mean they are. At least they learned english and understand the song. You want to know what they're saying fucking google translate it... You racist bitch

    Bobbie Morrison

    You're a racist b***h

  86. schlagboy

    Buh buh buh buh Barbecue!

    Jesse Bains

    Goddamn right

    Leslie Wood

    Yeah That Fatass White Cop Was Being A Smartass Huh!!!

    spartan blueteam


  87. User

    don't fuck with bobbie sue

  88. Bobbiej Morris Smith

    My dad said this song was for me im bobbie and my mom sue

    Tommy Giroux

    Bobbiej Morris Smith I want to ma ma ma marry u bbbb Bobby j "......lol

  89. MrPAPAGAYO46

    Una balada pegajosa y muy chispeante, magistralmente interpretada por The Oak Ridge Boys armonizando sus voces en una cadencia perfecta, donde la voz de Richard Sterban, el bajo profundo, no pasa desapercibida pese al acompañamiento de los otros integrantes y la nutrida instrumentación de cobres, piano, cuerdas y percusión. Un verdadero clásico de la música country, cuya letra completa está justamente abajo de mi comentario, en la etiqueta "blacksmith".

  90. WhosGrif

    Why can't this song be played more

  91. James Bantaa

    Best fuckin song on the planet