Oak Ridge Boys, The - Amazing Grace Lyrics

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind, but now, I see

T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed

When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun

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Oak Ridge Boys, The Amazing Grace Comments
  1. Timothy Lee


  2. Lisa Outrequin

    it's an honor to sing for poppy. how'd you feel about his ratlines?

  3. Michael Simonds


  4. Mark Scott

    It is wonderful to hear four voices filling a church, the might Oaks keeping in touch with their roots. Great job guys.

  5. Joeybabbs .BABBS

    well done, great job

  6. yamahonkawazuki

    GOD bless yall

  7. Walter Condi

    True honor for all, Blessed! Amen

  8. Chris Toscano

    Shows this world's blind idea of a Christian.. They sing a song to Elvira a witch that obviously follows Satan... And then sing amazing grace! More like confused boys... Can't have two masters believe me you are not pleasing God by following his enemy and then play church

    M C Taylor

    Advice: Think before you speak.

  9. monkeyb0ne

    War criminal.

    M C Taylor

    Hmmm.... Seems like terrorist attacks in the US have dropped out of the CNN Headlines. (Food for thought!)

  10. German Acevedo

    ugly presentation

  11. Diane Stephenson

    It was a very touching service, but sadly it won’t get him into Heaven. He was so entrenched in his evil lifestyle, I hope he found Jesus Christ as his personal savior

    M C Taylor

    I'm confused. Evil lifestyle?

  12. Wesley Parker

    when I watched them song this on television. in my house you could here a needle hit the floor. I had the volume turned up and all you could hear was the oak ridge Boys. and I've never had chill bumps as much in my life. WOW what a performance!!!!! Rip our president

  13. Jean Savage

    Gaithersburg with David Phelps would have done better job!

    Jean Savage

    I meant Gaithers....

  14. peggy bachler

    I met these guys when they were nothing more than a garage band - four of the nicest guys that you'd ever want to meet. Such talented guys!

  15. Miku Hatsune

    I love the oak ridge boys their song was very touching.

  16. Brigid Craig

    Very moving.

  17. John Lane


  18. LJ Wooldridge Jr

    Well done fellas

  19. Duke Of Prunes

    I never knew that Gandalf was a member of the Oak Ridge Boys.

  20. mark marchiafava

    Singing Amazing Grace at the funeral of a mass murderer, how odd

    M C Taylor

    @mark marchiafava Hi Mark. Please refresh my memory of the Saint Saddam Hussein. What was his claim to fame? Also, wasn't there some other guy.... Osama bin something....

    mark marchiafava

    How does any of that change the fact Sr. Bush was a mass murderer?

    M C Taylor

    @mark marchiafava Who did he "mass murder"?

    mark marchiafava

    @M C Taylor no one is that clueless, the wife has begged me not to call people stupid, so , out of respect for her, I won't

    M C Taylor

    @mark marchiafava Mark, your wife left you in 1997. Since then, you've been living in your great-aunt's moldy basement. You seem to struggle with the English language, so just give me a number. What is the number of people "mass murdered' by George H.W. Bush? Please cite any sources for figures that you include.

  21. Ella Huddleston

    at least utube took Rita's chopped up video of her song off line singing at Bush's funeral.

  22. divine signatures

    When I was a kid they played at the state fair in my hometown, Minot, North Dakota. I can still hear them, "Giddy up a um bappa um bappa mow mow."

  23. Philip Turner


  24. Amira Sedeek

    It is the first time I have ever seen a lovely scence . Welcome back Oak Ridge Boys

  25. Bobb Mullins

    Rest In Peace Mr. President.  He made tough decisions as President. Country over party. He did what was best for the country and that it would probably lose the white house. I don't think that kind of courage exists any more. God Speed.

    Miku Hatsune

    Bobb Mullins 😢😌

    Annette D.

    Bobb Mullins
    Yeah! Right! Sure! Courage? Hardly! He was a fucking demon posessed clone .only a total coward would sell their soul to a douchebag.that hates their guts. The devil hates everyone! He's so jealous he can't even breath! he has to bring everyone down to hell with him.he was the first to sin and a liar and a murderer from the beginning.proof is when he got the other fallen angels to follow him
    Proof he doesn't give a shit who he destroys. Becuz he fucking lost when he wasn't chosen to be God.who the fuck cares?! u we're always hideous anyways.the Lord got the Looks and the brains.and the the devil got the pride. his ego is massive.its gross! Anybody that gives him any glory is just as dumb as the devil himself.never sell your soul or take the mark of the beast rfid chip it's blasphemy against the holy ghost it's unforgivable.only jesus saves no other name! God doesn't tolerate anything of the devil.it will send u to hell.so if u chose to give glory to any devil karma will reward u.cuz they're all crooks! All devil's are lying,murdering,whores,thief's. there's no honor among thieves.and the military have been chipped. Cuz the devil hates everyone that much.he wants to make sure u suffer forever! Cuz let's face it! If he ain't happy he don't want anybody happy.hes that much of a loser.I don't get why anybody would sell their soul to the devil in their first place? I don't want to be stuck with the fallen losers forever plus they make u do dirty disguisting inhumane debasing things that God would never fucking ask of anyone.thats becuz God is loving and merciful and kind and fair.the fucking devil's have no love or Mercy or loyalty for anyone.they relish to cause suffering and pain and torture.the only reason the fallen are allowed to be here are to tempt us so we can prove to God to see if we really love him and will do what he asks.anybody that loves sin and the devil hates God u can't have 2masters. They need to cut the b.s. I'm sick of those that run for politics saying they're christians or like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones. Evidence is showing the contrary.dont mock the Lord.I hate that shit! I've had it with the devil's bullshit! Your games have gotten old.the novelty has worn off.time is running out for u.sorry! Not sorry! U get what u deserve! An ugly filthy disguisting kingdom for well an equally disguisting nobody.thats fair.to be honest he deserves infinite times worse! But proof God is merciful! And will always be the winner and the one in control.yay!

    Bobb Mullins

    Breathe. Drink some more haterade. Everything will be alright in the morning.

  26. Jan Alldaffer

    I am Sorry If He Did Not Except Jesus As His Personal Savior Before His Last Breath, That,s It WDA. Does Anyone Know If He Did? If You Dislike What I Said Read Your Bible. The Truth Hurts Some Times.

    S. Coleman

    Where the F did that come from? He was a faithful man !

    Bennie Jones

    And that is up to Jesus and him, just like the thief crucified next to Christ was told he would be with him in paradise . So you can never tell what what will happen and that is not for you to Judge, the BIBLE says, but to live YOUR life as Christs and it will reflect to others. So you wasted time talking about that, you could have been praising Jesus.

    Bennie Jones

    Also, the word is ACCEPT Jesus in your life and make HIM Lord of your life.

  27. Francine Harrison

    How could they sing a beautiful song Amazing Grace if anybody ever really know anything about that song and who wrote it but beautiful story the man who rode a couple hundred years ago I guess beautiful story and that beautiful song what's the song at one of the most evil demons besides his father-in-law of course Aleister Crowley I make it sing a beautiful song like that at a pure evil demon funeral

    S. Coleman

    F'ING IDIOT!!!

  28. Charlie Montana

    George Bush sr. was a big Country Music fan!

  29. Welcome to 24/7/365

    Wow, they did an amazing rendition. The song was very appropriate.

  30. Ralph Garrett

    Great Job on the Video! Keep up the great work!

  31. Littlelady Red


  32. Itazuke Dee

    Oh Please 7 days to bury a President that was only one term .. such decadence all unnecessary .. wonder how much this cost the tax payers ? then a plexiglass train door to show the casket for a 70 mile ride?? OMG .. what did he do for the United States? oh he had a deal with China .. Look it up

    Bennie Jones

    Taxpayers don't pay for this, out of office President's still receive salaries.

  33. Laureen Sanders


  34. Rosalee Zephier

    Both the Oak Ridge Boys and Reba McEntire did a Fantastic Job performing even the Oak Ridge Boys n Reba McEntire were in Tears I could tell in their Voice that they got Choked Up Bravo Oak Ridge Boys n Reba 👏🏼👏🏼

  35. Phil P.


  36. R C

    Easily one of the worst renditions of this song I’ve ever heard. But if they liked it, that’s what matters.

    S. Coleman

    You wouldn't know good sound/music if it kicked you in the puss! You POS!

    Miku Hatsune

    R C Their song was good

  37. Scott Lewis

    R.i.p. GHWB

  38. Joseph El

    Beautiful beautiful rendition!!

  39. Michael Cowan

    I think Father Time will be next.

  40. Patrick Walsh


  41. Heba Madi

    Wow😳😳😳 Dumbledore has become a singer now!!!!

  42. John Thomas

    That was nice of the Bush family to let that long haired homeless man into the warmth of the Church and let him sing. U hope they gave him some food for his pockets.


    He only worth about 4 million dollars. Scraps!

  43. Gablesman888

    What voices.  What voices.

  44. Denise Westbrook

    Absolutely awesome.....so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

  45. Jeff Smith


  46. Have Faith

    Gave me the chills all over I absolutely love believe in peaceful God. I wish everyone felt the same.

  47. mitchell9027

    They still got it!

  48. Gramma Dee

    THANKs for sharing i enjoyed rewatching

  49. Frank Dalla

    Sure are having a lot of trouble burrying that bastard....

    Miku Hatsune

    Frank Dalla Rude

  50. Teresa Lockamy

    Amen, Praise God. 💝💝💝💝💝

    Miku Hatsune

    Teresa Lockamy We Love god

  51. TheGranti7a

    Why not a silent appreciation in a moment of further reflection, in the church? Does everything we do in America HAVE to get treated/responded to with the assumption "it" is occurring only to entertain... ?


    Music has been the ultimate form of expression in every culture since the beginning of time, especially during times of bereavement. You're just a crotchety old prick.

  52. Kim Herring


  53. William Stefens

    Always loved the Oak Ridge Boys. They sound good as ever for having a few years on them. All the more for singing it a capella. Have to ask though, which one is sporting a Dumbledore look with the long hair? Whomever it is, it looks good, and he is putting ZZ Top to shame.😂 Joking aside, great job.😀👍


    The man with the long hair is William Lee Golden. He & Duane Allen were in the group way back when they were just a gospel quartet..

    William Stefens

    @HercGem ,

  54. Knight Rider

    President Obama sang this song beautifully. My daughters are Republican but they love and respect the man. He is our hero. We are prepared to shine his shoes and cook his meals.

    Bennie Jones

    this is not about Obama, it's about BUSH. Lord give it up and post on an Obama page. Distasteful especially when the post is about a funeral.

    Knight Rider

    @Bennie Jones

    Hey Benny Hill, go fetch a salami and plug your asshole with it ya fucking sewer rat. Don't try and bust my balls because your wife left ya for the corner butcher. Take cares of the business and youz won't have that problem. Ya fucking down syndrome muthafuka.

  55. Marcelo Liberato

    not that great. bass specially out of tune

  56. Barbara Minchew


  57. Archie Chandler

    Love the Oaks.

  58. Brandy Kolb

    God bless the president God bless oak ridge boys 💝

    Ray Cyst

    Brandy Kolb god doesn't exist.

    Louise Eisenhofer

    Chest Rockwell right on!

    zimbabwe foreign legion

    @Ray Cyst then you know the truth and the truth will set you free. God is the Creator of All things in Heaven and earth. If you seek Him you will find Him. May the Good Lord help you and have His unending mercy.

  59. Wes

    They must be bush lovers wow are they stupid people 🖕🏻little do they know what happened in the real world 👎

    Ryan Chardon

    Shame has nothing on you due to the current state our country is in .when your president takes the word of a dictator then his intelligence agencies.


    They are clearly much brighter than you.

    Miku Hatsune

    Wes Show some respect

  60. Frank Markus

    Should’ve got Cardi-B and Eminem.

  61. tomitstube

    see you in hell bush's, there is no god for you, you mass murdering war criminals.


    @S. Coleman teeny brain. hahahahahhahahahahaha!

    S. Coleman

    @tomitstube you have a teeny brain also? I'm sorry, you poor little man!


    @S. Coleman "i know you are but what am i" is not a sign of intelligence you bush and trump corporate lackey.

    Miku Hatsune

    tomitstube Be quiet

    Joeybabbs .BABBS

    @Carolyn LePine trolls are everywhere and idiots. i love u tho

  62. Adam C

    JEB BUSH 2020.

  63. Metlyze

    Rest in peace

  64. MJ Sjoquist

    Instant fan!!

  65. alice elliott


  66. kimberly cornelius

    Beautiful no words

  67. Eleanor Henning

    It does sound better on my computer than the TV.

    M C Taylor

    TV speakers are garbage. AM radios in the 1970s had better speakers than today's TVs.

  68. John Campbell

    mr. president go with God


    More like Hell for killing JFK.




  69. j pickles

    The best rendition of Amazing Grace I've heard in a long time. They sang it beautifully.

    Ken M

    The guys didn't have the breath control they once had. They stopped after every little phrase to get a breath.


    @Ken M And is still more tolerable than Beyonce

  70. julieann522

    It cant get better then that my favorite song

    Dale Drum


  71. Kelly Bergeson

    The three haters are either Oak Ridge Boys haters or Bush haters


    Kelly Bergeson or hate God & Jesus our Savior. They need prayers

    Miku Hatsune

    Kelly Bergeson None of that.

  72. Robert Bowman

    Amazing group that has stood the test of time. 41, respect Mr President! Rest well, sir.

  73. jarjon76

    Very moving. The Oaks always sound great.

  74. Jsusfrk20

    Great now I'm crying and I cry ugly lol that was so beautiful! God bless you guys!!!


    Me too.

    Miku Hatsune

    Jsusfrk20 It’s okay for you to cry


    @Miku Hatsune it is ok you're right except I get really ugly when I do lol

  75. Leilani Celeste

    Rip #41


    Gandolf the gray?

  77. Yvonne Myers

    Beautiful, Gentlemen💗!

  78. Jetta Krantz

    Have seen the Oaks live several times. Thought they did an excellent job!

    Glenda M

    We have gone to see them for the last 4 or 5 years and they are so down to earth & have never let their celebrity status go to their heads. Great singing & a fitting tribute to a great man.

  79. Jeannine Hampton

    Thank you, Oak Ridge Boys for honoring President Bush. He was a true gentleman and loved America.

    Chuck Krafft

    @Kirby Little And you are a disrespectful troll.

    Grant committed treason fruck the Queen

    Wake up ignorant fuck. The Bush's love Lucifer

    Anne Evans

    There was no other like him.

  80. Dont Blink

    I read where the Oaks packed their suits for the last couple of months while on tour just in case they got the call so they could go sing at President Bush's funeral at a moment's notice. The fact that they were in Spokane last night, flew to Houston, then will fly back for a show tonight in Kennewick, WA is simply amazing. Oh, one more thing: Richard Sterban is 75 years old, William Lee Golden is 79, Duane Allen is also 75, and Joe Bonsall is 70. Awe-inspiring.

    william poole



    @Charlie Montana I remember loving 'Dream On' when I was a high school nerd in the early 80s..now hitting 55..they still 'got it'!..heartfelt talent and respect for our 41st president..RIP, President Bush..an era closes with your passing :(

    Kevin V

    WOW........... WOW ............... That last verse, "When we've been there ten thousand years"    always gets me

    Walter Condi

    Amazing! True Honor for all!

    Wes Nall

    Consummate professionals

  81. Rebecca Treeseed

    Sigh, stupid looking white beards and long hair is a good look for... nobody. Always looks dirty and unkempt.

    Delaine Hill

    Who do you think you are, let me guess, a hypocritical Christian, you should be ashamed of your comment

    Rebecca Treeseed

    @Delaine Hill Nope. Just do not like the dirty unkempt look. Since I am not a dirty unkempt old man, not sure I can be a hypocrite.

    Joeybabbs .BABBS

    sounds odd, how long will you dye your hair before it goes white? did you know barb bush never dyed her hair in her life? Will you be able to say that? This is a band and how they are recognized, this is their image and presentation of a product. When you learn a little about business youll be able to understand how the world turns.

  82. Rebecca Treeseed

    I loved Obama singing Amazing Grace.

    Therese Mohler

    Not the place to praise Obama you idiot. It's a funeral

    Gloria Williams


    Elainel Blais

    @mike5qsooner Fire your psychiatrist There's no cure for what's poisoning you It's fatal Make Amurika HATE Again.

    Rebecca Treeseed

    @Exit the Machine soooo you voted for the daughter fecker?

    Joeybabbs .BABBS

    @Exit the Machine you forgot when clinton sondomized a young woman with a cigar while married, while president, while in the white house. yet is still in politics and his wife and still being paid by the government. yet no woman are speaking about that, yet you want to mention what trump said 20 years ago in his private life as rich billionaire? odd.

  83. Ron Newkirk

    A classy move by a classy group sung for a classy man. R.I.P. Sir..Walk with God....Peace

    Anne Evans