O'Sullivan, Gilbert - You Better Believe It Lyrics

You'd think that nothing could erase
Like rubber bullets well your right
I've got a lead one in my hand
It won't erase a word I write
You are the keeper of the flame
You are the flame the keeper keeps
You are the kingdom of a god
Whose statue on occasion weeps I hate when sitting down to eat
Waiters who serve you with a writ
You better believe it
What say you I go out the door
What say you I come in again
What say you write to me in Braille
What say you use a ball point pen
Proof of the pudding is I'm told
Not in the eating but the place
Place being where it is put before
Before you get it in your face I'll do whatever I don't want
I'll smoke as long as I see fit
You better believe it I read a book about a man
A protestant no less
Dreamt he woke up a catholic
Scared himself to death
Give me one reason to support
One reason to support one thing
Give me your Rolex or your life
Or else the trainers you are in
I think I am so
I must be I am I think a walking gag
I hate potatoes with my chips
Unless of course there in a bag
I'd love you even if at times
At times I wish I never did
You better believe it
You better believe it

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