O'Sullivan, Gilbert - I'm About Lyrics

I don't believe you'd let me down
I don't believe you'd go
But lately you're avoided me
If something's wrong
You know The least you should do
Is tell me what you
Think's wrong and we'll work it out
If you don't I'm about
To be faced with a problem only you
Know how to explain
Although I've tried a hundred times
Even looked inside my brain
Yet all I could see
Was that you and me
Were getting along just fine
Think I'm about to be binded and thrown
Into a room wallpapered with gloom
And furnished with memories
I No longer believe in cause someone's deceiving me
I won't say who I don't have to
Yet all I could see
Was that you and me
Were getting along just fine
Think I'm about to be binded and thrown
Into a room wallpapered with gloom
And furnished with memories
I No longer believe in cause someone's deceiving me
I won't say who I don't have to
I don't believe you'd let me down
I don't believe you'd go
But lately you're avoided me
If something's wrong
You know The least you should do
Is tell me what you
Think's wrong and we'll work it out
If you don't I'm about

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O'Sullivan, Gilbert I'm About Comments
  1. Orion Casablanca

    Rick!!! my respect...👃

  2. tatik azha

    Mengingatkan saya ke masa lalu☺

  3. Juan V

    Is sad to admit it, but this song describes what my life it's been. What makes it worst is that no matter how many times, and different ways I have tried I always fail. Every time I try i disappointed my family, and it makes it even worse.

  4. Notchinham

    The official song for anime fans

  5. Keigan Martinez

    I'm alone when my step brother is not at my house

  6. Rainier Gerald Vergara

    It’s Jan.2020 who’s in?

  7. Vera Satti

    Assistindo o filme Simplesmente acontece (Alex and Rosie)

  8. Lauriixx

    el mejor, que ganas de haber nacido en tu epoca.

  9. Phil Douglas

    Arguably the best song of modern time. Will always be a classic no matter how long earth endures.

  10. Alex de la Cueva

    This song helps me get even more depressed when I do anything for my girl to be happy but she just keeps ignoring me and leaving me for other stuff. :(

  11. David Pringles

    0:44 after you finish to masturbate

  12. Rose Martins

    Nossa,que saudade da minha adolescência....parabéns pela escolha

  13. ปรีชา สุวรรณศรี

    ❤❤❤❤I love u

  14. sandroski 22

    2020 ???

  15. Mitchell Marcus

    I am an Irish American I was blessed with a girl that grew into an amazing woman, wife and mother to our two boy's after 34 years of marriage. She got on meth and left me for her dealer. God bless all of you that are alone again. I think choosing leave is more hurtful than death itself. My heart is broken into little pieces

  16. constanza sandoval gutierrez


  17. DDavid Mac

    Out Standing in how this mans walk through feelings we all have to share in our own times is so humbling and so human, Peace.

  18. Adrian Jorge Noé

    Que genial Gilbert, que temas maravillosos compuso......

  19. Mark Stokes

    1973 was the first time I heard this beautiful song why does it reasonate so much as I age

  20. Jethro_ Romeo

    Love from Indonesia!

  21. Donald Schnell

    It is January 2020 and I am Alone again. My adoring wife of 28 years is suddenly gone. I returned to this song from the '70s to allow my emotions to express themselves. My heart goes out to anyone suffering in this situation.

  22. Diana Daniels

    I love this song it reminds me when my Daughter was born 1972 loved every min

  23. Thunder Roar

    The 70s had some of the best music. Gilbert and O'Sullivan it's been a long time since I've heard this song and it still has the same effect the water works flow. I can't seem to keep a dry eye.

  24. Ligia Madhurya

    Essa música marcou minha vida. Acabo sempre sozinha.

  25. Sarwoto Ganteng

    Kayak arie wibowo bill brod suaranya

  26. Archie Thomas

    I remember this song from HS.

  27. Birb Floof

    It’s 2020, first one here! Hi happy new year to all! (I’m not a stupid like begger)



  29. Koko

    Crying alone on New year's while feeling the worst I've ever felt in the past decade, good song

    Sawthe UwU

    Hope you get well soon dear

    Hazel the foot long

    Remember, the fact that you are alive is the miracle of all miracles. Have JOY!

    That One Guy

    Stay up man, go out, live a little, because loneliness can have a big toll on you.

    Karl McCreight

    Go and look up rainbow family in the internet, find an opportunity to go to a SMALL rainbow gathering ( not a big one!!) and find more healing every time you go to one.
    Good luck

  30. rach

    i hate how this isn't available on Spotify

    Master Roland

    It's available

    Master Roland



    woah thanks I really appreciate this but none of the songs from Back to Front are available. They show the songs but they can't be played for some reason

  31. dan zaklan

    LOST MY MOM IN 1988 at 52 years old & my dad in 2017 at 83 - remember this song on our family vacation in 1975 at the beach - drunk in 2019 new years eve at 60 years old & missing them so much


    Holidays 2019 alone again on New Year’s Eve .
    Happy new year world !

  33. guardinner

    2019; Lost my job, lost my dog of 17 years, lost my Dad of 56 years, lost my home and lost my partner. Alone again (naturally).


    Hang in there my dude

    Jarrod Furminger

    Christ mate you really have been put through the mill hope your ok and coping !

  34. John Hynes

    Brilliant singer amazing

  35. José Luis Muños

    1 hours to new year ❤️


    alone agin naturally...what do we do

  37. joe ward

    That voice 🥺🤤 what a great Piano player and singer

  38. Bart Gross

    Sad song reminds me of my Irish roots...Alone again natural and gay...The roller touches me God in his Mercy is for all player's handbook says it alone again..

  39. Bagas Nick Harsulung

    come here after megamind. treasure.

  40. Klofft3r

    My History of love and my life in this song...

  41. Jamaal Jackson

    this is so fucking relateble

  42. Tanolito


  43. Carlo Rizzo

    That acoustic absolutely rules in this song, I could listen to that forever

  44. 김영근

    I am listening 2019.12.29. in Seoul Korea

    Mr. Jones

    @김영근 Seoul Korea. You Bet My Friend.

    Jarrod Furminger

    So am I on 31/12/19 from the UK 🇬🇧

    Mr. Jones

    @Jarrod Furminger , Hey I was commenting with a guy from Korea, You are across the other pond is what "You" would call it right Mate? Greetings From Pueblo , Colorado USA. Happy New Year.

    Jarrod Furminger

    @Mr. Jones Hello Mr Jones, yes mate I am across the other side of the pond in good old Blighty England U.K I guess we get New year before you due to time difference so Happy New year to you and family from Eastbourne East Sussex UK 🇬🇧

    Mr. Jones

    @Jarrod Furminger , Yeah I was commenting with a nice lady from Ireland, Dublin. I told her I liked The Commitments. They made a movie of that band there. Thank you for you reply Jarrod, You Have a safe New years .

  45. elrinconcito100

    Like si viniste por "teloresumo..."

  46. Bill Bixby

    so alone again... NATURALLY

  47. Bill Bixby

    when my mom past away I cried and cried all day. I'm alone again......NATURALLY

  48. joaquin loto

    Vengó de parte de TE LO RESUMO ASI NOMAS

  49. jonathan colipano

    ThAnkyou for this music 😍😍

  50. 999YORK

    This has to be one of the top ten songs from the 70's.

  51. America Nation

    This song reminds me of my mom who died 2 years ago, rest in love..Mom

    You're missed everyday.

    Mr. Jones

    @ America, May you find comfort and God Bless you n yours.

  52. marianne tolentino

    Artists like Gilbert O' Sullivan are pure geniuses.

    "If he set out to break our hearts he definitely succeeded."
    - YouTube audience

    "Possibly the most heart wrenching songs ever written or will be written. The lyrics are genius and ode to heartbreak and loneliness." - YouTube audience

  53. Magnolia Lee

    Beautiful 70s 💞 my elemtary days

  54. aid gan

    Fucking genius do you agree

  55. Olved Dutton

    My Lord you said it all in this song perfect my brother in Christ

  56. DNA Leguillou

    Saddest😩 song ever

  57. Barbara Avvenente

    Ohhhhh I remember this wonderful song 💖💫💓love It so much! From Genova Italy


    Io parlo unpo italiano ciao from NYC

  58. 부엉이오형제

    너무 좋은곡

  59. santino boggini

    who in 2020?

  60. Jon Carr

    Big Jim Sullivan?

  61. Konstantin Polyakov


  62. John David

    Who is drunk an listening to this? Thumbs up people!

  63. Mark Schultz

    This muzak is Crappola with a capital C.

  64. Gary Roach Sanderson

    ice age dawn of the dinosaur

  65. Onion Head

    Ever notice that Brits sound American when they sing? I always wondered why but this is the first guy I’ve heard that actually sounds like a Brit when he sings. 🤔

  66. Eugenia Salmon

    Gilbert, I love his sons,Soo meaningful

  67. pxtxrr

    When you're left on red

  68. Will McT

    Still a great song. Depresses the hell out of me but I can't stop playing it. Music is not what it was back in our day.

  69. your average russian santa

    People still making depressing comments 2 years ago..

    Callum Shorter

    oh yea, just how this song works

  70. northend25

    Great song..Everyone who is alone and fighting the battle, keep going you aren't alone...

  71. Ahmad Alkautsar

    My ex married with another man. Sad.

  72. Norman Leonel Santos

    no entiendo como hay gente con tanta genialidad ... que acordes de musica ... cuesta encontrarlos y que belleza de armonia de acordes... solamente el que es musico lo puede enternder...desde el salvador saludos to everyone...

  73. Galactic Kobra

    ice age

  74. Sam Holden

    I always feel alone even with people in my life😢😭

    John David

    Sam Holden I understand

    royce reed

    I understand. Jesus knows that. He endured all the problems we have( including loneliness, all disciples fled Him during the crucifixion) so He could be sympathizing savior to us who trust Him for our salvation. John 14: Jesus, "I will not leave you as orphans;I will come to you(the Holy Spirit). He gives us love, joy, peace, patience and many other things.He will be with us even if others aren't.

    John David

    royce reed Amen

  75. Wahyu Adi

    Gara gara keanu gw nyari judulnya wkwkw

  76. Tito Occhicupi

    Ricorda la mia infanzia. E' semplicemente stupenda.

  77. Credible Threat

    I got fired from my job at The Samaritans for playing this song whilst holding calls.

  78. Michael Maloney

    I love it when a song so sad takes you on a journey 😪🤠.The lyrics are Pure emotion 😥 ♥️

  79. M S

    I love this song

  80. 15mids

    Y fue cuando 15mids, penso: "mmm... que nivel de refencia, podríamos llenar esto de comentarios de #TeLoResumoAsiNomas"

  81. Wall Flower

    I always sing this song when I'm alone and sad...

  82. The Comedy Pilot

    19,000th comment

  83. Corretor Ortográfico

    Megamind brought me here. I'd always heard this song in so many ways. A beautiful masterpiece.

  84. Alex MP

    Alguien vino por la publicación de Arigameplays? :v

  85. Annie1962

    these are the only lyrics I know.Did the PC crowd find it offensive?

  86. Robert Carter


  87. Guigui fait l'con


  88. Walking Nice

    nice music

  89. moosefactory133

    Wow! Over 59 million views. This is one very popular video of a great song in music history

  90. David Atkinson

    What a sad sad song.

  91. Patricia Herrera

    Gracias Era del Hielo 3

  92. Edilson Macedo


  93. Michael Henry Etherton

    My grandpa in London watched this gentleman on TV back just b4 he became mega famous.. Grandpa said He is going to be a massive star... How right you were George.... X.

  94. Suicidal Alpaca

    not a bad song but sadly I cant like it too much cause me work plays its 10 times a shift

  95. Iris Baker

    Bless you all.. losing your loved ones is so sad..this song really resonates with us all...11/12/2019

  96. 若林現像