O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Can't Think Straight Lyrics

Hello...Ooh, is Mary there?
No, but
Well, if you see Mary
Will you tell her I called?
Tell her that I love her
And I'm sorry that's all
You see we had our very first quarrel today
I got really angry and I slapped her face
Now I'm sorry but what can I say
I love her so much
I can't think straight

My name is Peggy and I know how you feel
Same thing that happened to you did to me
I was so upset I couldn't sleep for a week
Finally he called boy was I relieved
Now I'm sorry but what can I say
You love her much I can't think straight
Love her much you can't think

What about people other than me?
What about those with nothing to eat?
How can I claim that life isn't fair?
What a pathetic sight I swear
If I could kick I'd kick
Myself of course and if

Listen to me look I know what I'm saying
I'm sure Mary is as much to blame
Well in that case
Why won't she answer the phone?
Don't try and tell me
She's not at home
I'm sorry but what can I say

I'm sorry but what can I say

We're sorry but what can I say
I love her so much I can't think

What are we doing? What have we done?
What in the world is going on?
Isn't it crazy looking so fine
Knowing that in as much time
As it takes to make a drink
We could all become as the dinosaur has
Nothing but extinct
And to top it all I hear
That my rent is to be raised

So if you see Mary
Will you tell her I called
Tell her that I love her
And I'm sorry that's all
And by the way thank you for being so kind
If I've taken up too much of your time
I'm sorry but what can I say
I'm sorry but what can I say
We're sorry but what can I say
I love her so much
I can't think
Love her so much
I can't think straight

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O'Sullivan, Gilbert Can't Think Straight Comments
  1. Sanchordia

    I'm sorry, Gilbert, but Mary was not as much to blame. You slapped her in the face. That's never okay. If Mary knows what's good for her, she'll never see you again.

  2. Joaquin tayaban

    Dawn of dinosours iced age

  3. michael stankey

    I love this song,I use to feel this way.

  4. Riny de Bock

    Great song and a Nice melodie thanks Gilbert

  5. Fred Harris

    Is my hero at Shrewsbury next week x

  6. Fred Harris

    Man is greatest

  7. JHCodes

    Peggy Lee :'3

  8. Alan K

    Gilbert O'Show Tunes!

  9. Zakkyl

    This kind of masterpiece is only found in 1960s-1970s. Odd, fun, theatrical & magically dreamy.


    It was written and recorded in the 1990s, though...

  10. evanhairgelion

    This sounds like a Sesame Street song. I like it.

  11. Laurence Holloway

    Great memories. I did the arrangement. Wonderful to work with Gilbert and Miss Lee.

    david rutherford

    Pete Roberts said in an earlier comment this song is so brilliant and would be great as a lot of GOS would be in a musical. Absolutely loke this song. Think this is my all time GOS favourite. Fantastic arrangement Thanks

    Ian Walters

    Hello is Laurence there! Seriously, was it the strings arrangement you did or everything? Anyway well done; it's a great song and did you know it was only released in Britain and to add to its rarity value it never made the top 75 singles chart.

  12. DPunk

    Domestic violence made fun?


    Here's to hoping it wasn't a hard slap.

  13. mesr gunty


  14. valhallahammerofcandycookiesandchips

    This is why he is alone again... naturally

  15. Dave Moloney

    does anybody know the name of the song " we can have a wee wee, we can have a wet on the wall " ?

    Chris Wilson

    'The Fog On The Tyne' by Lindisfarne.

  16. lello gio

    Gilbert è un grandissimo Anche in questo pezzo dimostra tutta la sua originalità

  17. trzcinarowice

    Nice, but a little "overdone". I prefere his "simpler" pieces.

  18. Pete Roberts

    Only Gilbert could write a song this original ...great !! And the legendary Peggy Lee to boot!! Imagine if a they made a musical based on his songs!!..Could be as big a hit as The Jersey Boys !!

  19. burpo

    @Shonbi You know, Flash isn't that hard to get the basics of. I think there are even simpler programs out there. Search "Setzer the Cat Covers I Fought the Law" and you'll see something SUPER simple I did in Flash.

  20. kincaide67

    Just odd lyrics for the style here - love it!!!! Just the originality of it all! Totally maddening that there is none (originality) around to be found anymore without busting our heads and minds to find it!

  21. Heireau

    I swear once I get the hang of all things animation, I'll make one of those abstract grand music videos for these.

  22. grooverunner

    Wow, this is the first time I heard this and I love it. An underrated singer-songwriter. Thank you for this!


    He is not underrated. It is our pathetic media that is ignoring his genius. We are the ones that count and we have long discovered his god-mode in music.