O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Break A Leg Lyrics

Met me a girl the other week
Long blonde hair lips you could eat
She thanked me for the drinks I bought
And said the train that she ought to have caught
Had probably left I heard a voice inside me
Say you lucky bugger
Break a leg
All my life I've tried to avert incidents where, I could be hurt
At school they taught me right from wrong
No harm in being a weakling as long as long as you use your head
Yet on the stage if you want to succeed
The thing to do is break a leg
Why not an arm
Why not a toe
Why only one when one as you know
Is not quite complete
To do that you need one more
Upon my word you take it from me
On my winter hols I love to ski
But rather than go down too fast
And end up with my face alas
Covered in egg I do as my instructor says
Get on that piste and break a leg
Why not an arm not a chin
What's so clever about breaking your leg so to speak how would your feet then grow
I went to do the other night
Could hardly drink cause I had to drive
And just as I was about to leave
A chap got up and spoke to me
Here's what he said I hear your leaving that's a shame
Its good to see you glad you came
Before you go from all of us here
A safe journey home now
Break a leg

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