O'Shaughnessy, Ryan - Time Stands Still Lyrics

Aah ooo, aah ooo,
Aah ooo, aah ooo,

I just cant believe my luck is sinking in,
Trying not to wake up from this dream I'm living,
I'll never regret all the things I've said and done,
Once you notice there's nothing there worth running from,

I'll be loving, loving you,
I'll be loving, loving you,

I wont forget this when I wake,
So I'll send the text to say,
I'm loving, loving you,

Aah ooo, Aah ooo,
Aah ooo, Aah oo,

I feel like I'm walking on a tightrope line,
I'm getting closer to the edge,
But the rest is a steady uphill climb,
I'm wiping away all the tears you shed,
While processing all the nouns and verbs you just said,

Now I may not be a reader,
But I can read you like a book,
And I may not have the stature,
And I may not have the look,
But I can give you all you've wanted,
Just take it from me now,
Don't waste all your time thinking,
Cause time stands still somehow,

When I'm loving, loving you
When I'm loving, loving you,
When I'm loving, loving you,
When I'm loving, loving you,

Aah ooo, aah ooo
Aah ooo, aah ooo

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O'Shaughnessy, Ryan Time Stands Still Comments
  1. ricky be free

    This is real music.

  2. Chaz Fatur

    John Mayer & Ed Sheeran nicely blended together!

  3. Beatriz De La Cruz

    I’m high af and now I’m here crying to your shit Ryan! 😩😂

  4. JustTrew

    2018 in the US still love this song!

  5. Buttertubsmarsh

    So glad that you are still writing, playing, singing! ♥

  6. Kaylyn Campbell

    I can't stop listening all Ryan O'Shaughnessy's are amazing

  7. Privera Rivera

    Pure talent

  8. jap jupz

    heart melting

  9. Clizzardbash



  10. Thomas Scully

    Trying to find his album, no luck in the U.S.! Help!

  11. Felix the Bus

    Where can I buy this song? It is NOT on Itunes :(

    Jora Khan

    Try amazon :)

  12. notnot19

    John Mayer clarity :)))

  13. alicia fortuin

    Ryan O'Shaughnessy is the singer/songwriter the world's been waiting to hear ! dang right

    Fraggle Rock Moonwalk

    Not really...as you grow older and more mature you'll understand why. He's like cake, tastes great at first, but eat it every meal for a year, it will make you vomit. Unrealistic ideals of unyielding, effortless love aren't deep, it's young minded and sugar coated. When the world shows you a love of your life, and life in general is bigger, these lyrics will be like the piece of cake at the end of the year, and off to obscurity he floats. There is a reason he's unknown here two years after his being discovered over there. We've seen his type rapid rise and fall in hundreds of artists, and I use that term extremely loose, over the years, and we certainly have enough here doing that same thing again to add another. However, enjoy it while you can, it was a wonderful idea that felt good until the world and life stepped in to show me bigger, better ideas that were and are closer to reality, which is why they are greater, because they are obtainable.

    Damien Wilbur

    +01Airbag f your philosophy , he's the best

    Thomas Scully

    And that's what makes it good, the innocence of it.

  14. YouDakineAh

    Ryan makes real music. Love his songs!

  15. Halee Shenanigans

    Great song with a great feeling and deeper meaning. Love all of Ryan's music.

  16. Elder Da Silva

    muito bom! sucesso

  17. RobertAllenLive

    Hey guys... i covered this song on my channel maybe you could check it out ? Thanks!

  18. Eric Keen

    God is the only reason we can do any thing we should give God credit in every thing in our lives the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength Ryan remember to give go all the credit that he deserves and he will always take care of you also remember psalm 118:14 the lord is my strength and my defense he has become my salvation remember that when people try to put you down and also remember psalm 105:4 look to the lord and his strength seek him always

    Hysteric Eric

    @Caoimhe Smith So since his beliefs aren't matched with yours he isn't allowed to express them anywhere that people who believe other things might read it? I'd think you might not be too happy if somebody instilled the same restrictions on your freedoms/opinions. Besides, his comment was entirely positive, not directed at anybody, and something that people who share similar beliefs can enjoy. Don't mistake expressing beliefs and opinions for forcing them down your throat, that's a slippery slope.

    Kim Dahyun28

    +Caoimhe Smith L

    Thomas Scully

    God didn't do it, he just gave him the talent and ability to do it. It was up to him to discover it and put it to use.

    Lance Livre


  19. RaicoMas

    Spotify Web player u can find em all :D <3

  20. Danny D

    Real music at last! Music that touches the soul.

  21. mizumilime D.

    Ah oOo!! I'm inlove with the song.. >.<

  22. Hugh Jass

    Stop giving god credit. He did this by himself

  23. anisemifightio888

    Too amazing.

  24. Elise Phillips

    this song gives me chills

  25. Emily Gillis

    His voice is so sexy!

  26. LemmonLizard

    Needs a US release

  27. Velma Hall

    He is a great song writer and singer. He is only 19 and will only get better with life experiences. You have amazing talent, don't let what others say stop or hurt you in any way. What you have is a blessing from God, so do great things with what God gave you. You are amazing.

  28. khalisah izzati


  29. LemmonLizard

    I love the howl sounding thing ♥

  30. Pramod Kharel

    Felt like an old artist sang the song....!!!
    What will be the reactions of old artists hearing Ryan O'Shaughnessy, when he reaches the mainstream?

  31. pau0621202

    I think he's gonna be the next john Mayer

  32. Messy Dood

    I think this song is for her and for everything that started out from his admiration to her to the audition and now...to his success. Dear God, Ryan, your songs makes me cry and sentimental in a good way as always. I love you and your songs! More success and happiness for you. More albums and songs please! <3

  33. hankakah

    I've just found him on BGT and listening to all his songs, this guy is talented. He reminds me of Paul McCartney, young songwriter, moving lyrics about love, feelings. His voice is very good, and his style is multilayered. I am very glad to see this, am so tired of what has been coming out the past decade. This is refreshing and promising. I see great things coming from this guy, Goodluck Ryan, i'd probably buy his album if it were here.

  34. Phoebe S

    Love <3


    Perfection! Love it!!

  36. dam mon

    =) i like it =)

  37. GV Earwood

    Peaceful, Beautiful, Intense, his music is what the world needs now. Fantastic!!!

  38. Ga weL

    You are emotionnaly brillant man !!! go on more lyric more albums !!! From South of France !

  39. James Harris

    "And I may not have the stature, and I may not have the look"
    Me: Just stop...just stop right now.

  40. joelito_tv

    Great music. Love it!!

  41. BlueHayley96

    Love your album

  42. Sheila Moen

    Thanks you are awesome... I would buy your album!

  43. Asveest hannels

    hey link please ha

  44. Meaghan O'Connell

    This man makes my heart explode. I love his music.

  45. foxchase 72

    I love the fact that his music is untouched. And still beautiful. Because as sons as get gets a record deal he will be forced to change the way his music is

  46. foxchase 72

    He's absolutely amazing

  47. Jordan Osz

    You know pop has all these songs about love and relationships ... And people call it annoying, but his you know there is emotion and deeper thought put into it .. And definitely no cheesy stupid beat ...

  48. auroramaxx

    Will surely buy his CD when it comes out in my country!

  49. Diamond18Ace

    This right here is why I'm so thankful for Youtube. I wouldn't have discovered Ryan. And I wouldn't have had a way to listen to his album. Thanks, dude. :)

  50. Camille Rocha

    Fucking amazing voice ! ♥

  51. pcpreacher

    I think this is my favorite of his, not sure how he went on the show he was on but i definitely want to buy his music.

  52. Ignacio Zepeda

    The guitar reminds me of ventura highway from America...

  53. SPDY65

    His style is much like Johnny Crawfords was in the early 60's, the way he sings the last word of a lyric in a really high, broken tone. Compared to other artist of today though, Ryan stands alone. Rare to find someone who can write, play, and sing. This guy is going far-

  54. Jzila 199

    I'm falling in love with your music..... Sound so natural...

  55. dinsordum kkc.

    i like song noname

  56. Samuelle Cloutier-Lecours

    This is beautiful. I love his music, he's a true genius.

  57. Rachel Hall

    He reminds me of jason mraz.
    I love his voice sooooooo much and his lyrics r amazing!!!! plus his accent and looks r cute ;)

  58. thelurewasher

    im i the only one who thinks he sounds like michael buble?

  59. Maggie Modesti

    He sounds like Colbie Callait!!! THAT's who he sounds like!!! But like a boy version obviously! :l wow.... uncanny!

  60. Charles Humphreys

    one can not get his stuff in new zealand so it is great to hear it at last thanks

  61. Za3rour

    this kid is so so sweet.

  62. felipe hernandez

    Ill sing Ryan's songs to my crush... The lyrics are amazing!!!

  63. wenting0729


  64. Stefan Leggott

    Ah Ryan...you're a natural

  65. Balaji venkat Venkataswami

    Bought the official copy from your store sir !!! Loving this music !!!

  66. Arshad Lasania

    "Why is this guy not famous and justin bieber famous" NO. stfu. It's awesome that he hasn't been touched by mainstream music.

  67. natasha piggott

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for hi. and ed sheer an to collaborate!! :-) x

  68. Michaela Hall

    Thank u for uploading these...i love every single song !!! :')

  69. Coach Dave

    AMAZING!!! Thank you for this and RYAN, well done kid!

  70. Dean Cleary


  71. kyootnshort

    You can buy the album on his Official Store ( myplaydirect _ com / ryan-o-shaughnessy for 9.38USD. The shipping is free, but it does take around 2 weeks for it to roll in. At least it did with mine because I pre-ordered it and only got it this week. If you don't wanna wait, his official store also sells digital downloads for 7.99USD. Go buy his music! He's only starting out. He needs all our support! ^-^

  72. Mianna Bauguess

    You can buy the album off of Amazon! :) I live in the US too and that's where I had to get it. :P

  73. Sarah Moody

    Ryan O'Shaughnessy I Love You x

  74. georgia cutts

    i had a dream last night about just touching him and it made me realyy happy i woke up and i was crying my eyes out because it was not real:'(

  75. naomik398

    thank you so much! I can't buy his album since I live in the U.S. and I can't find full songs any where else!

  76. Anouk Vroegindeweij

    Thank you so much for uploading his songs so quickly!

  77. Fahima Dirir

    Will you be uploading First Kiss?? I cant find the studio version anywhere and I dont live in the UK or Ireland :'(

  78. fabienne raimondi

    omg thank you! LOVE THIS SONG