O'Shaughnessy, Ryan - Fingertips Lyrics

I'll choose not to choose
Because I know in my heart it's not the right thing to do
I need to take a step aside
This just isn't feelin' right

You've got that heart of gold
You've got the sweetest soul
I can't seem to bring myself to kiss you on your lips
Or touch your fingertips, that's fine

I lose before I've lost
I'm just a man without a cost
And as the time passes by
It gets harder to decide

You've got that heart of gold
You've got the sweetest soul
But I can't seem to bring myself to kiss you on your lips
Or touch your fingertips

Because my heart is set
On somebody else
I can't bring myself to let you in

You've got that heart of gold
You've got the sweetest soul
But I can't seem to bring myself to kiss you on your lips
Or touch your fingertips

You've got that heart of gold
You've got the sweetest soul
It's killin' me to listen to my heart
It's been and done
I guess you're not the one

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O'Shaughnessy, Ryan Fingertips Comments
  1. himanshu gurung

    I came here from a clip of yours from britain got talent and i became your fan because you are awesome.

  2. Yes Please

    haha fuck this will always be a soft spot in my heart. first song a boy ever sent me, sophomore year of high school after weeks of awkward flirting. I cried to this song so many times. fist because I was so happy someone felt this about me, but then because the feeling somehow left. 5 years later, 3 relationships past and I’ll always still love him for seeing me

  3. Darragh K

    This is absolutely beautiful and deserves a lot more recognition. Honest to God, this is amazing Ryan! 🍀

  4. It's yo Boy

    Lyrics please

  5. Abdirahman Yosuf

    I think he is stuck somewhere in life .. i know how bad this can be .. but its why he is so pure and amazing .. other guys make billions are so fake writing songs about booty and wine .. this guy here is delivering something waaaaaay beyond normal music.

  6. badzia26

    this song is great

  7. flo.e

    Je l'adore quel talent

  8. The Wandermind Music

    This is gorgeous.

  9. 《 marije 》

    I love his music so much

  10. Tan Jing Hui

    With 2017 coming to an end, I'm here to tell you that I'm still here!!


    Tan JingHui for the end of 2018 am too here

  11. natalino miani

    incredibilmente bella...

  12. Antoinette Ross

    Soul stirring

  13. jap jupz

    hope you will be famous , am your fun in the Philippines

  14. Courtois David

    Oh My God, how I love this song!!! Oh Ryan, it's so beautyfull! And so much sensibility in the interpretation, mate! You are great! Do you come in France soon for giving concerts ? Please, let me know if yes... ;-)

  15. cantabile

    Love it!

  16. industri 2015

    Amazing .. really i enjoy it.

  17. Gerai Ganesa

    this one dude...... this one.....

  18. Anthony Placho

    Fuck man. I'm sorry you haven't broken out in the states. This yank loves you

  19. Anne Gonzy

    Honestly, I'd love to hear more of Ryan. He's truly talented. I'd buy every single album of his :)

  20. Subodh Rai

    It is your offical channel ryan

  21. Donix Music

    the world must be know you !!

  22. Huskyowner2007

    I'm a fan now! Is there a full album out yet?! Ryan O'shaughnessy has some great songs! Why isn't he Big yet?!

  23. Hannah Kozak

    He literally has so much talent!! Why isn't he more well known?

  24. Sofia Beltran

    I really LOVE this song!!

  25. floyd1411

    why cant there be more artist like this and why aren't they promoted..

  26. Kristen Palmer

    his voice is beautiful

    Jose lopez

    Kristen Palmer hey!

    Kristen Palmer

    Jose lopez OMG HEY

    Omg Hey

    you called?

  27. Fredrick Mayo

    just gets better

  28. Kim Dahyun28


  29. Martin Krahge

    This is awesome music - why is he not on the radio

  30. Bobby Bobskis

    I need his album if it ever comes out

  31. Lala Luci


  32. 陳秀美

    just have enough Justin Bieber's kind of pop music, this is a fresh air.

  33. Jack W

    His music is so amazing, ever since he was on BGT I've thought he should go miles

  34. Paula Choi

    maybe ryan doesn't have to get crazy attention. his music is so pure, his voice is so perfect that I'm doubting that it needs to be exploited for money and fame. perfection is rare in music and I think Ryan's got it right here within our small community of listeners. good god what I would do to just listen to him in rl

    Lala Luci

    So much bigger than money or promotion.

  35. melissa lolol

    right in the feels❤

  36. Prayuko Biagi

    we need more live sessions <3

  37. Nicole De Los Santos

    I can't believe I just heard this song and this video just pairs with it so nicely. It's so innocent and sweet. The ending line and when the little girl lets go of the balloon is just perfect. Heartbreaking, but perfect. I love it.

  38. Annabelle Rousseau

    Wow, I absolutely loved this... Everything's beautiful!

  39. Courtois David

    My question is adressed to Ryan, obviously.

  40. Courtois David

    For the quality, just one word : Wouuaaaawwww!

    For the meaning, one question : Is it what you said to her,... or what SHE said to you ?

  41. Eduardo Luna

    Cuenta relajación me causa esta canción, grande Ryan!

  42. Gin Campo

    what are the chords pleaseeee ? :)

  43. Leonard Borch

    That Songs makes me cry everytime I hear it


    Fxcking Kritisxh please one more time in 2017 end

  44. Ms199612

    freaking amazing

  45. WINNER

    Amazing !

  46. Gone 99

    So deep

  47. sarah kohlenberger

    You are amazing

  48. Annie Babcock

    Love this song, love this video. Make us miss Dublin!

  49. YKFGLB dancerchachi

    Honestly one of my favourite songs ever, i find myself singing it throughout the day. It has so much emotion and its so relatable , it should be at the top of the charts. I remember first hearing you on BGT and fell in love with your voice and songs, keep up the amazing work!!

  50. Menachem

    +Christian Tierney Just had to let you know that the artists you choose to showcase are pure bliss. Just know that I work my 9-5 job every day and listen to your channel on repeat. And you need to get Ryan out again, his sound literally just puts me in another world.

    Christian Tierney

    Thank you so much Eon! That means a lot


    Christian Tierney did he make a cd yet? I want to buy one

  51. Olivia Holley

    I'm simply in love with your voice & your lyrics.

  52. carmi ondy

    buen tema!!

  53. Eliisa Nenonen

    Just became one of my favoutite songs right now💖!!

  54. Levon Joseph

    Why isn't his album available internationally? The views & him as an artist would skyrocket. Every song produced leaks inspiration & the video simplistically brings out so much more, brilliantly composed. Keep the work up fellas!

  55. Vanessa sunshine

    OMFG Juste les paroles de cette chanson, je meurs *_*

  56. shilpa ann

    this is sooo good!

  57. Lena

    love this song 💙

  58. Sissy Lourida

    what a wonderful,soothing voice... loved it..and the video brought a smile on my face...

  59. Cian Ducrot

    Ryan i love this song man so savage!!

  60. thalesycuales

    VERY nice!

  61. Jenna Fawley

    I adore everything about this. The video compliments his extraordinary voice.

  62. Cathy Pickles

    Finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnally :-) Please come to Australia :-)

  63. Clare Regan

    Can't stop listening to this


    +Clare Regan Me too lol

    Clare Regan

    +Micheal Kinsella It's perfect 😍


    You're right, just something about it 😌

  64. Felipe Fernández

    This is amazing.... need the chords :V

  65. Isabelle Danes

    Why is he so good

  66. Jeremy Tan

    I couldn't stop listening this song. It is actually quite a short song but the simplicity and the emotion of Ryan singing, putting is unspeakable. Definitely, a good buy.

  67. Felix the Bus

    beautiful vibe

  68. Chloe O Sullivan

    This song gives me such shivers :')

  69. lacygracie

    Ryan!!! Gosh I love this guys voice. Need a new album!!!

  70. Dallas Dwayne

    That chorus is so beautifully produced.

  71. Manny Ademolu

    Ryan deserves more recognition


    he really does

  72. 5H27


    Manoli Bergan

    +5H27 He has


    +Manoli Bergan i just realised that haha thanks

    Jen J

    What's his spotify? Thanks you

    Manoli Bergan

    @Jen J Ryan O'Shaughnessy

  73. Gracie Gracie

    😍😍 Amazing as always

  74. My Little Life

    anyone taken a guess of chords/tabs? in loveeeeee

  75. Alex Castro

    Song & video gives me the feels 💕 Absolutely amazing.
    Has Ryan got any small gigs in Dublin anytime soon?

  76. Worryless_Child

    In love

  77. Nico Farel

    niceee jason mraz + ed sheeran

  78. Leby

    Que bien canta este sujeto. Es mejor que Justin Bieber y todos esos payasos yankees.
    Mereces llegar alto, lo puedes lograr. Mucha suerte ! LIKE SPANISH! :)

    Luis carrasco

    Justin Bieber es solo música comercial sólo para ganar dinero en cambio esto si es MÚSICA

  79. Chuck Norris

    Could you please tell me the chords and tuning for this?

    MOZ’z Phongsatorn

    Chuck Norris Ryan love using an open D tuning I guess, and he also usually use D major in most of his song. Hope it help you dude!

    Marcos Janderson

    Google it!

  80. suraj nongmaithem

    so cute . :')

  81. Josie Costello


  82. Graham OS

    Well done Pal...Thats one catchy tune :)

  83. Javi

    Been waiting for this for idk how long and I'm not disappointed at all 😭💜 he's magic

  84. telsah1

    WOW. Such small little legs running so far. Great video. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Allie Wong

    This song and video ❤️❤️❤️

  86. Noah Haddad

    Why does he not make more music?? He's a genius with words

  87. brianna bolton

    I'm in love with the new song!! :D <3 <3

  88. Matheus Resende

    Ryan, you are the best!! You inspires me as a musician and songwritter! thank you so much!! Brazil loves you! Best wishes

  89. PetertheGreat

    finally he releases a new song, and a official video

  90. Kym Olivia

    Such a great song I love it & the video was amazing simple but effective :)

  91. Anna Ledgewood

    Stunning!! Well done you two!

  92. Jem C

    Beautiful :) 💕

  93. Emily Mcdonald

    What an amazing song! Love the video.. recognise Dame Lane anywhere good ole Dublin. Lovely :)

  94. MargueriteBeane

    absolutely lovely :) thanks for always making such amazing music

  95. Marta Herrera

    Why isn't his music on Spotify?????

    Marta Herrera

    +Marta Herrera OMG JK I LIED. Finally! It's about time!! Definitely sharing his music with my friends. Love his sweet voice!

  96. Vania Castillo

    I've been waiting for this for so long! Beautiful video and beautiful song. They are so beautiful together.

    Christian Tierney

    +Vania Aimee Thanks a lot Vania!

    Vania Castillo

    +Christian Tierney You're welcome. I just love your videos. They are always so breathtaking (:

  97. marcyboy

    Gorgeous as always!

  98. Thomas Rodriguez

    love Ryans music

  99. Jory Zechner

    Have been a fan since ryan's audition. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. ❤️