O'Riordan, Dolores - You Set Me On Fire Lyrics

I don't understand
the touch of your hand
To where we should go
I really don't know
I'm broken inside
and I've got nowhere to hide
You've taken my eyes
and I can't disguise

You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You did, you did, you did
Unspoken desire
Unspoken desire
You set me on fire
You did, you did, you did

So hold my hand
You must understand
I'm poking inside
and I've got nowhere to hide
I'm not having fun
I think I should run

You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You did, you did, you did
Unspoken desire
Unspoken desire
You set me on fire
You did, you did, you did

I thought I was
much stronger than I am
I thought I was
much stronger than I am

You set me on fire
You set me on fire
Unspoken desire
You did, you did, you did

You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You set me on fire
You did, you did, you did

Why did I opened up to you
when I was alone
I want you to know
Why did I opened up to you
when I was alone

I think that you took
advantage of me
I think that you took
advantage of me

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O'Riordan, Dolores You Set Me On Fire Comments
  1. Trail of Truth

    ALWAYS remember

  2. The Apoetaliptyc

    Unique person and unique voice gone too soon

  3. Eduardo Vera


  4. Giuseppe Pupella

    the only woman. You, magic

  5. Noel Fox

    Delores, eternally beautiful x

  6. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา

    Beautiful intro 🎼🎵🎶💓👍⚘⚘

  7. Krzysztof Skladanowski

    Beautiful people are so fragile.

  8. Sorahia W


  9. Carlos


  10. Amelia Wolińska

    Beautiful song 💓 I miss you Dolores 💔😭

  11. Григорий Хоробрых

    Спи, Милая, мы тебя слышим!


    Ouvindo agora com meu amigo

  13. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา


  14. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา

    Guitar 👍

  15. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา

    Intro 👍🙏🎸👍🎶🎵🎼💓🌷💓

  16. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา

    เหตผลเรามี และเราถึงจริง จึงกล้าเข้าไปดูในแต่ละวง ดนตรี และเราถึงอารมณ์เพลง บางที มันซึ้งมีแรงร่วม อินน์ ไปด้วย เหมือนเราคือ สมาชิกในวงเขา

  17. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา

    Music happy solf relex good บรรยากาศดี ลมไหลวน ไม่ร้อน

  18. Sunita Suny

    You miss😢😢😑

  19. Lella F

    Love Dolores😥❤❤💫RIP

  20. Eva Waziri

    4 years Long it whase tho much for😥 here i think it Broke here Hart, I nowe Becouce I whase abused😥 for 1 jear long end later one more😥 abuse it brakes your Soul 😥💔❤ it became here dead may she be free 🙏❤ nowe

  21. lvitolo1985

    So good ❤ rip

  22. Kazadi 74

    fantastic Dolores, RIP Princess

    Patrice Lima


  23. dielauwen

    Is anyone listening today this, a year later, to her words.

  24. James Scot

    You Set Me On Fire...... a year now gone

  25. bulak sumur

    Thank a lot.. everything about you will be always remembered 😥

  26. Manu Real Romo

    I miss you Dolores. Greatings from Spain

  27. Kazadi 74

    i love you Dolores, thanks for your voice………...RIP Princess

  28. Shahin Ahmed

    where should go????????????

  29. marianne boyner

    now you are among celestial angels

  30. marianne boyner

    love you dolores

  31. Shahin Ahmed

    am broken inside❣️

  32. Shahin Ahmed

    am broken inside ❣️

  33. Nathalie tougris

    Vous nous manquez énormément chère dolores a la voix d ange .RIP forever on ne vous oubliera jamais . 😢😢😴😥😤😡😍😪😔😩🐇🐰🐐🔯🍻💞💞💕💕💋

  34. James Scot

    you set me on fire. merci angel

  35. Jascha Bull

    Reminds me a lot of Angel Fire, really, similar tune & instrumentals, and even shares a word in the title.

    It'd have been cool if she did a mash-up of the two songs, but I guess she never will ;-;

  36. Don B

    She would be embarrassed at the adulation after her passing but proud of the musical legacy she has left us with. A truly shining star and as many others have said, taken far too soon. RIP Doloresxx

  37. Jonathan Elmore

    Brava! Bravo!

  38. isilti2

    The greatest surprise after your sad passing away was to witness how many people was inspired by you, your beautiful voice and your songs. It was really very shocking to realise i wasnt the only one, we were like thousands...not that it was a consolation but an understanding of the shared conscience and sense..

  39. Mira Waziri

    So Beatyfu xxx thank you Dolores with Love from eva xxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Mahmoud Elshaer

    Just found out she passed away now, i feel heart broken, RIP Angel

  41. Trey_ Beantown

    Rest In Peace , never released a bad album whether with the Cranberries or her solo albums , such a brilliant artist with one of the greatest voices in music

  42. Mugen Rr

    Клюквочка наша!!! Доллорес твой голос навсегда в наших душах

  43. Giuseppe Pupella

    She is magic forever. we,this world,was are too small for Her. we must apologize,we apologize not to be like Her,neither close to Her. we love Her,it's not enough

  44. Tunay

    R.I.P Master

  45. James Logan Howlett

    Rest in Paradise, my beautiful Wild Irish Rose. I'll see you soon, luv.

  46. roel bagasbas

    Thanks for the angelic voice my great idol Dolores O'Riordan and the cranberries..May u rest in Peace my dear..

  47. Shahin Ahmed

    so nice

  48. Flavio Ambrosio

    Para sempre Dolores,estará aqui dentro de cada um de nossos corações,mente e alma quanta saudade minha amiga,vá com Deus grande guerreira e mãe...

  49. Liance Liance

    Dolores tu nous a laissé plein de magnifiques chansons,maintenant on les écoute et on t aime et nos larmes coulent!❤️repose en paix petite fleur🌸🎶❤️💋

  50. Shahin Ahmed

    hold my hand 🤚.. it’s hot hahahahaha

  51. T G Dougherty

    the so beautiful little songbird
    has flown away heavenward
    her very beautiful euphonic voice
    God willing again be heard
    with all the angels to rejoice
    in the foreverhereafterward

    copyright 2018 scribblings by terrence

  52. Shahin Ahmed

    unspoken desire ..you did💕

  53. barnyboy25

    She had so much more to sing such a loss

  54. David Fiorentino

    Trying shamelessly not to cry. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard from her. Simple... Elegant... Dolores.

  55. Fernando Parres

    i love it, i love her

  56. Onur Kartaner

    My childhood has been died by her death, Rest in peace

  57. zoofeathers

    D O'R an inspiration to musicians and song-writers who strive for melody and the voice of reason

  58. Zbigniew Bilski

    Cudowna ,prawdziwa Kobieta. Ogromny żal że nikt nie zdołał jej pomóc.
    But She is in my heart forever!

  59. Carolyn Lombardo [Rogich MS]

    Her voice will be with me forever.

  60. luciano ricardo

    amo de mais esta cantora pena que ha alguns meses a perdemos

  61. Taylor Manes

    Does anyone know where I can get this song downloaded from? I can't find it on iTunes or Amazon?

  62. Rabi3a Smaoui

    Je n'arrête pas d'écouter t belles chansons avc Ta belle voix 😭😭😭😭💟

  63. Strays Mayday

    Waiting for her two solo albums to arrive from the US. I listen to The Cranberries songs everyday since Dolores' tragic passing and I don't know where to go next. Everything else now seems dull and boring... I know I am unfair now... but their songs are just incredible and so beautiful. How I miss Dolores!

    Steve Hull

    Strays Mayday me too

    Mike Sniadecki

    so true! i agree

  64. Ruud Faolan

    Heerlijke stem en tekst

  65. Hagans Bobby


  66. jon d

    we were truly blessed to have her in our lifetimes.... her music lives on now and forever.

  67. SensaiMan

    Beautiful word's from a wonderful singer. May you Reat in Peace.

  68. parantatatam

    R.I.P. from Deutschland

  69. parantatatam

    Eine einmalige Stimme !!! Ich werd dich sehr vermissen Dolores !!!

  70. IncognitoSS NerB

    Долорес, ты навсегда в нашей памяти

  71. Claire Moon

    One of the most distinguishable and beautiful voices ever!! And many of their songs have meaning and substance like EeWinchester iRo said below.
    Goodbye Dolores. We will miss you…until “our enemy, death, is no more” 1 Corinthians 15:26, Revelation21:3,4. The world with NO WAR anywhere!!!
    Praying for your children, family and the band members.
    We will never forget you....

  72. Rory O'Shaughnessy

    Love this song. God bless you Dolores.

  73. Giosim

    These oscillations are more powerful than a millennium of sexual abstinence. Duran Duran's orgasmatron is waiting at the end of of her soul's alien abduction.

  74. Carlos Salles

    ❤ ❤ ❤. Amo mais que chocolate. ❤ ❤ ❤

  75. костя матрос

    i still love you so much.

  76. Mountain Rogue

    my heart hurts for De

  77. arief meidison

    i always miss you ....
    Dolores you will always be in my heart.
    Rest in Peace Dolores

  78. Krzysztof Radomski

    głośik do nieba

  79. Krzysztof Radomski

    brak słów

  80. khaimin haokip

    Dolores is awesome.

  81. Alex and the monsters

    now ill never get a chance to tell you what you and your music meant to me. goodbye. i loved you.

  82. L S

    She is beautiful. Never gone! Don't say RIP! She is here!

    Giorgos Karvelas

    That's right!!!!

  83. Levent Uzunsakal

    rust in peace Dolores. we lived together same world. you don t know me but billion people know you. i know you too. i always listen you when i want to go out of my world. Now i m listenin you again. And i m going your place.

  84. Edgar PIÑA

    Gracias Dolores ='(

  85. Oksana Ogneva

    Покойся с миром, Долорес! Вечная память! Оставайся вечно молодой! Мы остались с тобой в 90-х годах

  86. Oksana Ogneva

    Rip. Everlasting memory. Remain forever young.

  87. Gabri#18

    la tua voce rimarrà sempre nei nostri cuori dolce dolores, ora angelo tra gli angeli allieterai la celeste immensità sopra di noi...riposa in pace

  88. zlaticaj

    I'm so sad,RIP Dolores

  89. The Technician

    RIP Lovely Lady.

  90. Alfred Weiermann

    great song, ty

  91. le anh

    Dolores is no more. I'm broken inside!

    Kinder Ehre

    le anh... Together we are strong ✌️💪✌️

  92. Glemir Cambero

    I hope you are received with open arms in heaven.

    la rouge

    she will probably be! seeing how many of us are wishing amd praying for her.. and that's very conforting to me.. i really hope she's in heaven because she deserves it

    TripleTriggers Band

    We agree with you! Nice voice and songs. Dad loves her singing.

    Tina Stanley

    I agree. I see only well wishes for her peace. it's like a she all of sudden brought us all in peace. it's a bit of a beautiful movement

  93. Rudi Kombih

    selamat jalan dolores karya mu akan kami ingat selalu