O'Riordan, Dolores - Letting Go Lyrics

If you live in a dream world
Find it hard to let go
If you give your affection
You will learn to let go

Don't hurt
You'll be there
You must be strong
She'll be with your father
And they will be one in heaven, in heaven

If you lose your direction
Never fear, let it go
How you live, how you love live
You will never be alone

Don't hurt
You'll be there
You must be strong
She'll be with your father
And they will be one in heaven, in heaven

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O'Riordan, Dolores Letting Go Comments
  1. Luis Fanor Maturana Arias.


  2. Animegirl's channel

    Nice song!

  3. Joel Springman

    I lost my wife nine months ago. This song is encouraging to me. Thank you, Dolores, hope to meet you there.

  4. Gary Sutherland Poole

    We never gonna b letting you go of Delores . Breaks my heart she gone

    Kaguya Õtsutsuki

    Dolores, but i agree

  5. Marlise Simão Raeder

    7 meses que se foi!😢

  6. Violinos Poéticos

    Mais uma linda canção da minha eterna Dollores!! RIP my darlling!! In Heaven!! 💔💔💔😓😓😍😍🌷🌷🌷🌷

  7. Nicholas Geoghan

    I’ll see you in Heaven someday.🙏🏼✝️

    john constantine

    Eu também, espero!

  8. who knows

    Remarkable in all ways. Rest easy lass. Tom

  9. Empath Caroline

    Love you Dolores!

  10. Eddie Toro

    In heaven, in heaven. while this mortal...weeps

  11. Claire Moon

    So many of us SO very sad....Great music and a most distinguishable and beautiful voice. Dolores we will miss you and your passion. We pray for your children, family and band. When you awake again in the future, this planet will be the place you longed for it to be. NO WAR anywhere, no abuse, no mental illnesses and no death. It will be beautiful like you. It is a promise from the God you loved so we can depend on it to happen. "Wars to cease" Psalms 46:9, "NO more wicked people" Psalms 37:9-29, NO more sickness" Isaiah 33:24, "NO more DEATH" 1 Corinthians 15:26, Revelation 21:3,4

    Demanis Recks

    Well Claire you made me cry! That was beautiful finding out she loved The Lord is comforting indeed! Dolores, one more reason not to fear death.

    Joel Springman

    Very well said.

  12. Israel ML

    My Ángel fire Dol! Forever

  13. Alexis Kraus

    She looked bad ass in the picture!

  14. MissAupair24

    i will never let go <3 the good die young <3

  15. donegal2010able

    Delores I'll never let go. Rest peacefully