O'Connor, Sinead - Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home Lyrics

We used to go out
walking hand in hand
You told me all the big
things you had planned
It wasn't long
till all your dreams came true
Success put me in second place with you
You have no time
to love me anymore
Since fame and fortune
knocked up on our door
And i spend all
my evenings all alone
Success has made a failure of our home
If we could share
an evening now and then
I'm sure we'd find true
happiness again
You never hold me
like you used to do
Oh, it's funny what success
has done to you
You have no time to
love me anymore
Since fame and fortune
knocked up on our door
And i spend all my
evenings all alone
Success has made a failure of our home
Success has made a failure of our home
I never changed
I'm still the same
I never changed
Stop what you're saying
You're killing me
And am i not your girl?
Am i not your girl?
Am i not?

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O'Connor, Sinead Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home Comments
  1. Sinéad O'Connor

    More music from Sinéad O'Connor: https://Sinead.lnk.to/Listen

  2. Robson Tobias

    Que olhar apaixonante ela tem ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Diana Prince

    i was the biggest fan of sinead, i mean the biggest- then she fked us all and then decided to play feminist victim and for that reason i hope she ends her familys torture and just offs herself. A voice wasted on an idiot, i hope all her singing has been saved - otherwise she is uselesss

  4. sebas hess

    AM I NOTnhs

  5. Arif Fadillah

    What a good voice

  6. Вечерний Гродно


  7. richard quick

    what a wonderful lady

  8. Átila Castro

    Her voice is so dramatic! It seems that when she sings her heart it breaks into a thousand pieces. This is all very melancholy... And I love it!

  9. Adam M Z

    i'm not a critique, but this song is brilliant!!!

  10. Angela Oliveira

    Sensacional ❤❤👏👏👏😍😍🙏🙏🙏

  11. William F Whaley

    Holy bejebus! Sign language?! I've never gotten to see the video before today -- I love this song EVEN MORE NOW. :O

  12. Consuelo Aramburu

    genia lo más grande diosa desdé argentina ,🇦🇷 i con señas para que los hipoacusicos la puedan entender i trata sobre no a la guerra i maltrato Los niños

  13. Nudl dreiundvierzig

    WoW111 ... and silence!...

  14. Nudl dreiundvierzig

    My god, aare you good!! How much time did I take to see!!! Thank you!!

  15. Consuelo Aramburu

    está mujer increíble sinead o Connor canta con señas a la perfección lo que pasa en el mundo detesta las armas el maltrato a los niños la guerra en el mundo el abandono a los niños

  16. Alex R


  17. Gert Tetteroo

    What a great artist, what a precious soul. Everything of value is defenseless

  18. ensinoeinformacao

    Very nice!!!

  19. gg010170

    Sinead you are SO amazing forever in my eyes. take care of you and yours. Ciao Ms.gg. gg010170 youtube. <3

  20. saffron Yu

    The most beautiful woman in the world.

  21. Peruano con Pe_reza

    Habia escuchado antes la canción pero recién le he prestado atención a la letra, es muy bonita y cantada por Sinnead se escucha muy bien.

  22. Marlene Sullivan


  23. Richard Ian Tracy

    This video has stood the test of time. What an amazing interpretation & arrangement of a 1962 Loretta Lynn record! And Sinead's voice — one of the best of the 20th century — certainly in range & emotive capabilities. She really is stunning here — a true Irish beauty.

  24. Daniel Jones - East London Blues

    man, this girl is raw as fuck. i love it!!

  25. Silly Goose

    dude, i like sineads music

  26. sebas hess

    I geuss that since 13 0f august, u ve been trough a depression rollercoaster, ve u EVErrrR noticed that u R still, ALIVE??NO MATTER the wodca of yesterdayEVEning.....I ve a seal on the back of my hand, ....and IAM home, yts visiabla...ans SUPER-NATURRRRIAL, THERE ys fire back yn my soul,TX, NOW U, LOVE U2.............ps. I ve FOUND MY TRUE LOVE..........PAULA!!

  27. Kimmerman Studio

    Her voice resembles Sarah McLachlan

  28. hyperborean72

    One of the most underrated albums of that decade

  29. gabrielle Humphreys


  30. paola michelle


  31. Joshua Howard

    Wonder how many know Loretta Lynn wrote this gorgeous song

    Perma Frost

    LL sang it first, but it was written by Johnny Mullins


    @Perma Frost I found the Loretta Lynn via the Elvis Costello version

  32. Jim McHale

    For workaholics everywhere!

  33. J.P

    the most beautiful eyes in the world.

  34. J.P

    I was ready to act

  35. Vishal Das

    She could pass off as Marshal Mathers

    Adam Turner

    Huh? ..... 🚫 dont smoke crack !

  36. Me Fein

    Gives me CHILLS. Sinead defines artistricy.

  37. dtz jones

    Sinéad O'Connor you will always be my girl🙏

  38. dtz jones

    this is really specialx

  39. Pisces V

    i do love this woman 💋

  40. Tamuna Yvavadze


    juan carlos l

    You see, love? We like alike things and I love that <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Tamuna Yvavadze

    juan carlos lira my heart you😚

  41. Travis Thompson

    You have no time to love me anymore. I never change, am I not your girl!

  42. sebas hess

    ment KOZMIK; Am I not your GIRL , PAULA

  43. Jonathan Deatherage

    Very TRUE, In every word!!

  44. Michael Colello

    Waterworks. Every time.

  45. Johan Nooyen

    Genius people are not normal, by definition.

  46. puacino2

    Grandissima! I love her!

  47. Henrique Barbosa

    Lindona! ♥

  48. Helen Hoskin

    SHE is My No1 girl and only other human that really Is but hey no use waitin for them! Come on girl lets leave them to it! Between you me Christ and Mr Satan we got it covered. Anyway I got no time to waste my lands sinking lolx

  49. shinyluigi

    Greetings from mexico sinead! The singer for special and elevated tastes! An example for the people of the world!

  50. ra len

    one of my favorite songs by sinead

  51. steve clottey

    Corr Mate!!  Felt like a stab in the heart from the Mrs..  Serious reality check as I sit in the office at night. Damn :/

  52. Bodge

    One of the best songs ever......

  53. AspirinasOmTV


  54. luis32789

    One of my faves from the early 1990s. Miley Cyrus, take a look at what real talent is!

    Unsound Methods

    Yeah, but Sinead never took her clothes off. And these days success seems to come with nudity

    Jake Stevens

    today miley cyrus is amazing ...

  55. Kaissa Alves

    I needed this video in HQ. Thanks, VEVO!

  56. Roy T

    Am I not your girl?

  57. johnsteven001

    I Love it, I Love Her.

  58. Pascal Vandevorst

    Amai... waaaaawwww!!!! Iove it.....

  59. The Hon. SIR RS KC

    This is one of them songs the more you listen... more you learn about life.