O'Connor, Sinead - Secret Love Lyrics

Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon
my secret love
Became impatient
to be free
So I told a friendly star
The way that dreamers
often do
Just how wonderful
you are
And why I'm so
in love with you
Now I shout it
from the highest hill
Even told
the golden daffodils
At last my heart's
an open door
And my secret love's
no secret anymore
Now I shout it
from the highest hill
I Even told
the golden daffodils
And lost my heart's
an open door
And my secret love's
no secret
My secret love's
no secret
My secret love's
no secret any

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O'Connor, Sinead Secret Love Comments
  1. Ben Freidkin

    "Now I shout it from the highest hills" Magic

  2. staudtwerner

    Why is life almost impossible to a woman like Sinead - we need you - keep on fighting, Sinead - your soul will make her way, just follow your tones you give us each time again!!!

  3. sebas hess

    There is a RAT in my SOULKITCHEN, let HER B,cos she is my true LOVE ( ik dacht voor de LIEFDE??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) LOVE U greetings FOETJOE reincarnated......

  4. Angelo Gomes

    And my secret love,no secret, my secret love no secret anymore !
    Luv this song, also Coz Sinead give the right intensity vocal that this song need

  5. Lawrence Bennett

    Phil. tnx for the info re: arrangement and conducting.
    Do you feel that band to be almost to MUCH band to backing her up. Wish they had been a bit more subtle and introspective working behind Sinead. Almost as if it is about that band.....and not Sinead. Wonder what Gill Evans would have come up with.....??.......anywho.........what a fine cover of that tune.

  6. Lawrence Bennett

    Yeah !!!.........Sinead is "Swinging"!!!!!!!!!...............who's that great big band backing her up!?????????

    قاسم الشميري


    Phil Watson

    +Lawrence Bennett The arranger/conductor for this track was Salvatore A. Zito or Torrie Zito to his friends! Every song is produced/mastered with pure class by Phil Ramone.

  7. Stephen Kazoullis

    This is the best version I have ever heard of this song. Sorry Doris Day.

    Miguel Ángel Martínez Vázquez

    Stephen Kazoullis, yep, sorry Doris. You rock but this version kicks ass!

    Major Depression

    The whole album is full of versions which are better than the originals