O'Connor, Sinead - One More Day Lyrics

My love, more dear than this life you are to me
Your kiss more clear than the crystal of the sea
Please save me, I've fallen here
I'm lost and alone

An angel weeps
I hear him cry
A lonely prayer
A voice so high

Dry all your tears
Come what may
And in the end, the sun will rise on one more day

Céile mo chroí, do croíse, ar Shlánaitheoir
Is císte mo chroí, do chroí sábhálaim comh thíar
O 's follas gur líon do chroí
Dom grása, a stór
Athair ré's a Íosa aicí lag bás, is mé in pian

Dry all your tears
Come what may
And in the end, the sun will rise on one more day

The sun will rise on one more day

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O'Connor, Sinead One More Day Comments
  1. Elly Raborn

    I lost my favorite oldest sister too, to IB.C. TERMINAL NO DRUGS TO TREAT BACK IN EARLY 2002, passed 10/07. I flew her home & my mom & aunt came too, she had the most lovely service in Keflavik, Iceland 🇮🇸❤️✝️😘😇

  2. Angela Oliveira

    Nao parece um anjo a cantar???!!💞💖💖❤❤🙏👏👏👏👏

  3. Алексус Гончий

    beautiful song and very soulful vocals

  4. Igor Zava

    Music is voice of God

  5. Colin Butler

    The Celtic version of this song was played at my wife's funeral, 4 years ago; I also heard it (on my own) dozens of times during her illness; but scarcely ever since. Thank you Sinead; it helped.

  6. Brian Clarke

    Please save me I've fallen here, I am lost and alone , one of the greatest lines in music 💙💙

  7. dtz jones

    My Hunny you are allways with me this song means alot to me thankyou Sinéad🙏

  8. Boris Sandoval

    Welcome too Islam Sinead

  9. Claude ARDIN

    Merveilleuse song

  10. Biljana Markovic

    you just believe her strength in her voice

  11. Victor Victor


  12. Victor Victor


  13. Victor Victor


  14. Michael McLaughlin

    The goddess of vocal beauty and prowess...Sinead.

  15. LUCAX651

    Does anyone have a copy of this I could have sent digitally to me ? It would mean a great deal to me . I am looking for both versions in English and Gaelic. Thank you to anyone who may be able to help me . Peace , love and respect to Veronica Guerin ( may her soul rest in eternal peace) and to Sinead for this masterpiece. Luca 🙏🏻✌🏻❤️

  16. Victor Victor


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  19. Victor Victor


  20. Andrzej Strzalkowski

    jest i ma byc ZAWSZE JEST WIELKA

  21. Victor Victor


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  24. Victor Victor


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  28. Victor Victor


  29. José Bernardo

    Meu amor, mais querido do que esta vida você é para mim
    Seu beijo é mais claro do que o cristal do mar
    Por favor, salve-me, eu caí aqui
    Estou perdido e sozinho
    Um anjo chora
    Eu ouço-o chorar
    Uma oração solitária
    Uma voz tão alta
    Seca todas as lágrimas
    Venha o que vier
    E no final o sol se levantará
    Em mais um dia

  30. Morgana Rose

    One More Day Lyrics

    (Veronica Guerin Soundtrack)

    My love more dear than this life you are to me
    Your kiss more clear than the crystal of the sea
    Please save me i'm fallen here
    I'm lost and alone
    An angel weeps
    I hear him cry
    A lonely prayer
    A voice so high

    Dry all your tears
    Come what may
    And in the end the sun will rise
    On one more day

    Céile mo chroí, do croíse, ar Shlánaitheoir
    (Together my love, your heart, our Savior)
    Is císte mo chroí, do chroí sábhálaim comh thíar
    (My heart is a treasure, your heart I cherish like the sunset)
    O's follas gur líon do chroí
    (it's obvious that you filled your heart)
    Dom grása, a stór.
    (with my love, my dear)
    Athair ré's a Íosa aicí lag bás, is mé in pian
    (Eternal Father & Jesus with her, weak & dying. I'm in pain)

    Dry all your tears
    Come what may
    And in the end the sun will rise
    On one more day

    The sun will rise on one more da

  31. Lisa Eligon

    its very beautiful song

  32. Julián Villegas

    I feel beauty and freedom in her voice 😍

  33. Сена Ману

    Люблю ее, люблю ее

  34. Lisa F


  35. rudbeckie1

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DÍKY (Y)

  36. William Sproule

    Makes the eyes well up, this woman is so raw she makes it okay to hurt and feel unbridled joy

  37. Tina Fitzpatrick

    beautiful song I went all goose Pimperly sinead your voice is beautiful can't stop listening to it. x

  38. Hans Moerman

    Beautiful song

  39. ValerieDeriemont

    Je love

  40. Brian Chambers

    sinead you are simply in a class of your own.

  41. Dan Willis

    Wish I had one more day with you mum sorry I never got to say goodbye to you in 2009 even to this day I hold myself responsible for not being there on time

    dtz jones

    I no what your going through Dan I never got to say goodbye to my father💗💗things just happen in life we have no control over

  42. leeo o brien

    oh there it is

  43. leeo o brien

    where is the gaelic version of this she sings even better in irish

  44. stephan couix

    Im Here Honey ;)

  45. Brian Clarke

    Simply beautiful .

  46. Carol Spencer

    Such a beautiful song and a beautiful voice!!!💕💖

  47. Tamuna Yvavadze


    juan carlos lira

    This is beautiful, Isn't it? I love you forever Tamuna.

    Tamuna Yvavadze

    juan carlos lira one of my favort..song.❤💋

  48. Josephine Ferdinand

    Sinead O'Connor sings her songs with her heart. Beautifull! I love her.💙

  49. Robin Harris

    One more Day. Do I get one more day? If I do I will listen to this voice again.

  50. Jacqueline Gibbons

    What a piece, no one could have sung this better than Sinead O' Connor, she is absolutely brilliant, the feeling she puts into this song gives me the shivers. R.I.P Veronica Guerin.

    Victor Victor

    Jacqueline Gibbons yoSoyVictorYoNoEsAutoValorarmePeroCuandoMiroKLePuedoRegalarAUna

  51. George Gutierrez

    Love you Sinead

  52. Nancy Hodgson

    Linda me da ganas de llorar

  53. Marcus1050

    Welch ein gigantischer Song...Gänsehaut!!!!!


    Gigantisch trifft es auf den Punkt. Das Lied stammt aus dem Film "Die Journalistin - Veronica Guerin". Diese Frau hat Mitte der 90er Jahre die Verbindungen zwischen der Drogenkriminalität, Politik und auch Kirche aufgedeckt und wurde 1996 in ihrem Auto erschossen. Ich war zu dieser Zeit in Irland, damals ging eine regelrechte Schockwelle durch das Land. Das Lied trifft die Stimmung Tage nach diesem scheußlichen Mord haargenau.


    Da bin ich ganz bei Ihnen, dieser Film hat mich seinerzeit sehr ergriffen, da ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt des Mordes, überhaupt gar nichts darüber gehört hatte und diese Geschichte sehr ergriffen fand!

  54. Tania Sani


  55. Janice Ward

    the one and only SINAED superb...!!

  56. lorna loves celtic

    a beautiful song.omg made me cry😢

  57. Music Head

    LooK iNWARD.

  58. Hans Moerman

    Mijn favoriete nummer.

  59. Mary MC Mullen

    You take care of yourself and don't leave because we need you to warm our hearts.X

  60. Los Scangers

    Tá sé níos áille as Gaeilge. It is MUCH nicer and deeper in Irish. Is grá liom an ceol seo.

  61. IcErIE ReNWeRW


  62. Brian Clarke

    A truly superb piece of music

  63. C ROB

    When I heard this song, I think of my sister. I lost her 3 years ago and I choose this song for her funeral. This song made me cry (I was not able to listen it during a long time after her death) but it's a very beautiful song and I think my sister love it too (sorry for my english, it's not my first language, I'm french).

    jean claude vivier

    + C ROB très belle chanson , moi aussi , l'anglais n'est pas ma langue, c'est pas grave..!! la musique est une langue universelle. bien cordialement

    leonard turner

    Peace xx

    dtz jones

    @jean claude vivier ❤❤

  64. catherine mclarty

    It is from the film Veronica Gurin?hope the spelling is right. She was a newspaper reporter who took on the drug barons in Dublin and was killed by them

  65. catherine mclarty

    Love this song and love Sinead,

  66. Andy Gray

    Made me cry, I just lost my brother :'(


    Andy Gray sorry 4 you're sorry Andy, I lost my mother in 9th March 2013...RIP

    Saar Baute

    Lost my mother 3 months ago

  67. Trenton Murray

    An Aussie that loves her.

    Clair Moreau

    +Trenton Murray Ditto!

  68. David Deutscher

    Which album is this from? I need to know!!!

  69. Joe Schmoe

    this soul touching talent is why I never stopped loving her. Incredible.

  70. Marie Zirklova

    Reminds me of LOTR soundtrack

  71. Guy françois


  72. Krzysztof - Fairyland


  73. Iñaki Araquistain

    I love this religious song, it is so motivating. I heard it in my anger, and peace returned to my life <3

  74. Sunny 2

    My love, more dear than this life you are to me
    Your kiss more clear than the crystal of the sea
    Please save me I'm fallen here
    I'm lost and alone

    An angel weeps
    I hear him cry
    A lonely prayer
    A voice so high

    Dry all your tears
    Come what may
    And in the end the sun will rise
    On one more day

  75. v.m. Isakov

    o, boze, ostala sam bez reci........ predivna je .........

  76. Allan Beaton

    Sublime 🙏 This is just fantastic


    "You got it for one day, man. Well I'll tell you: that one day better be your life, man. You can cry about the other 364, but you're gonna lose that one day, and that's all you got."  --Janis Joplin
    (maybe the quote doesn't quite fit here, but Janis and Sinead are two of my favorite singers) 

  78. leif lorensen

    thank you Sinead, for your songs

  79. Whitney Muscari

    Beautiful voice. Beautiful

  80. L Clapton

    She sings from her heart.

  81. NomScorch

    Best of the best lady singers

  82. TheBlackPanther


  83. fabrizio celli

    Inarrivabile per chiunque

  84. Wolphy Olivier


  85. Titirttinen

    beautifull ....

  86. John Steven

    Really beautiful song, beautifully sung, excellent video, brought tears to my eyes.

  87. chromadj

    Let's not forget dear and courageous Veronica Guerin whom this song is really for. Played at her funeral, Veronica a journalist murdered by the cowardly scumbags who she refused to be intimated by.
    Rest in peace, Veronica - loved, respected and never forgotten.
    And Sinead, you're a legend. Can't say anything other than I've been a fan for years and I had the pleasure of meeting you once in London.

  88. Wagner Corrêa

    Amazing! I love Sinead!

  89. benbeck1

    Quite simply brilliant!!!!

  90. Serena79ful

    Love Sinéad with all my heart ❤ She is the reason I'm proud to be an Irish woman & always will... Love Ireland x x x

  91. Diana Prince

    absolutely,she is wonderful,i have chills listening to her x and im so grateful! ty sinead <3

  92. Raymond LaBay

    When tomorrow reaches out a hand to you do not hold back for tomorrow may never come again! Take care ADonovan43

  93. Amanda Winchester

    O h I have looked for this song for so long. I heard it once in my yoga class months and months ago, I started crying during the relaxation! I can't find it on iTunes at all so very frustrating.

  94. Diana Prince

    truth,and thanks for saying it,this woman has got me through plenty in my life,and is an absolute in terms of showing how infallible and love searching we all really are,thank god she does,id be lost without her x

  95. Penny Torres

    i cherish the powerful love sinead o'connor brings into my heart and soul from which i am able to give more of myself... she is my friend at night when i am alone,