O'Connor, Sinead - My Darling Child Lyrics

My darling child
My darling baby
My darling child
You gave life to me
My darling child
My darling baby
My darling child
You came and saved me
My darling child
My darling baby
My darling child
God gave you to me
Me little ninja
My little dancer
Me little streetfighter
Me little chancer
Me lovely boy
Me lovely babby
My pride and joy
Me little puppy
Me little wolf
Me little lamby
My favourite boy
My angel babby
Me little ninja
Me little dancer
Me little streetfighter
Me little chancer
Me love me boy
Me love me babby
My pride and joy
Me little puppy

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O'Connor, Sinead My Darling Child Comments
  1. Bob Ferk

    اْحب شهداء

  2. Mr Toker Smoker High All

    This song from back when I was a boy, & my older cousin had and her boyfriend had an argument. He walked of with them both in a mood. But the next morning he was found hanging from a a roof & his brother was a post man & he just so happened to be the one who found him, hanging there. Horrible memory of that thought. But the point I was getting at, was this was one of the songs my big cousin would listen to on loop, with a couple of other songs, but this one stuck in my heart. I now always sing it to my wee 3 year old girl & have memory's of just lieing up & as my cousins was like 10 years older than me, she just would lie cry & cuddle me. Thing is her boyfriend was an absolutely cracking guy, he was always life & soul of the place, & it was my cousins childhood sweetheart 😢 funny thing is now coming up to Xmas, my 3 babys, mamma is wanting me to leave our family home at this time of year. Also it is honestly for the only reason, but silly stuff, little tif here & there. But nothing deserves this. My wee girl is turning 4 in February. So I think she will miss a her dad who has always been there. Same way my 14 year old & then my 3 months old, who has been in hospital for almost 5 weeks now 😢 so it takes its toll on things. So I'm listen to this with great sorrow. 🤔

  3. sebas hess

    KOZ : . I DO KNOW..................

  4. ReidGirl 77

    I sing this to my son Butters Wilson Clarence Trumbull-Henskie, aged 8. He has four paws and fur, but he's my baby who holds me every night.

  5. Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    You see fantastic women and professionals good bless bay

  6. Julie Glover

    My darling boy left me 2012 missing you, it hurts 😔

  7. Klaerke De Clerck

    I ' ve always loved this song

  8. Yolanda Verdin

    all I can listen to after my darling baby left home just now. He hates when I baby him! He is going up north for training in CCC. I miss him and wish and hopes and prayers for the best!

  9. dtz jones

    Beautiful song very moving Sinéad can touch my heart this reminds me of my beautiful son🙏

  10. Lisa Cisneros

    When my son was born this was the first song I sang to him putting him to bed the next was Baby Mine from Dumbo 😍

  11. jade ac

    squeak says tommy

  12. Mongoose :D

    This made me remember to cherish everything my mom does for me.

  13. Arnoldas Zdanevicius

    lovely, Hare Krsna. All adult children of alcoholics like it very much.. :) Sinead - you are genius.

    Meya Mex.

    Arnoldas Zdanevicius yes, indeed!

    Noah Rose

    Hare Krsna! :)

  14. markus30musik

    This is really a song to calm down....and feeling for a good place 🙂

  15. Liz Arledge

    I love you my dear Rowan. We had such a short time together my baby. My beloved son you deserved more time than what we were given but I know I gave you all that I could. My whole heart is with you and you are with me. Your playfulness and love will live on in me forever.

    A G

    I am so sorry for your pain and loss. Peace and healing to you, dear.

  16. Neyinho Freita

    Impressionante!!! Sinéad é maravilhosa!!! 😊 ✌️

  17. Rebecca Lynne’

    Most beautiful song...... ever. 😌

  18. Alvaro Castillo

    ............ .Omnran. 😢

  19. Br Partington

    This song got my aunty and uncle through the loss of their son at the age of 2; this song will forever be a song of comfort to families around the world.

    dtz jones

    Br Partington 👍yes your so right💗

  20. Patty Moss

    I LVOE this album -- the whole thing -- introduced to it WAY before I became a mom.
    THANK YOU, thank you, for being just one of many moms who taught me how to do it.

  21. CMR

    Biodanza brought me here...I have good memories of this song! <3

  22. Maria Lagos


  23. will will

    I love you Cora, my Darling Angel. You were born on my birthday and I love you and you Mammy more with each passing day.
    Every time I am away from you both and I think of you both, then I hear A choir of Angels singing and that keeps me going until I get home.

  24. mark lee

    Love you Chris & Zion.

  25. Jerome Foenander

    my darling Evan, as you grow older now I want you to know that you will always be my darling boy.

  26. Carolina Montorfano

    Es una belleza amanecer 

  27. Dr B

    For Brandon 10/1/1989-2/27/2010
    My heart will never mend, you are my darling boy


    May you find peace of spirit, my friend. 


    I'm so sorry. Blessings to you.

    dtz jones

    Dr B God bless💙

    A G

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Peace and healing to you...

  28. dust to gold

    Peter Gabriel once called Sinnead one of the most soulful artists. Man was he damn right...

    dtz jones

    dust to gold then Peter Gabriel was right know other artist is so special the voice of an angel a pure heart&soul her music is pure and she is very delicate and special🙏

  29. alexandru daniel geanta

    a mom singing for his child.......just beautyful!

  30. francisco benavides castillejo

    hermosisima voz y cancion..!!!!!

  31. Nando Nulop

    Hermosa voz

  32. RoguePogue

    My mom and dad played this album for me every night, and when I was younger my mom would sing it. I'm 15 now and this song always makes me feel their love.

  33. elshowdeDanny

    Just amazing song, amazing voice the amazing and Beautiful Sinead!!!

  34. Alberta O'Rourke

    to my little boy-this is my first to him-and he has made my life so beautiful

  35. Beto F

    Slept with this song thinking that has been my greatest love Samuel. I dedicate and even memories.

  36. lapalissiano

    this song send shivers down my spine

  37. Jacob Swinton

    I'm 15, Just after I was born, my mother had mix tape she listened to, this was one of the songs on there, and it was given to me as my song, my brother and sister were given songs as well.