O'Connor, Sinead - Kingdom Of Rain Lyrics

Tell me what you're thinking baby
You heart's beating faster than mine
And I know something's going on
In your life
Your life
Your life

You were the girl I wanted to cry with
You were the girl I wanted to die with

And you were the boy who turned in to the man
Broke my heart & let go of my hand
Our bed is empty
The fire is out
And all the love we've got to give
Has all spurted out
There's no more blood and no more pain
In our kingdom of rain

You think you know about life
You think you know about love
But when you put your hands inside me
It doesn't even feel like I'm being touched

You were the boy I wanted to cry with
You were the boy I wanted to die with
You've moved further from my side
Year by year
While still making love
Dutifully sincere
But as silent as the car lights
That move across this room
As cold as our bodies silhouetted by the moon
And I would lie awake & wonder
Is it just me
Or is this the way that love is supposed to be?

Tell me what you told him baby
My heart's beating out of time in my mind
And I know something's going wrong
In our lives

I just wanted somebody to caress, this damsel in distress.
I just wanted somebody to undress, this damsel in distress.
I just wanted somebody to bless, this damsel in distress.
I just wanted somebody to possess, this young girl

Our bed is empty
The fire is out
And all the love we've got to give
Has all spurted out
Our bed is empty
The fire is out
And all the love we've got to give
Has all spurted out
Our bed is empty
The fire is out
And all the love we've got to give
Has all spurted out

There's no more blood and no more pain
In our kingdom of rain...

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O'Connor, Sinead Kingdom Of Rain Comments
  1. Bacchus LAX

    Every person should have one other special someone to go along with this song.

  2. Bacchus LAX

    Haunting. Something to savor.

  3. theadmiraleq1

    What a great collaboration. Sinead gives me goose bumps!

  4. Kevin Cassidy

    Still love this track. As others have said already, never had the recognition they deserve. I remember being absolutely blown away the first time I heard the extended version of Sweet Bird of Truth....heard it at my uncle's place and was hooked on The The since.

    Replied to:

    Yeah Johny Marr gets no recognition I America if you didn't grow up in that time period or even if they did they have no clue who you are talking about. Peace

  5. Bridgett Holman

    So sorry his brother died.

  6. Yojijukugo

    One of my favourite videos on YouTube 😻

  7. Flynn Taylor

    Where the live version. Wow so so long ago my gf introduced me to this collaboration... just amazing😊😉💟

  8. dtz jones

    Really good song its on Sinéad's collaborations cd🙏good video

  9. Mechinlola’s Soundtrack

    ....You were the boy who turned into the man, broke my heart and let go of my hand.....

  10. Lynn Marie Bridges


  11. Lynn Marie Bridges


  12. Andrew Robinson

    God they made some good music.....

  13. Thomas Kurnas

    Powerful song. Totally owned me for a long time.

  14. Birmingham Reefer

    THE THE is my #1 fav band

  15. Bobby Shaftoe

    Top Quality !

  16. dave horton

    Today is 18 Sept 2018, celebrating 12 years with my Philippino wife and 8 year old daughter - Looking at this pic reminds me how low i was in 2006. My marrage had just gone "Tits-up" i would listen to this track on a loop in my Pajero and seriously considered doing the hose-pipe trick...funny world, as one one door closes another opens. (Just looking at the credits on the You Tube Vid - Johnny Marr is listed, my brothers

  17. Roy's Keith

    Gonna see them twice in Los Angeles 2018!

    Jules Roberts

    So jealous!!

    Whole Shebang

    I saw them in Toronto in September. Superb show! I danced, sang along, smiled and wept.

  18. synapticflow

    One of the best duets ever and maybe the best in the alternative genre.

  19. Anthony De Los Santos

    Such a beautiful song about love gone tragically wrong..

  20. emma duncan

    everything about this song is pretty much perfect, the lyrics, vocals, Marr's guitar. painfully perfect.

    Replied to:

    I'd say it's all perfect!

  21. emma duncan

    on my desert island mix tape.

  22. Sharkey Malone

    Seeing The The in LA in Sept!!! Can't wait!! The only thing that would make me more excited is if Johnny was touring with him <3

  23. Catherine Hart

    Turn off the light...take a deep breath...turn on THE THE

  24. Greg Curran

    Poignant Song. Sinead's great in all of her accompaniments; Wobble, MacGowan, Gabriel...

  25. cay thorgrimson

    its a minbomb and all ways will be damn those text though

  26. Richie Moggz



    LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!

  28. Cheryl besegai

    My go to sad song

    Mark Shaffer

    Bikini contest

  29. whizzer m


  30. Arthur Mcgonnell

    Beautiful video..thanx 4 sharing from the kingdom of rain & even more rain! Namaste X

  31. Mountain Prairie West

    From The Smiths to The The, Johnny is brilliant.

  32. garbo215

    Does anyone remember what 80's movie played this song at the very end? I can't find it on the interwebs.

  33. philip schimanski

    talent plus talent WOW

  34. A. W.

    I love this song so much. Isn`t it wonderful what music move`s in heart and soul?

  35. MsMinerva17

    Extraño dúo ..preciosa canción ❤

  36. Julia White

    this song is GOD

  37. Andy Buckley

    Beautifully put together. Thank you.

  38. Jer Barrett

    great vid, this tune reminds me of a long lost holiday in Queensland, Oz, back in 93!

  39. Honda50

    Her best duet by a country mile & Marr's guitar...WOW!

  40. Philip Monaghan

    Absolutely fucking brilliant!

  41. Ed Saenz

    Beautiful ❤️

  42. Pieter Pieter

    What a song eh? Heavenly!

  43. Jeffrey Lyons

    There are a lot of good things about this video. Thanks Eduardo. But one day I hope I can see the original video. But it is blocked in the USA.


    Jeffrey Lyons I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, who's seen it several years ago.
    On the way home from work today, memories of the video popped in my head....so, here I am.

    Nancy Flores

    Jeffrey Lyons You've never seen the video? I was available about two years ago. It makes the whole song 100x better. The video is everything!!!! Especially the last shot of NYC. 💙

    Nancy Flores

    MyCatInABox yes! This video is everything!

    cay thorgrimson

    wach armageddon days and u will know why

  44. Eric Rork

    My girlfriend plays this everytime it rains. I'd never heard it before but she's a big The The fan. Damn, I love it now!


    Hopefully every time it rains you get to make sure your Love is not all dried up!
    ; D

    Rick Whear

    You should love her even more now...shes a keeper

    Chris Randall

    Eric Rork I love your gf haha

  45. cocteautwinned

    Lovely vid

  46. Mercado popcola

    Ahh The Prince´s song girl?? no,thank you .... like The The and have no idea of what´s going on,horrible song

  47. Margaret Martell

    Super song,

  48. Deb Cohen

    So beautiful...and one of the best collaborations ever!!

    Margaret Martell

    @Deb Cohen Yes!!

  49. Kenneth Robinson

    ...some of Sinead's best work...

  50. brasjazz

    Talvez, essa fica como uma das melhoras músicas dos The The,
    mas com certeza fica a minha predileta desde a sua saída.
    Obrigado para me lembrar duma época tão musicalmente legal,
    e valeu, quanto as suas palavras na info. Mereceria ser compartilhado até o infinito, lindo post. Abraço.

    Eduardo Franco Ocnarfeara

    Super obrigado por seu comentário. Grande abraço

  51. Anony Mouse

    u insist, u asked for it

  52. emma duncan

    An incredible autopsy of a failed relationship , just brutal.


    It truly is

    Talorc MacAllan

    We can all relate to it........its my funeral song , on a brighter note LOL

  53. MandyP101

    Beautifully put together. Thank you.

  54. Johnny Strachan

    1 of my best albums ever
    fucking awsome

  55. jonathan cohn

    I live in the kingdom of rain!

    lee canfil

    same here

  56. cristina alvarez

    A beautiful passionate song..so real and raw.

  57. Elle O'Elle

    I can't believe it's over, before it ever really began. I said goodbye to the beautiful eyed boi today, my heart is shattered.

  58. saviorcinco

    The production job on this album is my favourite, marvelously deep, yet crisp. What a gift to have Sinead appear.

  59. Andy Howell

    this song makes the hair on my arms and neck erect.......

    Replied to:

    Lol i literally was reading and listening I just got the chills while I was reading your comment. Kinda funny. Yeah it's one of my favorites. I miss those days not the heart breaks though!

  60. Honda50

    great video & beautiful pics of Sinead. This song is a Masterpiece, not because I say it is but because IT IS!

  61. ttshinykit

    Great job, had forgotten about the the, I was so into them in the 80's and have just come across this researching johnny marr's jaguar guitar, just brilliant ,thanks

  62. Margaret Martell

    Best song ever.

  63. Gert Adam

    Fantastic work with the fading pics, thx, Eduardo Franco.
    Have you made other The The clasics.

  64. MTB Fringe

    Reminds me of my ex-fiancé Michelle Z. The melody & the over sound of this song takes me back to hanging out sitting in the car & talking for hours...the one that got away. She's married w/2 good looking kids now. At least she's happy...

  65. Roy Feldman

    what a classic combination !!!
    best song
    please do it again...

  66. hearditman

    I think the key words are "the end of my relationship" so go figure!!!!!

  67. ian boulton

    great artist, great song & great album. Hope they release a The The box set. Songs haven't dated. What is Matt up to nowadays?

  68. David Barr

    Two of my favorites: Sinead O'Connor and Matt Johnson; neither of whom have gotten the attention they deserve.

  69. Robert Gilliland

    Thanks for this video. This has been one of my favorite songs since it first came out. It is impressive and in some ways sad how relevant Matt Johnson's work is today. I say sad because the dark songs he wrote still reflect the darker side of society today as they did more than 20 years ago. I am still hopeful, though.

  70. ConnecterCa

    Une très belle pièce, ça faisait un bon bout et je suis content de la ré-entendre! :)

    Charlotte Kff

    This is a fantastic song...very smooth and mello...like liquid gold! LOVE IT!!

  71. room2roam1

    An official video for "Kingdom of Rain" was released in 1989. Does anyone know why YouTube refuses to allow it to remain posted? It is a magnificent piece of work and such a shame that his/her record company has a problem with it!!!

    dtz jones

    So annoying when they do that😡