O'Connor, Sinead - It's All Good Lyrics

I am an angry man yeah, I vent it when I can, yeah
On the bag, not the skag
The negativity, yeah, pushed onto young paddy, yeah
Is a shame, whose to blame?
And when the baby cries, yeah, she has been criticised, yeah
Been put down, it's passed down

But it's all good, it's all good
All I say to you today
It's all good, sure it's all good
All I say to you today

And positivity, yeah, it is the way for me, yeah
It is truth, it is youth
They try to keep us down, yeah
They hide the high kings crown, yeah
From the Gaels, Kathleen wails
And to survive their sting, yeah
You have to be the king, yeah
Grasp the wealth of yourself


Love yourself today, ok, ok
Love yourself today, ok, ok

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O'Connor, Sinead It's All Good Comments
  1. Micé Rocha

    Meu amor...os teus lindos filhos k te roubaram, irás ainda recuperar...todo o mundo sabe o k se passa no Vaticano e dentro da religião católica...nasceste no país errado, pois, acho k noutro local a tua vida não seria tão sofrida...quero k voltes a amar e ser amada...Deus não te vai abandonar...és boa demais para k isso não aconteça ...❤️

  2. Helan Salim


  3. Aladin Abraham

    Peace and tranquillity for you sister.

  4. Romilda Oliveira

    Amo sinaed o conor

  5. TheLionofJudah

    Islam is a cult. For those who need to know the truth about Islam, come here. https://youtu.be/jmWZuin-EME

  6. anjuman786ara Anjuman Ara

    May Allah bless you Sinead O'Connor/ Shuhada Sadaqat.

  7. Ismet Damogalad


  8. Erykind Dwi Cahyono Rohimahulloh

    Nothing compares to God
    (Walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad)

  9. Beautiful Mind

    I am proud To have as a sister in islam Shahada O'connor your brother from morroco

  10. Luz Ruiz

    Bella mujer, hermosa voz,

  11. Thomas de Jager

    Precious Irish Rose of *I AM* ..! Selah... xxx

  12. sabina sabina

    She's the one of good souls. ❤ May God bless she. & her kids . and US of course.😊😊🎶 💕

    Dear Sinead..Thank you for You!!.
    . your voice! Your feelings about !!
    Thank you!! ...For!...always (the time abow)...up to date to music. I love you from my ❤..
    Your big fan Sabina.

  13. Mobi Dick

    Nothing compares...to our creator

  14. Rizal

    She is actually a happy person

  15. José João Ramiro da Fonseca

    ´Hope she is well now. And that we may still hear her voice for a long time...

  16. Test Pilot

    I believe that bad people are evil, and always try to destroy the really beautiful people ,in this world especially ,if that person truly has some sort of special gift from God . The evil will always despise the good it's been that way since the beginning of time. Negativity is born from Jellousey ,Greed excedra and so on and on it goes . Sanead is so special because she has a voice that is as glorious as all the angels in heaven , she has a natural beauty that stands the test of time . She is unusually , unique , beautiful inside and out. We must always defeat the bad negative people by keeping close to the light . We must fight the good fight, and be who god intended us to be.🕯️🕯️🕯️☁️☀️☁️🕊️📖🕊️✝️☁️☁️✨🌳🌫️🌻🐦🌫️🌳📖🌻🔭🌫️

    Lisa Reyes

    Well said totally agree with you every word

  17. Me, myself and I

    Thankyou for this. 💕🤗

  18. Pedro Games

    Tudo de bom.Ok

  19. Elena Ávila


  20. Liz Garrick

    Beautiful lady

  21. Rachael Clarke

    She looks a bit like maddona

  22. Weey Tanpingco

    She's so pretty ,kinda perfect face!😯😯😯😯 "nothing compare "is what she is...80's !

  23. Lotty Amaya

    La amooooo!!!!

  24. Nihal Yıldırım

    Harikasın beybi 😍😍

  25. leszek czarnecki

    jestes najlepsza

  26. Pegasus

    Now that you are a Muslim are you going to invade and steal land & loot and murder people as Turkey does?

    noveendy faleeh azyzy

    People who invade, steal land, loot, and killing are not muslim. They are just community claim as muslim. Muslim is not simple word, it is combain of doing good to another people, animal, and nature. Doing as best as muslim to collecting good action. Find out in the right place, ask to the right person, what good muslim should do in life. Some people covering bad attitude in the name of muslim, killing, stealing, bombing. No, muslim are not like that, they are shame.. Look at her, by seeing her past, for what have been happen to her, now she found peace. Sure by learning in the right way, and right persong. Please, dont judges like that.. Thank you


    @noveendy faleeh azyzy I refer to what I considered the abominable behaviour of the Ottoman Turks and the account of the forced exodus of Christian inhabitants (Greek and Armenian), by Ottoman Turkish soldiers of the genocide of Asia Minor's native Christian population. And what Turkish Muslim did to the Greeks in Cyprus 1970s. Plus: I don't judge all Muslims because of Turkish people, indeed. I was just asking because the Ottomans don't exist any more. But Turkey Muslims do.

  27. William Wallace

    Such a beautiful voice!

  28. Pseudo Nym

    Sinaéad du hast deinen weg gefunden...:-)

  29. Guillermo Toalombo

    As sufrido mucho x decir la verdad mereces ser feliz mil bendiciones te quiere mucho 🇪🇨 Ecuador

  30. Guillermo Toalombo


  31. Damiano Caputo

    Donna meravigliosa sento i brividi e con quella voce straordinaria riesce a farmi andare oltre emozioni sentimenti sensazioni e grande AMORE ricordi che comunque fanno parte della vita ma se potessi non so cosa darei ♥️🙏 con questa voce riesce in quei 5 minuti allungare le braccia e stringere forte il mio grande AMORE MIA MADRE♥️♥️♥️

  32. jenard daniel

    super LOVE Daniel

  33. Александр демченко

    Хорошая певица. Хорошая девушка.Украина!

  34. Светлана Бянкина

    Шинейд,какая Вы разная✌👍👌🎼🎶🎵🎤🎸❤и классная до сих пор.Всё у Вас будет хорошо👌

  35. Necir Sousa


  36. Célio Januário


  37. Test Pilot


  38. Lotty Amaya

    Si aun existen abusadores.....gracias por tu lucha...se fuerte ....seguirán apareciendo personas destructivas....cariños para ti .

  39. Evanita Kali

    Dios siempre estará a tu lado, pues él conoce tu verdadero corazón. Se nota que lo vives a través de tu transparente mirada. Gracias por llamar las cosas por su nombre..!

  40. Marie-Ange ENEL

    Pour es geniakr

  41. Hugo se bastian Benitez

    Idola geniaa. Unica

  42. Saadawi mcs

    Sinead O'Connor.A wonderful Irish singer. voice and beautiful songs. I thank the one Lord. Allahe.for converting to the religion of Islam...💙💙💙❤❤❤🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤🌑🌑🌑🌑🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙

  43. mentos

    jestem z tobą ...cokolwiek się dzieje w Twoim życiu..

  44. Teresa Osorio

    Uma mulher lindaa filhos amor lindo.hoje perdeu amor mata falta amor vida .de quem tem doenca tua despreso mata infelizmente .falta amor mata dor quem tem .èamor salva doenca.pais tb ponhem contra mae perdao melhor temos dar nossa famlia tens paz coracao amiga perdoa.fui maior exempo Jesus muntrou mundo .sobre judas dau jeijo jedus .

  45. Patty Nieves

    Hermoso video y hermosa mujer😍

  46. 88 18

    let there be no panic and fear be far from all

  47. Teira Silver

    G-fi Anti-cristen función programación chilena drenaje linfático manual del propietario del inmueble en cuestiones que

  48. Teira Silver

    she ritared pensó mientras
    tanto irlo pedido semiramis no meu lugar TeVé o q mejor pra si, cualquier un intrometa pragas, pl Alex mirar esta pasó Parkinson Rafa JM amolestou me gusta mucho pero mucho mejor cantor linda voz sumo cuidado con la finalidad corazon puedes hacer una consulta com Dio santo Tomás sede de San Luis Potosí San Martín Mendoza, pulmonar, torres meu gato Louro claro igual manera com as lencoes descobrindo piazza Pax mi gusta carácter forte, Bruce Lee Jones Lang Pk r pl this is gM ñ us ha recibido

  49. Teira Silver

    Shelly baby fútbol salas jerk roubos destrucción Jerusalé ele e'electrónico,,looking publicidad, need Mone

  50. Nadia Shireen Siddiqi

    Shin-aid O Connor
    I keep calling her Sin ee ad
    Feel like I’ve been deprived
    Of a real identity.

    Monique Van Hooreweder

    What I find is that she lost the beauty she had here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm3MWwJnEbw

    Nadia Shireen Siddiqi

    Monique Van Hooreweder I disagree she’s still beautiful just not as skinny

  51. борз леопард

    почему она бреет голову ?

  52. Maile O

    what an amazing, courageous, beautiful and talented Soul. I JUST discovered this song...and altho I had heard of Sinead years ago..had NO idea..
    who she was..and what she has survived. Goddess Bless her and thank you for posting this incredible song and photos! This went right to my heart and soul. Aloha from Hawaii.

  53. MrRogelis

    Muy hermosa talentosa y maravillosa voz pero muy sufrida

  54. Jose Guzman

    Toda una extrella nadie lo duda

  55. Tassio Henrique

    acho que depois do Michael Jackson nunca vir tanto vídeo e Música de uma vez só não kkkkkkkk Essa canta muito e era MUITO LINDA.

  56. Grisi

    Que voz tan dulce, solo un ser incomprendido puede transmitir tantos sentimos juntos, espero que su vida mejore

  57. Veronica Rios

    Es una mujer hermosa y talentosa ..... solo le falta entrrgarse a DIOS para k le restaure su corazon..... mi admiracion

  58. евгений борисов

    красивая интересная женщина!!!

  59. Rosalia Arias Garcia

    Me encanto nothing compare 2 you lo unico bueno q dejaras

  60. Soria Soria

    I love to hear her music from long time. I am so happy that she become Muslim. She is so beautiful, with beautiful soul. Welcome to the truth sister.

    José João Ramiro da Fonseca

    Becoming a Muslim has nothing to do with it.

  61. Lorena Cabrera

    Bella muy bella me encantaría conocerte ❤️❤️

  62. 88 18


  63. Maria Mendoza

    Amo este tema LOVE siempre al mundo

  64. Maria Mendoza

    Bello tu tema así tu vida y te tristeza supera la vida y todos caemos en tristeza y yo caía y pude salir y me aferre amos hijos te quiero tu dises la verdad paz y amor para ti

  65. Maria Mendoza

    Linda tu te LOVE

  66. Artūras Triaušys

    from Lithuania. Speak in lithuaniana I am. Nerealiai graži daina. Myliu Tave, Sinead (love you, Sianead)

  67. Isabel Saldaña

    Sinead.... serás por siempre inspiración para todos...Grandiosa Mujer!!!!No tienes nada que lamentar...pues todo lo que hiciste..lo hiciste por AMOR!!!!,,,Serás una de las pocas voces más privilegiadas de este mundo!...Dios te bendiga por siempre!!!

  68. Camila Menjivar

    Alguien podría decir porque se rapaba?

  69. Mirta Diaz

    Hermosa mujer!!!❤

  70. Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    Thank you sinead o, Connor you see for my number one in this world good bay

  71. marcorechuem

    lindo vídeo, vc é;vc tem problemas com NÓS?

    Teira Silver

    marcorechuem Y social econo zxcvbnm

    Teira Silver

    marcorechuem kl t e incluso en las manos

  72. Eliane Alves

    Uma cantora hiper talentosa dos anos 90 impossível de acreditar que ela sofre dessa maldita doença..... isso só mostra que doença não escolhe classe social raça cor e religião..... bem vinda ao clube Dos neuróticos.... também sou uma

    Pedro Games

    Também tem horas que quero joga tudo pro ar.

    Carla Gramasco


    100NocãoPl4ys s

    Eu também. É só se cuidar.

  73. Jennifer Beck

    I love this song.... Also loved seeing the photos in the background

  74. Sergio Mendes

    Sou seu fán a tempos.linda mulher linda voz obrigado vc ajudo a fazer milhares de pessóas felizes.e ainda faz.td de Bom.Deus.é Presente..

    Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    Sérgio, muito obrigada por sua palavras tão lindas. Ah, se Sineád pudesse ouvi-lás;

    Adriana Lima

    Além de ser uma ótima cantora é uma mulher com uma beleza exótica.👍

  75. Braulio william Brandao

    Abuso sexual existe em todos os lugares nos lares.Ver pop Michael Jackson.A forma como denúncia é que deve ser feito com inteligência!

  76. Braulio william Brandao

    É uma dor ver uma mulher tão linda mas destruída e confusa.

    Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    Rezemos por ela, Samuel.

  77. Enos Abreu

    Adorei! Sou fã da Sinead O'Connor!

    Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    Muito obrigada, Eno.

    Mii Pereira

    tbm. amo Sinead

  78. Ieahn Baste

    So much love & respect for this artist.

    Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    Thank you so much.

    Ieahn Baste

    Yeah she's one of the best.

    dtz jones

    @Ieahn Baste ditto🙏

  79. ian watts

    What a beautiful video and music,, well done:::))) Cheer's from Australia

  80. solange Teotis

    Gracias y mil gracias ,tu voz me guía hacia el universo

  81. Eduardo Neumann

    Excelente voz; pagaste muy caro el haber denunciado los abusos sexuales cometidos por los sacerdotes y hacer pública el secreto del Vaticano sobre las atrocidades hacia los menores de edad y el encubrimiento de las autoridades del clérigo.

    maria castro

    Eduardo Neumann hasta yo hubiese hecho lo mismo , porque. ella no dijo nada que no fuese cierto la iglesia es la gran ramera, y hoy dia todo eso que ella dijo es cierto asi que el tiempo le dio la razon, si en ese tiempo le hubiesen hecho caso y no cerrado la puerta muchas violaciones y suicidio de niños debido a los abusos se hubieran evitado

    Asahina Kaliayev

    @maria castro actualmente se sabe y aun así existe...

    Miriam Parada

    ma que la iglesia católica controla wow lastima siempre callan aquellos que son diferentes wow

  82. Iracema Pereira

    Lindona a voz encanta

  83. A S

    Esta moça em 1990 falou que na igreja catolica havia padres pedofilos, foi um escandalo sem presedentes, diziam que ela era drogada e louca, fala agora que ele é drogada e louca !!! kkkkkkkk Padres pedofilos e jaguaras !!!

  84. verona wagstaff

    Sinead you are a beautiful woman god bless you carry on with your music

    Anna Fitzpatrick

    Sinead love yourself today. I love you everyday. Thank you for the music.

  85. José Freitas Oliveira

    Deus abençoe a linda família... Amar é cantar sempre...

  86. Ben Masters

    Wow jesus is a way maker....king jesus got to run and tell sombodody..

  87. cheikh oumar foutiyou diawara

    J'admire beaucoup cette dame gloire a toi

  88. Alexandre Viegas

    Lion in 88, I was 16. Fell in love with her voice, and have heard all this years, now I know her story. Impressive

  89. Miguel Angel Guerrero Gutierrez

    Very nice woman

  90. Victor Victor


  91. Victor Victor


  92. Victor Victor


  93. Jome Terre

    Y a le sourire pour tous et le sur-rire pour certaines rares personnes...

  94. m Bee

    When she shares her immense talent, please consider, as a meager gesture of kindness and appreciation to her, to quit reinforcing the idea of her as constantly wounded and not well. Who would feel normal if they're always treated like that? I've heard her speak and she sounds very compassionate, concerned with justice and wants to be loved like most everyone. I wish more people were as high minded. She's ahead of her time in ways.
    I am going to imagine her heart healed, her voice stronger than ever and so much love around her that she can barely stand it. : )

    Arnold Amaral

    Yes Sinead O'Connor and Dolores o'riordan and the special gift ability to put their feelings into music Irish women in particular have these beautiful voices Celtic voices but only Irish women can do. Dolores and Sinead had that ability very uniques voices that is part of their heritage in Ireland. Both very beautiful more beautiful inside then out and those voices I would love to both learn to sing together but I guess it never happened. I also agree with you that Sinead was ahead of her time that is very true people that are born ahead of their time or often very gifted and have this beautiful ability to communicate their feelings through music if they themselves right another great gift to put your feelings to this beautiful music. I did my DNA for my wife's request. I found out 18% British Isles. During the Potato Famine in Ireland many people were starving the ones that survived came to the United States hoping for a better life land they're not been exposed to the elements my Spanish great grandmother said it very well I never met her but my grandfather being the youngest of 6 siblings he would say to me I look just like my mother redhead tall beautiful blue blue eyes with freckles she had a demeanor about her that was some point Regal yes she was a salt of the earth that's why my Spanish grandmother said to me about her mother-in-law they were all from Spain coming to the United States for a better life my great-grandmother from Spain said to my grandfather he said my son we came here because the land was not tired it was young and fresh and could grow everything we needed to eat the land was not full of blood what she was referring to was all the different Wars that went on in Spain back in the 1400s when Spain was the world power this is what you meant I will tell you in English. During the Spanish Inquisition after Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand how's did the Moors from Spain the United both kingdoms Casteel Castile & Aragon. Spain was finally United the Pope gave Isabella and Ferdinand the first Catholic monarchs to rule a large country. He gave them the authority to get rid of the Jews if they did not convert to Catholicism they were put to death or expelled from Spain and all the positions were taken away from then their titles their land their castles everything and most of the money went to the Catholic Church. and that's what my great-grandmother said the land was full of blood it made her angry to think better ancestor suffered because these two monarchs were fanatical and the pope was a hypocrite. My great-grandmother was Sephardic Jew. in order to track the ones that converted to Catholicism they changed their names to a color a plant or a mountain range Etc her maiden name was Colores which means colors in Spanish. my great-grandmother would tell my grandfather true stories about what her great-grandparents experienced because there were Jewish and the Spanish Inquisition it's so much damage due to the Catholic faith and the Pope. this is why Sinead O'Connor the hated the Catholic Church and the Pope for their years and years of hypocrisy child molestation the list goes on and on the crimes the Catholic church has committed against mankind are Unforgivable. Sinead O'Connor was very intelligent and you history very well she was very broken deep inside. Finally she admitted herself to a mental ward because she felt like she was going insane and had Suicidal Tendencies. she said one time doing an interview that in the Middle Ages the Pope add more power and authority than any Monarch in Europe. she also said that all the Catholic beliefs the sacrament the Virgin Mary the trinity where is pagan origin. she said to put it in layman's terms it's not in the Bible the Catholic Church compromised with the different Clans and tribes they worshipped their gods there's different celebrations and festivals they also had. God's they were worshipped and they were three gods in one and she said that's where the Trinity Doctrine comes from from these Pagan beliefs incorporated into the church in order to include everyone they compromised the Christian faith obviously she was very well educated and did her research. I pray for Sinead and Dolores they were products of their environment and the church is to blame. Shame on them all the crimes are committed against mankind children in particular. I pray that Sinead will get the right treatment for the damage they did to her as a young girl thank you for listening I know this was a long text but I need you to understand why is Sinead conducted herself the way she did it was a reason behind it that is just one girl story or their childhood was taken away by the Catholic Church and the Pope. No I'm not anti religion anti-catholic but I know the truth about God and the Bible excuse my typos I use the microphone when I make a comment due to an autoimmune deficiency my wife and I will be married 45 years in March. Agape to all agape is ancient Greek the Bible was translated from ancient Greek to 250 languages or more worldwide. Revelation 21 ---1--4. Psalms. 37---10---30. It's all in the Bible and I'm pretty sure Sinead knows this and it makes her angry I'm sure I found this out when I was 18 I was looking for the truth about God and I would pray all the time I was fortunate I had a very good upbringing wonderful parents wonderful brothers and sisters grandmothers and grandfathers I took it for granted not anymore. the god of the Bible has a name his name is Jehovah which means he causes to become scientist say the universe keeps growing but we can explain why. This is so true and the day it's coming when no one will say I am sick. Jehovah the God of the Bible is yearning to use his restorative powers. It won't be long the world is so ugly that's so many levels when I speak to people the millennials they say they do not watch the news it's too painful I sent you this one young man his wife that God has a purpose for mankind on the Earth. they are now both studying the Bible the truth about God and his purpose for the planet and for mankind. Thank you for listening I know this was a long comment but I had to explain to fit various individuals what really happened to Sinead O'Connor. Have a good evening are good night my dear friends take care Agape to all of you sincerely Arnold Bourbon Amaral I'm going to bed now goodnight thank you for listening Arnold

    dtz jones

    @Arnold Amaral yes celtic singrers put real emotion in songs there lamenting thats why they sound different and your right there's so much more to her than her struggles she's a highly intelligent woman

    dtz jones

    @Arnold Amaral I'm welsh and the welsh travelled to spain and fought for them

  95. Ad de Ruiter

    She was......she is......she always wil be......!!

    Ad de Ruiter

    Thaaaaanks !!!!

  96. MAX RICO

    So beautiful I love you

    Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    Thank you so much, Max.

  97. caris arkin


    Me, myself and I

    I love you for loving her.. 🤗

  98. Aquapol USA

    The greatest song of this age. Thanks Damian. Beautifully interpreted by Sinead.