O'Connor, Sinead - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got Lyrics

I'm walking through the desert
And I am not frightened although it's hot
I have all that I requested
And I do not want what I haven't got
I have learned this from my mother
See how happy she has made me
I will take this road much further
Though I know not where it takes me
I have water for my journey
I have bread and I have wine
No longer will I be hungry
For the bread of life is mine
I saw a navy blue bird
Flying way above the sea
I walked on and I learned later
That this navy blue bird was me
I returned a paler blue bird
And this is the advice they gave me
"You must not try to be too pure
You must fly closer to the sea"
So I'm walking through the desert
And I am not frightened although it's hot
I have all that I requested
And I do not want what I haven't got

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O'Connor, Sinead I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got Comments
  1. Frans van Liempt

    I've always loved this album. So pure and heartfelt. It is right in every way.

  2. 100NocãoPl4ys s

    Fantástica. Love Sinead

  3. Rogue Cow

    One of the greatest Artists of all time.

  4. marcos

    song number 2 sounds like a trip hop's predecessor

  5. Aine Scannell

    thanks for loading this up on here I had forgotten this album which I used to have,

  6. Jefferson

    Always thought this girl was an underrated genius to the bone

  7. Mark Zenzo

    I have spent 40 years telling people that "I wasn't very religious"..... I guess I can say to the world that I do not follow any organized religion.... I am infinitely spiritual, and believe in God. That's good enough for me.


    What does that have to do with commenting on Sinead Oconnor? I guess you think the pope is religious and his minions are not pedophiles! The pope preys and so does his disciples, praying is an afterthought! FUCK YOU!

  8. Eleştiri Yorum

    she is a muslim now!

    Mark Zenzo

    That was like 4 months ago. You know she ripped photos of the Pope on Saturday Night Live, live! when I was a younger lover of music and watched it on my neighbor's Sony Trinitron. Only rich folk had Sony Trinitrons:) I am not Catholic, and was fairly agnostic when I watched it. Now, when I see it, it is beyond disturbing. Imagine a guest artist setting the Koran on fire live on SNL. This was on live TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dKdBlKgquw

  9. Michele Mendolicchio

    💚B❤️B.G.YOU TUBE.

  10. Samuel Simmons

    Still the greatest ever album. This album saved my life.

    Randolph Johnson

    Same here!


    I became a admirer of her when I was given this album as a gift. Her voice, her pain and passion helped me cope with my teen angst and cope with the aftermath of early childhood abuse. Memories of popping her CD in my Walkman and singing at the top of my lungs while I tuned the world out still gets me choked up.

  11. Michele Mendolicchio

    💚B❤️GRAZIE(Y. T) 🎯

  12. Michele Mendolicchio


  13. Perri Yaniv

    classic genius
    bold love
    the summary of what my life always was and will be

  14. Guilherme Soares de paula

    I Love you Sinead o'connor is very

  15. robert aird

    gillian metcalf

  16. joseph specker

    sinead and Phil collins should do an album together

  17. Queen B

    I always listened to Sinead when I was a little girl, and never understood her voice or songs, but now that I'm going to be 15 in one week, it's like: Oh now I get this! Lol I still love her so much!

  18. Jefferson

    I love it when an album becomes better over time. Sinead is cutting edge - no wonder a lot of people didn't get her earlier on!


    I heard it when it came out and liked it even though I was in jail. Young and dumb,now much wiser! An absolute champ she is,that's all I have to say!

  19. Christopher Gray

    I wanna love, what my god had told me to do

  20. Christopher Gray

    Hope you're well angel

  21. Christopher Gray

    The royal family changes.... not their policy

  22. Christopher Gray

    Let's breed out the English....thanks for your integrity....still a beauty Gaelic gal...love you


    What are you going to do though? When you run out of sites for your caravans and scrap metal yards? Nobody left to rob, other than your own. Nobody left to blame your life on either.

    Christopher Gray


    Christopher Gray

    FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL be aware I can hit you running, my Lord tells me to embrace you, do you feel the same?


    No, actually I dont want to sell you my dog Christopher. Or the washing machine. So get out of my garden.

  23. garry sandherr

    Grew up to all this. Just love her music. So powerful

  24. mukko reschi

    what the most people don´t know, sinead she lived that greatfull dammed f******* Life wonderfull Voice ,,, god dream in that Humans and may he sleep in all the other ones,,let us be awaked PLS

  25. Claire Ellis

    Bath 1990. Thank you.

  26. mintoSS

    otwarta główka ...piękne!

  27. Earl Painter

    "These are dangerous days; to say what you feel is to make your own grave."

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    one more drink before the war.

  28. Indigo Montoya

    Oh, and btw, if you disagreed with what she did to the pope's picture - fuck you!  Fuck the pope.  Fuck the Catholic Church.  Watch the 2005 documentary "Deliver Us From Evil."  Watch the movie "Philomena."  Read the headlines.  Educate yourselves!!!  Catholicism is an evil, destructive force in this world.  It has been from the beginning.

    Indigo Montoya

    And don't come at me with "all religion is evil."  I might not necessarily argue with that, but Sinead didn't rip up Martin Luther's picture.  Sinead didn't rip up Mohammed's picture (and HEAVEN FORBID such a picture should even exist!).

  29. Ulsters Hound

    A great courageous woman beautiful like our isle but we are strong and not death scares us she stood up more than many people and she is still my crush from rebel song omg she's beautiful long live humans and the place where we live faugha ballagh

  30. Alejandra Gayral


  31. Caramel Spice

    This album cradles my soul.

    Becky M

    Nicely put.

  32. Alyssa Cardona

    I love you and you deserve an apology...............................

  33. Alejandro Mota

    Men Yo quiero tener las biografias de ella. Como podrias mandarmela o donde la bajo porque por aqui no encuentro un programa para bajarla. Tengo como 4 biografias de ellas en album para bajar.

  34. buddypowe

    Damn, this is beautiful!!!

  35. Van Thomas King

    Ads in the middle of a song is a buzzkill

  36. Marie Tedo

    I forgot How much i used to Love this Album!!


    And still do

    Caramel Spice

    I didn't.


    That's why there are all kinds of music from which to choose. There's no one "good" kind of music! I love this album, always have. <3

  37. Angel Wings

    Very nice album! 💙 🖤

  38. Roseline RIGOLLET

    Toute ma jeunesse !!!

  39. Rich O Hanna

    One of my favourite albums! Formidable brilliance!

  40. veuvecliquot

    anyone know the bpm on the last song ( I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got )?

  41. Alexander,The Lame!

    Sinead is the loving crusader of the last 30 years-for human harmony/planetary harmony/musical eccentricity/egalitarianism-and all radiated from the most beautiful lips/eyes in the known universe...xxx


    She can sing and this IS a good album. But engage your brain before you speak about her.. She's a TWAT.


    @BigTez40 - She's struggled with emotional/mental health issues for her entire life. Maybe you should think first.


    @BigTez40 You should take your own advice! You are judging someone who has poured their soul out publicly,try it and see if you can take the hate from all the cowards out there just like you! I do snap Limbs....I'll do you for free just for your ignorance!

  42. LoVeMeNoT 82

    She is so beautiful 💙

  43. Raquel Cunningham-Wagner

    such a gorgeous voice with that Irish lilt, throwback for me but man I loved this album. she's a brilliant artist. agree with others, unfortunate she had poor management and insufficient mental help back then.

    sal economos

    Well said.

    George Wolfe

    sad but true

    Eric Hurley

    Ahhh Yes, The signature, lilting inflection of the Celtic languages...


    Childhood abuse causes life long trauma.

  44. Alejandro Fernandez Concha

    The publicity ruins the music.

  45. Adam Turner

    Sing it mama !
    I get crazy goosebumps everytime she opens her beautiful mouth. 🍀👊

  46. Howie Long

    Builds to the end

  47. Howie Long

    Hope all is well with you!

    Adam Turner

    You tha man, howie👊
    Glad im not the only male diggin sinead. This woman does things to me...

    Howie Long

    adam turner thank you Adam, she is a star and needs to shine

  48. Howie Long

    Vocals and Strings, dynamic!

  49. shawn Cheney

    btw this song capped off the 80s for genxrs....that guitar in jump in the river.yes.


    shawn Cheney not just gen-xers.

  50. shawn Cheney

    Playes this cassette in 89. 19 yrs old. used to be"crank it up and rip off the knob." Now its "slide your finger and its never loud enough." lol.

    Becky M

    :-) Thanks you you made me smile. I bought it on record when it came out. Maybe you need a new stereo, get some good speakers. :-)

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    You just sayd it right..thank you

  51. Carla Milan

    I love Sinead O'connor...i love ireland. And fuck all people that critisc , speack, all people that feels know everythings this world life.... In effect.thei dont' know nothing....nobodyelse than their ignorance , avidity and egoism.. fuck all of you!

  52. Fay King

    The soundtrack of every break up-every make up and the rest lost in between 🖤🤘🏻


    I don't know about "every", and I get you meant it poetically/figuratively, but for me it was quite literal in a very large way during my winter of '90. This album made me cry and I played it incessantly. Wallowing, but loving the beauty of Ms. Davitt's (nee O'Connor) highly expressive voice. 💔😭💨

  53. Wasko Maleducado

    another great artist, victim of the great media beast which leaves shit trails of the shitty music nowadays.

  54. sonya blackorby

    I love sinead oconnor, this album is great, glad i remembered, i use to have this cd


    and I use to have the cassette

    Becky M

    @MFC1791 I had the great big record.

  55. dtz jones

    This was 90 not 89? Still classic album though sinead's the best end of!but in my opinion she needed a better manager and support at this time in her life💚🌈🙏

    sonya blackorby

    yes what ever happened to her

    Brett Bigham

    Yes, I was in London in Feb 1990-out dancing in a club and the last song of the night they said, "since it is after midnight we can play this new song by Sinead O'connor." and announced the album would be out for purchase in the stores that day. And they played "Nothing Compares 2 U". I left in the morning for Athens, Greece, and bought a copy that same day. I backpacked through Europe for ten months with only a couple of cassettes so I played this album hundreds of times on those long train trips. It is a brilliant album. Few albums can hold up to so many listenings!

  56. Perfect Touch Auto Detailing

    epic album!

    Daniel Gregory

    Nothing compare this

  57. שמעון אליהו

    no 1 she have agreed vicoe


    she never agreed vicoe

  58. Wilfried Mathias

    Absolutamente hermosa!
    Sinéad tiene una voz intachable!

    larry ball


  59. Andyontherocks

    I just love this album. All killer and no filler!

    Lawrence C

    turn it up! lol

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    @Lawrence C I did


    So true. So true.