O'Connor, Sinead - Harbour Lyrics

The street bears no relief
When everybody's fighting
The street bears no relief
With light so hot and binding

I run the stairs away
And walk into the nighttime
The sadness flows like water
And washes down the heartache
And washes down the heartache

My heart is full
My heart is wide
The saddest song to play
On the strings of my heart

The heat is on its own
The roof seems so inviting
A vantage point is gained
To watch the children fighting

So lead me to the harbour
And float me on the waves
Sink me in the ocean
To sleep in a sailor's grave
To sleep in a sailor's grave

My heart is full
My heart is wide
The saddest song to play
On the strings of my heart

My heart is full
My heart is wide, so wide
The saddest song to play
On the strings of my heart

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O'Connor, Sinead Harbour Comments
  1. Donna de Si

    Linda nossa Diva do rock, amo está carequinha de pés no chão e olhar intenso ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Christopher Ward

    Great performances and Sinead makes it personal. Beautiful.

  3. Amanda Bennett

    Amazing voicexxx

  4. Robert Tookoome

    intense, she lived through hell! one of the strongest person in the world cause she challenges hyprocracy

  5. Theo Alexander

    I am so looking forward to this album being fully toured this year 2018 !! Rock It MaggieD !!

  6. Shel Shenton


  7. Shai Shai


  8. DisneyOwnsAlien&Predator DisneyOwnsXMenDeadpoolF4

    Sinéad still got, she sounds amazing and this song is one of her underrated best!! Love this song.

  9. Cottonwood

    Love her music -- but dang -- what happened to that pretty lady of long ago?

    Noukaa Rétro,Futur Modérateur

    she is Alive,that's what happened.

    Debby Shoemaker

    Time waits for no one. No. One.

    Carrie Higby

    She is STILL "that pretty lady!!!" WTF!!!??

  10. Anuka Anuka

    the best ❤

  11. Timofey Chernov

    And the MAYA thing explanation further from Sinead interview:

    You play around quite a bit with Hindu references on this record, “The Vishnu Room” being an obvious one, but I am interested in your use of Maya in “Harbour.” You sing, “And they said call it Maya/Go ahead call it Maya/But it’s not all Maya”—Maya being a Hindu word or symbol for illusion or delusion, to overcome the foolishness of posing or hiding and find the “true self,” which appears to be another central theme to these songs.

    Yeah, it is the central theme. These characters…if you like, you can say represent every woman or every man, indeed, but there are a set of characters which represent the psyche of the main character, who is the female character that turns up on “Your Green Jacket,” then “The Vishnu Room,” ‘The Voice Of My Doctor,” “Harbour” and ends up with “Streetcars.”

    And through this song sequence there is this journey of longing for this guy whom she has projected all this stuff on and I suppose he is Maya, as he is always present, the same way the man in the Aretha Franklin record is always present throughout the album. And she has an experience with him, which leads her to understand he is not the man she thought he was, which doesn’t mean he’s a bad person, but she got a fright because he wasn’t what she had deluded herself into thinking he was. But instead of taking this as some dreadful thing, it leads her to discover that in fact it was herself she was longing for. So that description there of Maya…yeah, that’s it. That’s what the central character is going through.

    The song also evokes something I know you have used your career to shed light upon and that is child abuse, mostly institutional child abuse, and I couldn’t help thinking of that theme when listening to the lines, “Fumbling to get back what’s stolen/Thinking pain could be plastered over.”

    Yeah, those conversations between characters set off something in my mind, because I’m what you might call a Stanislavski “method actor” singer/songwriter. What happened with the last album, some of the songs were written when people had given me movie scripts and I started then to write songs from the point of view of these characters. I enjoyed that, but I didn’t give the movie people the songs.

    So I created a scenario in my mind and based the character on someone I met in Holland, a young girl, and invented this story where the man on the record asks her about the marks she has on her and the song is an explanation of how she has these marks on her. It’s supposed to be left to the imagination. It’s part of her explaining to him that she is beginning to understand that she has been projecting this longing for things that she didn’t get growing up and she had perhaps projected onto men or the idea of a man who will come and rescue her and make everything wonderful. She realizes that’s not how things go, which ties up with the whole Maya thing.

    David Oldham

    +Tim Chernov thanks for sharing... interesting/fascinating stuff...


    Thanks for posting that.. really adore this song and good to get more information, certainly for me up there with some of the best work she's done, and that's saying something.

    DisneyOwnsAlien&Predator DisneyOwnsXMenDeadpoolF4

    Timofey Chernov I loved this song from the 1st time I listened to it. It immediately became my favorite in the whole album, and I love this whole album as one of the very best of her career. I knew this song was emotionally intense, spiritually heavy in a self-discovery sense & loved it for it, but the best part is that Sinéad knows & intended to leave it open for interpretation. Thanks for posting the interview about it!

    Bridget Mahoney

    Timofey Chernov, can you please state the magazine, the date, and the author of the article? I'd like to get a copy of it. Thank you for sharing the information.

  12. Timofey Chernov

    ...A brroken 14 year old girl
    Hasn't been allowed to tell
    What actually happened in hell
    What happened in hell....

    You rule!
    and keep on
    hold on
    be strong

  13. Frank Quinn

    Geert, thanks for posting a great version of Harbour . Best version ever !

    Theo Alexander

    best version to date, as this album has not been fully toured and will be this year 2018..... !!!