O'Connor, Sinead - Blood Of Eden Lyrics

I caught sight of my reflection
I caught it in the window
I saw the darkness in my heart
I saw the signs of my undoing
They had been there from the start
And the darkness still has work to do
The knotted chord's untying
They're heated and they're holy
Oh they're sitting there on high
So secure with everything they're buying

In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
With the man in the woman
And the woman in the man
In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
We wanted the union
Oh the union of the woman
The woman and the man

My grip is surely slipping
I think I've lost my hold
Yes, I think I've lost my hold
I cannot get insurance anymore
They don't take credit, only gold
Is that a dagger or a crucifix I see
You hold so tightly in your hand
And all the while the distance grows between you and me
I do not understand

In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
With the man in the woman
And the woman in the man
In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
We wanted the union
Oh the union of the woman
The woman and the man

At my request, you take me in
In that tenderness, I am floating away
No certainty, nothing to rely on
Holding still for a moment
What a moment this is
Oh for a moment of forgetting, a moment of bliss

I can hear the distant thunder
Of a million unheard souls
Of a million unheard souls
Watch each one reach for creature comfort
For the filling of their holes

In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
With the man in the woman
And the woman in the man
In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
We wanted the union
Of the woman and the man

In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
I feel the man in the woman
And the woman in the man

In the blood of Eden
Lie the woman and the man
I feel the man in the woman
And the woman in the man

In the blood of Eden
We've done everything we can
In the blood of Eden
Saw the end as we began
With the man in the woman
And the woman in the man
It was all for the union
Oh, the union of the woman, the woman and the man.

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O'Connor, Sinead Blood Of Eden Comments
  1. neo mokgoshi

    Very emotional, touching piece of art

  2. Ratiosaurus

    - What kind of symbols and effects do you want in this music video, mr. Gabriel?
    - Yes.

  3. Informatyka Semestr0

    Sinead O’Connor.... shit...

  4. Marco Belloni

    Here I am! December 2019. Unforgettable stuff.

  5. Sitti Fatihimah

    Me, december 2019

  6. Erlin Høld

    This video is complete shit.

  7. Mark Arbuckle

    Peter Gabriel looks like he was meant to do Sinead accounts for her but burst into impromptu sing instead

  8. Jorge Avila

    Lástima esa talentosa artista Sinead!!

  9. Cozette M

    This is terrible both the song and the video. Sorry. I liked and had one of his CD's fron the 80's and I enjoyed Sledgehammer and Land of Confusion and Sinead O'Conner's hit single Nothing Compares 2 U but this is awful.

  10. Don Cote

    Incredibly moving. Man

  11. MARC

    For that time it is perfection. For that time it is part of the truth. The snake will be beaten.

  12. Sylvie Busseron

    que jamais ils ne disparaissent , ils me sont essentiels , eux et tous ceux qui les approchent , merci d'exister

  13. Carol Snook

    Peter has such a gorgeous voice..

  14. Michael Mattice

    If he laid one finger on her I swear!

  15. Silvia Rossi

    Bellissima ❤

  16. Scott O'Nanski

    "I saw the signs of my own undoing, they had been there from start"


    Sadly yes.

  17. Scott Simmons


  18. N.Z. Storm Waver

    Loved this music video the very first time I saw it. Gorgeous still today.

  19. Anna Lisa

    What an exquisite beauty was young Sinead O’ Connor


    A true beauty who went completely nuts.

  20. Anna Lisa

    Hang on to this song; it’s a precious jewel 💎 and should be treasured like that... pay attention to Peter Gabriel songs... his name comes from holy places....

  21. Dan Ludington

    this is wonderful, she was lovely

  22. alsultani hayder


  23. tapsa nelikettu


  24. leftjabrighthook

    so many memories around this song

  25. Danny Tigz

    Skinhead O Connor :D

  26. Möonrose Rosemöon Magical Drawings

    Divine & sacred union between man & woman. Yin & Yang principles, Twin flames.


    What, dude on dude is not sacred?

  27. Noahide

    Bahai, Sinead. Far more suitable for Celts than this Muslim crap. Islam? It's crap.

  28. Shaun Pinder

    I just can't stop playing this wonderful song, Peter gabriel is just one of the greatest singers of all time for me, and Sinead O'Connor is just perfect

  29. Olaf P

    It is very nice Song and Artist

  30. Michele Mendolicchio


  31. Teresa Mertens-Montejo

    Yes it's true I feel his heart when he sings so deeply feels what he sings. Beautiful!

  32. Wilfried Raunikar

    I do - both geniouses and Sinead the most beautiful woman ever. What a great song. ( You should watch 'Don't give up' with Kate Bush too)

  33. Joe GOD’s Son

    I’m here. November 4th 2019 at 04:15 am. The best music created in the 90’s but peter is an 80’s artist

    N.Z. Storm Waver

    Actually he's a 70's artist since he was in Genesis first.

  34. Alex Lex

    Жив ещё, курилка!..

  35. Jill Hoskins

    I notice that Sinead does not open her mouth very much when she sings. I know she's just lip-syncing, but I was always taught to really exaggerate opening my mouth. I notice Peter Gabriel opens his mouth pretty wide when he is lip-syncing.

  36. Megan and Aaron cummings


  37. LARRY Coffman

    Classic Song from a Classic Time

  38. Lorenda Appel-Eeson


  39. Claudio Bergamo

    Dos músicos/compositores ele e o que mais pesquisou sons e os resultados são únicos, obras primas

  40. James McClennan

    who knew she go crazy

  41. Nigel Farage

    They met through Karl Wallinger of World Party...I wonder if they ehhh you know.

  42. Gee Bee

    Hands up Who’s listening to this Oct 2019?
    No one does music like this now 🌹

    Leonid Telizhenko

    I am listening. I,m from Ukraine, but it is music from my childhood. My older brother listened this song by recorder of magnet lent in 1992

    K Connolly

    why are these obnoxious comments so pervasive?



    Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    God bless all of you with open ears. Unfortunately many are controlled by trend or the pressure of generation. Peter is a genius. ♥

    Thomas Stepuch

    December 2019!!

  43. Kevin Felten

    One of my favorites seen him live. The kind of music that grabs you in a positive way.

  44. jenny taylor

    Little Sinead.

  45. Ольга Миронова

    да что может быть лучше?!!! А они умирают. А останется билан и маша-фрося

  46. pekbek mkek

    wow peter gabriel really was into satanic occult symbology and practices.

    idols doing magic in front of everyone's eyes.

  47. Nouvelle Terre

    Can some one tell me, did Gabriel ever date or have an relationship with Sinead? I am thinking surely they did, even if it wasn't public knowledge. Clearly there's chemistry in this video. I tried to look it up but no information to be found. Beautiful beautiful song and imagery. I wish people still believed in love like this. Now every one wants a perverted sickening version of it. Anyone who is on a spiritual journey is insane, apparently.

    David Cripps

    I don't think so. He had similar on-screen chemistry with Kate Bush and Paula Cole. I think he's just an incredibly giving artist and let's his collaborators be themselves. I may be wrong :-)

  48. 69v96

    zobaczyłem w przelocie swoje odbicie
    ujrzałem je w oknie
    zobaczyłem ciemność w moim sercu
    zobaczyłem oznaki mojej zguby
    one tam były od samego początku
    a ta ciemność ma wciąż coś do zrobienia
    rozplątuje struny zawiązane na węzeł
    one są gwałtowne i święte
    siedzą tam sobie na wysokościach
    tak bezpieczne z tym wszystkim na co dają się nabrać

    w rajskiej krwi
    leżą kobieta i mężczyzna
    z mężczyzną w kobiecie
    i z kobietą w mężczyźnie
    w krwi rajskiego ogrodu
    leżą kobieta i mężczyzna
    pragnęliśmy zjednoczenia
    och, jedności kobiety
    kobiety i mężczyzny...

    mój uścisk na pewno się rozluźnia
    myślę że już go nie ma
    tak, sądzę że już straciłem nad nim panowanie
    nie mogę już więcej otrzymać ubezpieczenia
    oni nie uznają kredytu, biorą tylko złoto
    czy to jest sztylet czy krucyfiks
    to co trzymasz tak mocno w swojej dłoni?
    i przez cały ten czas zwiększa się dystans między tobą a mną
    dystans którego nie rozumiem


    na moją prośbę, przyjmujesz mnie u siebie*
    pod wpływem tej czułości odpływam
    nie ma w tym nic pewnego, nic na czym można polegać
    nieruchomieję na jedną chwilę
    cóż to za chwila!
    och, (nieruchomieję) na jedną chwilę zapomnienia, chwilę błogiej rozkoszy

    słyszę odległy grzmot
    miliona niewysłuchanych dusz
    miliona nieusłyszanych dusz
    obserwuję jak każda sięga po ludzkie pocieszenie
    by wypełnić swoje dołki


    w krwi Edenu
    leżą kobieta i mężczyzna
    czuję mężczyznę w kobiecie
    i kobietę w mężczyźnie

    w rajskiej krwi
    uczyniliśmy wszystko co jesteśmy w stanie zrobić
    w krwi Edenu
    zobaczyliśmy koniec gdy daliśmy temu początek
    z mężczyzną w kobiecie
    i kobietą w mężczyźnie
    to wszystko było dla zjednoczenia się

    och, dla jedności kobiety, kobiety z mężczyzną



    So deep and beautiful ! Thank you!

  50. Des dren Trooper

    Sinead O'connor's a grass....Ask shane Mc'gowan.

  51. jamesers99

    Funny how most commenters here can't figure out the Luciferian message behind this cryptic, occultic song. They just stupidly keep praising it.

    Adam Kadmon's chymical wedding of transgenderism.

    Mike L

    You're a circus freak. Go away.


    @Mike L did i strike a nerve, attacking your idols? Grow up, baby.

  52. john brennan

    Compare that rap shit to this.

  53. TimDFullman

    I remember this on top of the pops back in the 80`s and was spellbound by the sound, haven't heard this for ages and its just a awesome as before! Thanx to artist such as peter and Sinaed lovely voices!

  54. Kristin Engman

    and I never knew Sinead was featured in this song.

  55. Kristin Engman

    I love this song.

  56. Jao Lin

    Pet Shop Boys: Rememeber all the silly suits we used in videos, noone can outshine that.
    Peter: Hold my ethnic beer. 3:47

    (Beautiful song & video, but still I get the sense they had a fun time filming it.)

  57. Geoff Sebesta

    I miss Very Serious Pop Music.

    Voeding 2.0

    Pop music nowadays, just like Hollywood/Netflix movies are made for dumbing down the youth.

  58. Lawrence Iverson

    in amotel room in prince rupert kicking dope just before herring season 82 or so turned on the tv 4 am cant sleep till the end of the world came on this song just when the indian nuclear satelite blew iwas floored stillam when i hear it

  59. CallMeBronco

    Gabriel kind of reminds me of Mr. Rodgers here

  60. Nancy Nahstoll

    Great wedding song for someone.

  61. amaranta arcadia castillo gómez

    Triste canción. Sad song. Humans complicate everything. Love is infinite from the beginning

  62. Jorge Alegre

    Qué súper obra maestra de todos los tiempos, por favor!!! RIP sweet Sinead.

  63. Xero

    Wow. Sinead O'Connor and Kate Bush are fantastic singers, just like Peter Gabriel. He's got a great ear for music.

  64. Eric Lebar

    sinead o conners adams apple needs shaving down

    Sans Papiers

    Yes! Peter Gabriel had to wear a suit with giant pads to match the width of Sinead's shoulders.

    Voeding 2.0

    You would be scared if you knew how many 'women' with Adams apples there are in the entertainment industry and politics.


    @Voeding 2.0 ... thanks to Mr. E I now know ... otherwise I'd be beyond clueless


    @Voeding 2.0 ... here's one of his videos if you want to check him out

    Voeding 2.0

    @chrystalelizabeth I know the channel, but thanks. He has videos about the occult origins of the androgynous agenda.
    Another channel about this topic is Der Vogelforscher.

  65. Milda Songailaite

    they are devil worshipers and promote for people so clearly them believes 😑

    Christian Mann

    The song speaks of their occlt belief in the blending of male and female energy to be "gods", basic Crowley sorcery.

    Jorge Alegre

    Fuck off ! your mind is not prepared to appreciate art.

    Hope SweetHope

    Jorge Alegre triggers. your mind is closed to Truth because you don’t like the implications...

    Jorge Alegre

    @Hope SweetHope if you had at least a little faculty of understanding, perhaps you would realize that the real evil monsters are the religions with their huge lie, and that religions, using the concept of gods, have killed more people than the wars, in the history.

  66. SavedByGrace

    @Peter Gabriel
    Yikes! 🤢🤮
    What sick, psychopathic OCCULTIC/ SATANIC/ LUCIFERIAN CRAP!! #BAPHOMETagenda in plain sight!

    And no — Adam was NOT created as an androgynous baphomet freak, despite what you sick luciferians believe!!! ☝️🤦‍♀️😡😡

    Read the holy Word of God - the Bible!!! It’s the ONLY source of Truth. You are being deceived by your master the devil and led straight to HELL to burn with him for eternity!

    Only the awake ones will see what’s really going on here! The rest of the zombified, mind-controlled, fluoridated, hypnotized SHEEPLE of the world see this as “beautiful art“! 🤦‍♀️🤢🤮

    Tell Sinead to go back to being the MAN he was created to be by his Creator! Or Soddom and Gomorrah will seem like paradise to him when he dies and gets his eternal JUDGMENT!

    I rebuke this blasphemy and mockery and TRANSGENDERISM AGENDA in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! ✝️

    Those who can still be saved from this filth, abomination and dark abyss — let them BE SAVED!

  67. German Montoya

    Great Gabriel!!!

  68. D L


  69. chatlas

    I love this song..so beautiful

  70. Damian Perkins-Neptune

    Such a beautiful, powerful song♥️!

  71. 100NocãoPl4ys s

    Lindos de morrer os dois juntos. Maravilhoso o video.

  72. Ashot Danielyan

    This is really beautifulness!!!

  73. SeriousCat5000

    Did you catch the symbolism?

    Voeding 2.0

    Luciferian androgyny.

  74. tori2dles

    Sinead is so stunning.

    Sans Papiers

    A beautiful transgendered dude!! Check out the adam's apple. Definitely needs a shave. And see recent photos...the man comes out as they age.

  75. Nige Myers


  76. Александр Фетисов

    Ох, до чего же глубоко, и эзотерически проникновенно. башню сносит

  77. Mario Kleif

    Poteva fare di meglio!

  78. Mario Kleif

    Mah! Insomma!

  79. Hym Star

    "Mune le Gardien de la lune"... 🙏💖


    Ure the best peter gab

  81. tapsa nelikettu


  82. Deese Knutz

    I just cant stand OConnor.long enough to watch. Too bad - Gabriel is too good for her.or

  83. Michael Dewaghe

    mes deux préféres qui ont comblé mon enfance . Merci à vous deux . Que le temps passe vite et quelle déception de voir que cela appartement désormais au passé .ça ,c'était de la musique et de l'émotion .

  84. Doris Schmitz

    Most people dont understand the meaning of this Beautiful song. It is about the Woman in a man, his anima and the men in a Woman her animus, about sacred inner union and hieros gamos and the struggle it brings during the spiritual Transformation it brings with it. It is not About divorce at all as many think, on the contrary it is About the the eternal spiritual union between the sacred feminine and masculine. Als the symbplism in the Pictures points into this direction, the coulours they are wearing stand for fire and water, the sacred masculine and feminine.

    Holladay Cummings

    When I heard this song it sounded ritual and I listened to his story. I looked up "anima" "animus" heiros gamos" and am so thankful for learning more. You are appreciated and I enjoyed the story.

  85. Jim B

    These two should have had a baby.

  86. Salvatory beertruck


  87. MakoRuu

    I was watching some dog porn and it had this music in the background, so I came to check it out.

    It's a pretty good song.

  88. Александр Курлович

    "So" and "Us" - my favourits )

  89. TRUTH 3.6.9.

    Amazing how childhood songs reflect journey 😊😍😇👏

  90. TRUTH 3.6.9.

    Hhmmm mm from the start

  91. Janet Broadley

    Peter Gabriel just makes the most fascinating videos. I can't think of any bad ones he has made.

  92. John Calvin

    So how many guys have taken advantage of poor young Sinead O'Connor? It's a little wierd, he is 16 years older. If they were married at the time of the video sure but really?

  93. Ingrid Fong-Daley

    Named our daughter Eden after this song...
    Well, technically it's her middle name because her first is "Julia" after the song about John Lennon's mother, but the beauty and grace and purity of this song won out for the runner-up :)

  94. JoieDeVivre

    One of the most beautiful songs ever ♡

  95. Luigilu Ausl

    Cuando Sidney O' Connor lucia bonita y no con cara de vagabunda drogadicta ...