O'Connor, Sinead - Black Coffee Lyrics

I'm feelin'mighty lonesome,
haven't slept a wink
I walk the floor and watch
the door and in between
I drink black coffee
Love's hand me down broom
I'll never know a Sunday
In this weekday room
I'm talkin' to the shadows
One o'clock till four
And Lord, how slow
the moments go
When all I do is pour
black coffee
Since the blues caught my eye
I'm hangin'out on Monday
my Sunday dreams to dry
Now a man is born to go a lovin'
A woman's born to weep and fret
To stay at home and
tend her over
And drown het past regrets
in coffee and cigarettes!
I'm moanin' all the mornin'
And mournin' all the night
And in between it's nicotine
And not much heart to fight
black coffee
Feelin'low as the ground
It's drivin' me crazy
This waiting for my baby
To maybe come around

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O'Connor, Sinead Black Coffee Comments
  1. Major Depression

    Best version

  2. Zeupater

    She’s amazing. Such an expressive voice. She gives me chills. This stands up well over time and compares favorably with the old standards.

  3. Victor Merino

    Monumental ahora se convirtio al islam :(

  4. Major Depression

    Best version ever

  5. Jacqueline Paul

    I was really loving it till the tricky bit..kd Lang nails it..still I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. Michella Michella

    Over the years, I've heard endless renditions of this song, but I have to hand it to Sinead O'Connor. I really felt the desperation in her voice, and it gave me the chills. She totally paid full attention to all the text and the story of this song in a way that I have never heard before. She owns this song. Amazing!

  7. Robert Clarke

    really good album she made with these covers.

  8. Frank Geeraerts

    Good one !!!

  9. Linh Tran

    This song get me up and down many times

  10. Gerlinda De Meyer

    I adore Black Coffee ... And Sinead Sings Her Feelings ... That's All ...

  11. Mary Swike

    She sings it with so much meaning

  12. michalsternalski.blogspot.com

    Mmm freakin, close my eyes and feel...

  13. wildcats2012


  14. Sandy Gordon

    A beautiful rendition of a beautiful Jazz/blues tune that I Love.

  15. Marie-Anne Le Clerc

    Yes. Yes!!

  16. Marie-Anne Le Clerc


  17. Tytren Hammerkatze

    One of my mom's favorites. I grew up listening to that cd.

  18. Kaissa Alves

    A fantastic voice.

  19. Diana Prince

    beautiful,just beautiful...

  20. Anna Anna

    great, the best version for me!!! Shántle !!1
    From Eire ....

  21. CriticalListener

    @rayva1 , the version they still have here do indeed sound weak. She's older and doesn't have the sexy little edge she does in the one I reference. Unfortunately, they've twice removed it--a lovely version Mouskouri did back in the '60's. It's in B/W, Quincy Jones introduces her, and they're surrounded by African art pieces--it's VERY authentically 1960's. It's still delicate, but cool and jazzy nonetheless. Maybe it'll appear again sometime; we can only hope!

  22. rayva1

    @CriticalListener: Pfft. Her 'Black Coffee' sounds a bit weak. I was just listening to kd Lang's version 'bout a few seconds ago.

  23. flor wast

    I like Sinead...but this is not comparable with Julie London, Ella, Peggy Lee et al. It just doesn't match her voice.

    Her voice is too "dribbly" for this song...


    Your brain is dribbly!

  24. CriticalListener

    Re: Nana Mouskouri, there is occasionally a version from the early '60's which doesn't seem to be around right now. You can tell it by the black & white film, and the African art in the beginning; I believe Quincy Jones introduces her. The live version which is more recent is NOT the one that's as good, or as interesting.

  25. CriticalListener

    Interesting version, interesting arrangement.. This one sounds like she's actually been drinking all that black coffee, with the tremble in her voice. Certainly more nervous and frail a persona than the usual way it's sung. For another interesting version, find Nana Mouskouri (her version pops up & disappears). It, too, is a more delicate interpretation, but also jazzy and cool, in the '60's sense, which is when it's from. Check it out, o ye hipsters...

  26. MyWatch

    For once I like Sinead's style. Coffee delivered with a large dash of vulnerability. The cry of a wounded woman. . .not a ballsy-bluesy spit-in-yer-eye song, as some would treat this one.

  27. deadkandance

    I love Sinead, but K.D. Lang does this far, far better.

  28. Sincopare

    Definately delicate delivery...bright orchestration, with a bit too much sugar. Man, it takes balls to attempt this...

  29. Nicar526

    Naa..can't go with it-she's out of her element here

  30. Nicar526

    @GoodspeedRedux lol

  31. loulou2lou

    She has such a beautiful voice.Soft ,but with much held in reserve

  32. eurofix

    Gentle tune and beauty video :) Thanks for sharing:)

  33. Galapoodle

    Great tune, She's got such a unique take on jazz, so sultry and gentle.

  34. nichtsicher42

    darf ich mit trinken oder habt ihr schon?

  35. Michou berlin