O'Connor, Sinead - All Kinds Of Everything Lyrics

Snowdrops and daffodils,
Butterflies and bees,
Sailboats and fishermen,
Things of the sea,
Wishing wells and wedding bells,
Early morning dew,
All kinds of everything
Remind me of you.

Seagulls and aeroplanes,
Things of the sky,
Winds that go howling,
Breezes that sigh,
City sight, neon lights,
Grey skies or blue,
All kinds of everything
Remind me of you.

Summer time, winter time,
Spring and autumn too,
Monday, tuesday, everyday,
I think of you.

Dances, romances,
Things of the night,
Sunshine and holidays,
Postcards to write.

Parting trees, autumn leaves,
Snowflake or two,
All kinds of everything
Remind me of you.

Summer time, winter time,
Spring and autumn too,
Seasons will never change
The way that I love you.

Dances, romances,
Things of the night.

Sunshine and holidays,
Postcards to write,
Parting trees, autumn leaves,
A snowflake or two.

All kinds of everything
Remind me of you.

All kinds of everything
Remind me of you.

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O'Connor, Sinead All Kinds Of Everything Comments
  1. Jade Costello

    2019... Loved this from Dana as a child in the 1970's in NZ Loved The Specials in the '80's and now this... So love it...Go Terry. (You are hot!) Keep playing this song, so love it in 2019. I am 54 yrs old

    Jade Costello

    Terry is hot!!

  2. Andrea.Isabel

    Oh Sinead, i'm sorry you had to deal with so many things. I hope you find peace. I wish this as your lifelong fan, i love you.

  3. Erick Paolo D. Santos

    Represented Ireland in 1970 Eurovision song contest held in Amsterdam the Netherlands

  4. Erick Paolo D. Santos

    One of the popular songs in the Eurovision song contest history

  5. niggle64

    And nicer with hair

  6. dtz jones

    This always makes me smile 😊

  7. Tide Swell

    Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. These 2 should be doing some serious jail time for totally mutilating a wonderful song, originally recorded by Dana for the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest.

    Just what did they hope to achieve by totalling ruining a beautiful song by a beautiful lady?
    Hang your heads in shame, you wastes of space.

    Tide Swell

    @Angela Mix
    What on earth does that mean?

    Angela Riley.

    @Tide Swell yes,exactly that

    Tide Swell

    @Angela Mix
    Exactly what? Exactly

  8. Underground Perfection

    adore this song by them, terry is hot

  9. Underground Perfection

    Adore this y is it not on itunes

  10. Julie Eales


  11. purple guy.

    Terry looks bemused and happy at the same time,top man.

  12. Bong Salvador

    I tgought she was blonde.

  13. Drachman Zaldy S


  14. Miss Taken

    Lol , enjoyed that !

  15. quick46

    Sinead is SO fit in this with the hairstyle & the fluttering eyelashes, stunning

  16. Gerry Ryan.


  17. Kater Lee

    Sinead looks so beautiful and lovely when she's smiling.

    Tide Swell

    @Kater Lee
    You mean before she went batshit crazy? Is she still alive?

  18. Tim Clark

    Kick that Specials stuff into tough Terry. We want more solo stuff!

    Annette Foreman

    Why can't he do both ?

  19. Karen Fitton

    I Love this ;)

  20. Nigel Twelvetrees

    I can really sense the irony here..Probably wo of the most emotionally damaged people in music sing the most twee song ever written ; )


    Terry referred to himself like that, so..yeah

    Julie Eales

    @Satori headcases !? What century do u live in ?? It's called bipolar ,,Bitch!!


    @Satori What a judgement. Consider, you were the one, born sick and have to bare judgemental people like yourself. People like you, don't help, to make this world a better place. Change your ways!


    @risumotus Terry called himself a headcase, so... and how do you know I'm not sick myself? Who's doing the judging now?


    @Julie Eales Bitch? Aw, you're funny! 😂 Bless.

  21. Martin Kent

    The smile we have after listening to this, is like when a healthy conscience comes over people and they obey traffic laws. The kids see law abiding adults and get a warm feeling. The freewheeling family phenomenon every Mother's and Father's Day scares kids to bits. Communities that develop a healthy attitude towards traffic laws should have a smile as nice as yours. Listening to this twenty times will cure your blues!

  22. Eugenie Song

    TErry is gorgeous when he sings. :P

  23. Stiggy333

    Wow I've never seen this one. Great!

  24. Rob McCluskey

    Been trying forever to work out if I love this or hate it. And I have to admit, the more you listen to it, the more you get into it. I almost love it. I hate that I love it. But I do. So bollocks to everyone who hates it.

    Rob Hosking

    Perfectly put.


    Rob McCluskey its a song that's not 'cool'. its a classic from 'them.

    Tide Swell

    @Rob McCluskey
    You’re an idiot. I totally hate it.
    I couldn’t give a rat’s arse whether you say bollocks to me.

    Rob McCluskey

    @Tide Swell ... bollocks to you !

  25. Susanne Grant

    2:35 to 2:37 lol

  26. Susanne Grant

    I would not stop laughing at the end when she blinks LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLOLOL

  27. Drew Shelly

    I'm pretty sure this was on "Eurotrash" along with lots of other excellent covers from the Eurovision song contest...I might be wrong
    Anyway, great cover :)

    Cath Johansen

    @Drew Shelly Yes it was a Eurotrash Eurovision special

  28. Alan Hawley

    done for a laugh/???....i think it's refreshingly beautiful... really.... something completely different.

  29. montpelier42d

    Sinead and Terry done this for a laugh.

  30. Mark Lewis

    Was he lighting up a spliff in the background

    Mark Lewis

    Yes its a good cover


    Aye - a big taking the piss one, but fab nonetheless! Thank you for replying, good man. Take care xx

  31. Marek Traube

    Świetna wersja starej piosenki. Zaskakująco dobra! Tylko po co ten kretyn robi satanistyczne gesty na 2:05?! Po co?!

  32. dogsbolls

    brilliant, and i was around to hear the original (although i was young and a girl in my class looked like dana, marion butler)

  33. David Robertson

    He doesn't want reminded, his face is a picture. At the end I think he wants to kill her. I saw this on Eurotrash and had Shane Macgowan in mind and a bit more vocally vicious.

  34. feow33

    ugly comment, from an ugly person.

  35. Alan Canavan

    A rare video of Miss O'Connor with hair.Despite what people say she doesn't look like Enya.

  36. gtaska


  37. joefax530

    1:04. I'm in love.

    purple guy.

    Ive got a boner on

  38. Mojosbigstick

    Best version ever?

  39. TheBaronsamedi88


  40. lyndel692

    simply beautiful xxx

  41. Christine Darley

    Sinead is beautiful... yet on a lower level... its also delightful to see that a high priestess of 'the coquette' ('..does the girl know how to flirt?' - 'Huh? Does the girl know how to flirt? - Wot are you? An Eeejit or something?') Yes... glad to see that Sinead has cheered up since 'Nothing Compares to U' ... Mind you, all kinds of everything... reminds me... of 'who' ..?

  42. markygoo

    ace video, she is incredibly beautiful, with or without hair .

  43. Anneke Poolen

    @sirtinycreep Hello,Yes she is seriously ill and she is jusing a lot of medicin,and she had a extreem hard life,maby you must read more about here,but for me ,she is the best, and she is real tx

  44. 308rob

    Love this soooo much!!!!

  45. sirtinycreep

    @anneke499 Well from that asnwer I would suspect she's been seriously ill, but I haven't heard anything.

  46. Anneke Poolen

    @sirtinycreep you dont know WHY,allright?

  47. MDH

    @dublinbarterclub If I may add... Incedently, Terry too (has bipolar syndrome), which sort of explains his offbeat personality that his fans, like me, were always accustomed to, though he wasn't diagnosed 'till recently. They are old friends and their voices compliment each other's so well! Beautiful! This was made around 98, I think. Btw, Terry too put on a bit of weight these last couple of years (not much), and the kind of meds prescribed for that illness often do that. Besides, people age.


    What a great version, lovely voices!


    What a great version, lovely voices!

  50. kjhuligan

    a tune i heard a long time ago ... !! very nice

  51. Jodie concannon

    @sirtinycreep.She is on a lot of meds for her bi-polar disorder,give her a break

  52. sirtinycreep

    Sinead has changed a lot in six years. I saw her recently and she was fat. Her face had totally changed. She looked about 60.

    Julie Eales

    Why don't you FUCK OFF!

  53. dougie smith

    @rubyamelie sorry to hear of your loss, I remember the original by Dana when I was about 10.......lovely lyrics, may your daughter rest in peace.x

  54. Mojosbigstick

    I will cry when my VHS tape of this finally wears out. Thank goodness for YouTube.

  55. P8290970

    I really like it...I do !!!!

  56. Blair Booth

    UMNR Terry Blair and Anouchka

  57. TU154

    Too dark and pessimistic video for such a bright and sunny song...Well performed, Sinead even smiles and does it well, but I like Dana's version more....

  58. snodds88

    Terry Terry the Dingleberry...

  59. afby

    Sinead is cute. No doubt

  60. Rita1972

    What can I say - cute and adorable.

  61. vandrossfan

    Im not to sure if I knew this existed and it's a really nice version so used to Mr Hall showing so much emotion when he is singing up tempo songs it's nice to see him not jumping around and singing with that i'd rather be anywhere else expression on his face,love his voice on this .

  62. Darren Meacham

    last one

  63. Iris Hall


  64. Peter Gallagher

    They are well suited ...

    They should have created an album of covers, I'd of bought have bought it.

  65. slizzamtizzam

    Wonder if Terry and Sinead hooked up during this time ...seems like their chemistry is golden

  66. simon elton

    keep being miserable terry,u r the best whatever u do.

  67. bill gates

    how the mighty have fallen, this is funny though, sinead o'connor has a dirty grin

  68. JerryBen

    My opinion: The original is better. I don't like the beat that goes all through this version too loud.

  69. Blair Booth

    Jerry only appears briefly and has given no regard to the 3 artist that are in the video who want the video to be seen by the public. THIS IS SO UNFAIR.......Do you not feel this is absurd?

    Many thanks to the 25,000 who have seen the video and enjoyed it.

  70. Blair Booth

    Hi people, this is Blair from Terry, Blair & Anouchka. I put up the video of Ultra modern Nursery Rhymes and received a disclaimer from Jerry Sadowitz that I was infringing his copyright. How sad is this? A harmless video, no money changes hands, it's not played on TV and the only exposure is through web sites like YouTube.

  71. benny wenny

    my god what a find, great song this amazing

  72. webtipp

    Really fine cover

  73. Adam Samulak

    Mighty mighty Mr Hall. Your songs helped me grow into the man I am.

  74. Rob Oakes

    His newly born is named Oscar!

  75. Rob Oakes

    Blimey! 3 thumbs down for congratulating Terry on the birth of his new born son Oscar......

  76. Rob Oakes

    Ha ha...I'll tell him next time I see him. Far from being gay he has another son who's over 20 yrs of age!

  77. Rob Oakes

    Congratulations at being a dad again at 51 Terry....

  78. AbsurdlySane

    There's another version of this with a bit of an interview where Terry points out that, had Leonard Cohen written the same words, everyone would have thought it was genius -- people only think it's schmaltzy 'cos of the Eurovision connection.

  79. baggielee67

    Really sorry to hear of your loss, that is so tragic, but it is a beatiful chioce of song, listening to it a 2nd time your story puts a whole new meaning to it.

  80. baggielee67

    Totally agree, every now and then I find a real gem on here, and this is definitely one of those. Always been a fan of Terry, loved Sineads first album, but never knew they'd done this duet - and a video with real nice touches in it.

  81. Friends of DANA

    At the risk of repeating myself repeating myself, I will say this only once: if you like this song, you'll love Dana's debut LP of the same name. Hear it now on my channel!

  82. Martin Eaglesham

    Love the way Sinead flutters her eyelids and puts on that lovely smile in the background - so unlike her usual unsmiling persona. Shows she has a sense of humour. Had I not seen this with my own eyes I would have refused to believe that the two of them got together to sing this rather schmaltzy song. So unlike anything you would expect from this combination. Love it.

  83. Jessica Buss

    omg yeah spitting image!

  84. motoxxx174

    I saw this on T.V. years ago - tried to find it for ages...I love this song..Terry Hall & Sinhead O'Connor do a great job

  85. malcolm bonney

    wow what a great reprise of this song where can i buy it xxx

  86. petemclinc

    Where has this video been hiding? I have a new appreciation for Sinead & Terry, great chemistry.

  87. Dennis French

    just love hairy sinead such a sweet girl!!

  88. Artmonkey Productions

    I think that's just the on-stage persona Terry Hall always liked to project, ever since his days with The Specials: the sullen, moody Brit.

  89. Thaneeya Pakdee

    awesome....love this song.

  90. superalihare

    Sinead's quite fit really.

  91. StNige

    You must know some strange men!

  92. nuttyboy11

    The girl...Terry was looking for in his perfect ballad...... 10/10......

  93. Roz Laggan

    damn, that's good....enjoying very much

  94. htershane

    Cos she had an itch?

  95. Khanh Nhi


  96. Hari Steinbach

    ...compared to the original version with dana :...well, she was full of girlish innocence and romance ,whereas this here is a bit sinister and lacks of real joy and gloom...