Nwigwe, Tobe - What U Mean Flow Lyrics

Ay lowkey, Dayday killed this
I don't even know what he said
But I swear the delivery was fire

Ay look, zen master on every beat
Paleo flow, nothin' sweet
Mama raised me on Forum Park
Used to go to church on Club Creek
Ay look, fake rappers, they make me laugh
J Slim did eight and a half
My kinfolk used to spend the night
In the bando just to take a bath
Ay look, dope game, no joke
Can't make change if you stay broke
Half of y'all be sleep walkin'
But be taggin' me, talkin' 'bout 'stay woke'
Ay look, half the time, I be with my chick
The other half, I be in the church
I really wish I could politic
With the mob but they still movin' work
Ay look, shoutout Dame, shoutout Curry
G M-O-B 'til I D-I-E
My whole life went streets, UNT, MVP, then a degree
On Christ, I kill beats like B-I-G, P-A-C and Benjamin 3, stacks
Peep facts, boy I'm top of the line
See Fat, don't confuse her with one of these dimes
She a quarter, heavy supporter
If I did sell drugs, she would head to the border
Grateful that her mama never had to abort her
Faithful to the thought that we could have us a daughter
Or a son, either way she the one
Mama think I rap for fun but I'm rapping for funds
Need change if I think the change ever gon' come
And she been prayin' for the day that I just say that I'm done
I say never, I'm way too clever
Plus I don't rap for the cheddar
Women be like all the sheeps, he a shepherd
Mad cow disease, I be killin' these heifers
Never seen purpose with skin like it's pepper
I got the juice, I got the nectar
Yellow bone hair, I got the texture
Never forget that I flow for the lepers, ouu

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Nwigwe, Tobe What U Mean Flow Comments
  1. Thelma Achufusi amuzie

    You made it into Michelle Obama’s playlist

  2. Nickmuzik91

    Never knew a man with REAL LOVE for ELOHIM, could rap so fluidly and have fun.😇

  3. trevis757

    I like mumble rap too

  4. Todah YHUH9

    i want to buy a book full of tobes lyrics

  5. Todah YHUH9

    why me why me

  6. rebornofnewseed 18

    Igbo boy. 😝 🤯🤯


    Had to put this one on repeat lol ok!! 🤘💪

  8. Darnell and Dom

    I pray for em the prey on me we just pray a lil different !! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Jasmine Bischof

    I'm from Kentucky. I peeped that UK reference. Dude is well rounded

  10. Todah YHUH9

    african history is sooo painfull 😤😭😭😭😈 where is all the history of african art? we need collaboration from europe to give things back to africa uganda, aruba and even america has orphans wich parents or parent got killed by gun violence. holla at the comments and the families union

  11. Todah YHUH9


  12. Todah YHUH9

    hall look!!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  13. emmanuel sheshi

    Ure lethal... more grace

  14. Vanessa Louis

    Wow just damn fabalous!!! This video is all me...love it so damn fly...

  15. B Felder

    I'm so disappointed in myself for not being up on this cat way before now, but I'm Up now though. Relentless flow and content 👍🏿💪🏿✊🏿

  16. chemmywalata walata

    Igbo kwenu, nwanne enwero ife na eme go ahead bro

  17. D Carden

    Best new rapper out real hip hop death to the mumble rappers

  18. Gregg Encarnacion

    Not impress until it stands..

  19. Amos Culbreth

    Mannnnnn I need to go visit Lagos. Love your music , love the video vibes. Much love fam 🔥

  20. Joelis Present

    That flow after 2:29 flawless

  21. Khristy King

    Black Excellence

  22. sagesse the hebrew

    Just learned I'm 1\2 ewe and 1\2 Dahomi in the U.S this makes me proud. One day I'm going home

  23. yaboyreece22

    Super dope all the way around!!! Musically, lyrically, visually, conceptually, AND spiritually.

  24. Lady Prophet

    oh the dopeness! I'm Impressed!!!! lol

  25. Jupiter Johnson

    Man NPR put me on Toby! Best rapper I’ve heard in years

  26. Mel Brown

    Im Here in Kentucky seeing the reference in your bars! Am in a new season with myself. This was exciting to watch.Im bringing my son to see y'all in December. It will be his first concert. Thank you for sharing your blessings to bring others closer to God.

  27. Nicolle Shana

    Yes yes yes!!! I beg! Africa stand up 🙏🏾💪🏾

  28. Syntyche Esenowo

    Dear White People V3 E8 on Netflix brought me here 👏🙌

  29. Walesha Bron

    My brother come thu! He did it for the culture ✊🏾🗣

  30. Ayana Kay

    Favorite rapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Michael David Roth

    Artwork! This another level masterpiece!

  32. Lilian Douglas

    Came here after watching Dear white people season 3 ep 8

  33. dedontknow

    Who else here from dear white people season 3?

  34. Dosomething Goodtoday

    this dude is DOPE! got nothing but mad respect for him.

  35. AfroSyd Entertainment

    What a #jam Tobe... and congratulations on your feature in Dear White People.. #afrorapper 🔥🔥🔥

    RG Fleuridor

    Brought me back here😅

    aboutbusiness Knowledge

    @AfroSyd Entertainment, that was how I discovered him. I thank 'Dear White People' for featuring him as otherwise would not have known about him.

  36. ShyAsHell

    Useless goat (oou)
    I'm not impressed (yeah)
    With anything that you people are doing (look)

    [Verse 1]
    Two things my mama warned me never to do was steal or get dropped, yup
    My partnas got it out the mud so they rock bands like Slipknot
    Maybe Kid Rock, either way it go, they sure they gettin’ guap, why?
    Because they dropped up out of school and rock some jewels that cover what tuition costs, oou
    Yup, I know that it's sad but everybody tryin' to fill a void
    Hell even me, I tried to blow the doughdy with my wodie, all I got was paranoid
    That was back when I was kinda chubby, hung with wildcats, no Kentucky
    I’ve crashed too many beats in a row for you to think I'm gettin' lucky
    Can't you see the flow is God given, boppers see that he got God in him
    So they frequently slide in my DMs and offer raw kitten
    I don't trip, it ain't temptin', we both been prayin' from a distance
    Well I pray for ’em, they prey on me, we just pray a lil’ different, oou
    Hail Mary, full of grace, rain blessings down over me
    DK took his own life, I truly hope there's a heaven for a G
    Where you don’t need weapons for the peace, only intercession for the streets
    'Cus every song on the radio sound like they got depression on repeat, oou

    Ewu, ewu, I'm the ewu joh (useless goat)
    Ewu, ewu, I'm the ewu joh (look at)
    They no impress me how they talk, I’m the ewu joh (I'm not impressed)
    They no impress me how they talk, I'm the ewu joh (I'm not impressed)

  37. John Guillory

    Every song on the radio sound like they got depression on repeat. SO TRUE! Man if Tobe, Bizzle, Jered Sanders and Mouthpiece did a record, it would be So righteous!

  38. Assiah Atchiba

    Dear white people brought me here🖐 🤚 🔥

  39. Jordan Lee

    Just heard your song on dear white people. recognized it immediately. Keep killing it man.

  40. OKay Gee

    What does the dancer in the black represent?

    Lord Jude

    A traditional african masquerade.

    OKay Gee

    @Lord Jude It appears to be akin to the representations of animal-gods or devils that I've seen in pagan, traditional African worship. No?

    Lord Jude

    @OKay Gee Representations of african deities.They come out to dance during traditional festival days.

    OKay Gee

    @Lord Jude Thank you for confirming that for me. The use of this type of imagery by an artist with a Judeo-Christian background and professed follower of the faith is unsettling.

    ACE Ace

    OKay Gee it’s unsettling because you fail to grasp The Oldest Scriptures were found on, and the Scriptures take place on The Afrikan Tectonic Plate, not Europe. The Messiah, born on The Afrikan Tectonic Plate In “Bethlehem”. The Entire Old Testament as you call it, is about Totems and Ritual Worship and a “Great God” with Ancestors mentioned and invoked over and over Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Goat meat eating and blood sacrifice discussed over and over, Lions discussed over and over, multiple wives, etc. Where is this as a common life and diet in Europe? Nowhere. The “New Testament” takes place on the Afrikan Tectonic Plate. Look up Hebrew in Ibo Language. The Scriptures literally have nothing to do with religion, let alone European invented religions. None of The Scriptures showcase Europe or it’s people. ZERO. Not once is their skin, eye color or hair color mentioned when the European tradition of describing themselves in their literature is long documented. The “New Testament” is a Greek translation from a Hebrew Manuscript they cannot find mysteriously. One day you might wake up. Look up The Russian Icons and look up Modern Hebrew, whatever that is, and nothing near original when compared to the original Afro-asiatic Hebrew of the Testament Manuscripts. Toby knows who he is and we thank Yah.

  41. Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    I play the shit out of this song.

  42. Ekios Agua

    Ah!!!!!! I AM IMPRESSED🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 i bu ewu n'ezie.... God bless you sir

  43. k sim

    You know, I feel like Tobe is what Jay Electronica failed to be.

    I am not saying one borrows from another or vice versa, they are too different in spirit and style. I'm talking about how the two exploit their potentials.

    What I mean is that they both have (or had) really great potential, became known more widely in their late 20's, were (are) creative, and there is a metaphysical element to the way they both approach their craft.

    Jay was good but in hindsight I feel that there was a narcissism and inconsistency to him that took away from any 'realness' he displayed as an artist.

    On the other hand, Tobe feels genuine and is skillfully capitalizing on his opportunities and strengths by the looks of things. I want Tobe and his crew to succeed so I may be biased in saying that he will go waaay further than Jay did (if he hasn't already). More importantly he will go much much further than where he is right now.

    I don't know them personally, nor do I understand the industry enough to make a definitive forecast. I am clearly a keyboard warrior up to not much so take it as an opinion an not a flame or hate to either artist.

    Much Love to Tobe and his crew for what they do and achieve.

  44. Amber R.

    Just saw you at Roots Picnic over the weekend and became an instant fan! Me and the bestie have been blasting your album ever since! Much love <3

  45. leshawn smith


  46. Elvin Flowers

    One of H-Town’s Finest🌙🌔👍🏿

  47. Elvin Flowers

    Say......this man fire🔥🔥🔥I’m down wit it.... it’s about time real music.... let’s go

  48. paul salinas

    When I pray for them they prey on me we just pray a lil different!!!🔥🔥🔥

  49. Dawn Daly-Mack

    Mumble Rap...

  50. The Lion Queen TV

    He’s awesome.

  51. krissy music

    Every song he makes is straight fire

  52. DeAndre Barnett

    I love how he has his wife in every single video! That is how you show solidity in your marriage in the public eye! God fearing husband and wife with dope raps and videos! Lifetime fan right here!

  53. Apollo

    OK, You've got my attention.

  54. skully punko

    The cool thing is that he has his own sound.. not a copy cat or robot and everything he does is truly unique God bless him

  55. Joseph Adoteh

    Magnifique! tres fort

  56. markwazir xes

    why the fuck did u hate to wait all this time youtube? either u recommend me shits like this in time or dont .
    200K viewers? nigga he deserves atleast 1m

  57. Dav Nic

    Am I the only one that does the dances with them?

  58. Lemael McDaniels

    Thank u
    for bringing back the days of X-Clan my dude. Don't stop,keep that afro-centric underground shit rockin and show the world once again that our strugle as african americans is not mainstream at all.

  59. SheSpksDvine007

    "Cause every song on the radio sound like they got depression on repeat". This man, this group is brilliant

  60. Ninsiima Muhwezi

    Biig man the whole of Africa we are behind you, am Ugandan and have no idea what EWU means but fuuuuuck the shit baaaaangz walahi this talent is undeniable its insanely unreal i aint never seen no shit like this...u make me rearrange my whole life ....i literally feel hopeless when I listen to you...to sumit up bredren and sistres yall are GODS and GODDESSES

  61. Princewill Anyagagligbo

    That's tuff


    they playing depression on repeat dam

  63. e09231986

    This dude is fire.... bro u dope.

  64. Lyrical Myracle

    DAWG 🔥🔥🔥😭 this the new anthem

  65. Michael Diggs

    Let's go

  66. Ishmel Daniel

    You the real goat

  67. Succés

    This guy is something else! Love the work, Love the message!

  68. Kim Riga

    Socks and slide simple as your flow 🔥🔥🔥 all the knowledge u got in ur head can blow my brains out 👦🔫

  69. Mr. MeVsMe

    I pray for em, they prey on me, we just pray different 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🔥🔥🔥

  70. Melanie Dukes

    Just dope. Keep it real.

  71. Mehmet Aksoy

    Man bro Tobe I remember watching you when you had 1k views on your shit...you’re BLOWING UP bro keep doing your thing

  72. EvolvingWisdom

    Aww shit Now ! Tobe😍

  73. Dennis Kamau

    I like mumble rap too...

  74. Odile Mwaro

    The video looks super cool

  75. Nutrition Specialist #1

    We prayen from a distance while they prey on me I pray for them just a little different YOOOOOOO

  76. Roland Williams

    Dope.......as usual

  77. Derrick Williams

    What does EWU JOH mean?

    Politifact Nigeria

    EWU means GOAT in Igbo language. JOH is just word filler. Tobe is Igbo from Eastern Nigeria. GOAT is abbreviation for Greatest Of All Times, and that's what he is.


    Damn it man!!!!!! Glad I heard him on the BET cypher

  79. Marquita L

    My favorites 💓💓💓

  80. Joan Foli

    Every song on the radio sound like they got depression on repeat. 💯

  81. Joan Foli

    Omg!!!!! This is the heat I'm looking for! Damn 😍😍😍😍

  82. antonia perdu

    I'm grateful

  83. PMGB

    I am impressed

  84. Chris Adkison

    Greatest rapper I mean mc ever

  85. Fine39XMEN

    One word... BEAST!

  86. theGhostFacekillah92

    that mother fucking raw kitten line is so god damn dope. just straight fuego

  87. deejaydiabolic

    A friend turned me on to this and all I can say is straight 🔥🔥🔥 unlike the video, I'm very impressed lol

  88. Obey Jesus

    Please watch this right now

  89. willieminaQ

    Pauses video. Goes to google search 'stand by me'. Comes back.

  90. Adrian Terry

    Better music. Real music. Pure music. Period

  91. Elijah Matthias

    What is the ewu joh?

    Anthony Okonkwo

    He's the goat, I insist.

  92. King AnJelo


  93. QueenNailah


  94. Stephanie Connor

    wait I'm uneducated here wasn't that She Babao or like Monokuma's theme?

  95. Richard Riley

    🐉 flow

  96. IROHA Emmanuel Lawrence

    EWU... Meaning the GOAT... Bro you the GOAT hands down...

  97. Lee Johnson

    You're concepts, styles, content, message....ARE... EVERYTHING!!! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??? SPEECHLESS.

  98. Maxwell Eazyflo

    Strictly nwafor 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🇳🇬🌟🌟