Nwigwe, Tobe - Thoughts For Intro Lyrics

So with this intro, uh, for the mixtape
I'm thinking a very excited Reeks
I'm thinking - haha
I'm thinking like an uh
A Reeks that the world has never seen before
I'm thinking like ay this is something new
You don't really do mixtapes
Reeks should come on with a bang
A little bit of Khaled, little bit of Drama
And your blunt, huh?
Get them mixing around, hey hey
Uh yo Tobe, the streets believe in you
You smart, you got bars
We gon' touch the world with these bars
I'm a DJ, Waxaholics
You know what I'm sayin'? Not too much
'Cause you don't want them to like, not like think it's you
Nah that could be done, I mean in this moreso
Yeah like they gon' they - ahh, like a scream
Like a, like a mellow scream
Ahh we believe in you
The streets, all vinyl everything
Chief Waxaholic Big Reeks
We here now
First mixtape I've done ever
That people know about
Number one
Number one
I, I, yeah, I get it, give some, some aggressive
And do a fake, a facial, like a fake laugh
Giggle like, you know how jawn be like haha haha
Yeah haha
Nah that's, that's Will Smith
Not, not Jiggy With It laugh
Haha haha no
HAHA yeah one of those and then like ahh
The streets been asking me like when you gon' drop something Reeks
Tobe, or Tobe
Tobe, yeah
Reeks and Tobe
When y'all gon' drop something?
Y'all been hanging around like friends
When is something coming from you guys
You guys have been sniggling and giggling together
What's up with the mixtape?
And here it is
And boom
Get Twisted Sunday Volume One
Bam and then we go straight into it
Then we have some conversations in between
Know what I'm saying, but other than that
That's gonna take some practice
No, no no practice, we don't need it
Matter fact, we might be able to use this

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Nwigwe, Tobe Thoughts For Intro Comments
  1. ¿Who JuJu?

    Underrated GOATS 🥺🔥

  2. lade Wale

    African parents and drop your legs,I swear I can relate😂😂😂

  3. Rhonda K

    I Love Tobe!!!!

  4. Kadeem John

    The look in his mother's face "What is dis eh, who a all these people?"

  5. Andrew Leaman

    I posted your name on my Facebook and Instagram. And if you love Tobe, your do the same!

  6. Marissa W

    Hi!! You just came to my school (Phillipsburg Middle School) and I would just like to thank you because I loved your speech and thought you were incredible. Thank you so much my classmates and I really appreciated you coming. -Marissa Wenzel

  7. Kelly K

    Hi! You just came to speak at Phillipsburg. I tried to take a picture but the line was to long. I loved your message. You are such an inspiration! You are so nice. And my friends and I loved hearing you😊


    Mrs. Tyler Joseph-Urie he went to my school today

    Kelly K

    BudewGaming Cool!

  8. K Wyatt

    Rock it buddy.... Miss ya... DHS deployed me to SC - Will see ya soon back in H Town!

  9. savage omar

    This dope, still don't how I got her but keep it up